14 Best Website To Download Cool Fonts For Free

Fonts have an important role in creating a harmonious and attractive website design. By using cool fonts, your website will be more pleasing to the eye. The content will be easier to read and understand. 

Are you designing a website? Need cool fonts that can make people interested and comfortable visiting your website? It is such a coincidence! In this article, we will discuss 14 recommended sites that you can visit to download cool fonts!

But beforehand, let’s see what you need to pay attention to before downloading cool fonts on various font provider websites.

Things to Look For Before Downloading Cool Fonts

Typography is the work of someone who is protected by intellectual property rights (IPR). Then, there will be a license or agreement that appears and must be obeyed when you will download the font. 

For example, some cool fonts might be used for commercial projects. However, some others might only be used for personal projects.

Use for commercial projects; for example, You use fonts for personal or corporate business purposes. As for personal projects, they are usually not related to business. For example, you are designing a personal portfolio website.  

Most importantly, try always to check the license before you decide to download a font. The goal is that you do not trip over cases of copyright issues, or IPR earlier. 

Take it easy! At the end of this recommendation, we have summarized which websites provide fonts for personal and commercial projects. So, see to the end!

14 Websites To Download Cool Font For Free

Now you have the most fun: Cool font recommendations! Let’s see what the recommendations are!  

1. Font Squirrel

font squirrel cool fonts for free

Font Squirrel is one of the coolest high-quality font providers. Most of the fonts on this site appear with a commercial license, so it’s not free. But don’t worry, you can still easily check the license of each font before downloading it.

What’s special about this best online font provider site is that it provides multilingual options and useful cool tools. Two mainstay tools are Webfont Generator and Font Identifier. With the Webfont Generator, you can create your web font according to your wishes and style. Then, to detect and search for fonts based on images, the Font identifier tool can help you.  

2. Google Fonts

Google Fonts download cool fonts for free

Google Fonts is a popular font provider with a library of more than 800 font families. Various types of cool fonts, from Sans Serif, handwritten fonts, monospace fonts, and many more. 

The best part, all these fonts are available, and you can download them for free! 

In addition, this cool font provider website has a clean, minimalist, and fast appearance. You do not have to wait long to access the cool fonts.

That’s also the reason why many web designers rely more on Google Fonts than other sites. Web designers don’t even need to download it. They can directly copy and paste the font code on their website. 

3. FontSpace


If you find that the fond stock on Google Fonts is still incomplete for you, try FontSpace! This site provides a very large collection. There are around 68,000 free cool fonts from thousands of designers. A lot, right? FontSpace even has a number of members, which is now approximately 746,000.

On this site, you can not only look for free cool fonts for personal projects. But also look for styles, look for the name of the designer, read interesting posts on his blog, and check the font license before downloading.  

Well, if you register as a member, you will even get more benefits than that. You can create your favorite font collection, contact the designer directly, and donate.

4. Abstract Fonts

abstract fonts

Abstract Fonts is a font provider site that has a collection of high-quality fonts. The number of fonts owned by this site is more than 14,000! Most of the fonts that are available in the collection you can use for free. Both for personal and commercial projects. But you still have to check the license before downloading it.

As you can see above, Abstract Fonts has a simple and easy to use the website.

It has a category system feature that makes it easy for you to search for fonts by category, like new and popular, alphabetical, and designers. Not only that, but you can also customize the preview and upload the font on the Abstract Fonts site.

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5. FontStruct


FontStruct is a tool for creating cool fonts. But this site also provides a large number of font galleries. More than 43,000 free cool fonts. Most of the fonts available on this site are made by people who also use the font building tool.

So if summarized, this FontStruct site will provide 3 benefits for you, including: 

  • You can search for fonts and download them for free. 
  • You can make your font with geometric shapes. 
  • You can clone fonts made by other designers, then create them again, according to your wishes.

6. 1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is the longest-running free font provider. Despite its name 1001 fonts, this site provides more than 9,000 fonts, you know! The specialty of this site is in the collection of high-quality fonts that are updated and fresh. Most of these collections are available for commercial needs.

Just like most font provider sites. In 1001 fonts, you can search for cool fonts from various categories. For example, the size, style, and font-weight. 

Anyway, don’t forget to check the license of each font before downloading it! So that you avoid legal problems.

7. 7NTypes


Need fonts for designs with beautiful, passionate characters? Try the best font choices on 7NTypes! This font provider website provides fonts for personal and commercial projects. 

For free personal license fonts, you can check in the freebies category in the left column. There are also many fonts for $ 1 provided by 7NTypes in the $ 1 Discount Deals category. 

Want more savings? Try the bundle product. With bundle products, you can get several cool fonts at lower prices. In the Create Bundles category, you can create your own bundles according to the font choices you need. Or buy a bundle package that has a specified font in the Bundles category.

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8. UrbanFonts


Urban Fonts is another cool free font provider website that can be an option. Unlike other font providers, Urban Fonts provides more detailed features. You can see all the characters in each font, as well as doing a test drive before downloading it.

Through Urban Fonts, you can also search for fonts according to themes, alphabetical, and other categories. And if you create an account on this site, you have another benefit of saving cool fonts for future projects. 

9. Befonts


Another website that has a lot of the best free font stock is Befont. The fonts provided by Befonts are designed by professional designers and creative workers from various parts of the world. That is also the reason why most fonts owned by Befonts are free samples of the premium version.  

What’s special about Befonts is that it has a menu identification menu. In this menu, you can search the name of a font that you want to know by doing an add topic.

Anyway, you can use the fonts in Befonts for commercial and personal projects, you know!

10. FontSpring

FontSpring free fonts

Are you a pro designer? Need a site that offers premium fonts for commercial projects? Maybe FontSpring could be an option. FontSpring is a marketplace that specializes in providing premium fonts. Even so, you can also download many cool fonts for free on this site.

On the FontSpring site, you can search for fonts easily because of the classification on the right-hand side. For example, tags, font styles, licenses, and even language categories. In addition, FontSpring provides detailed information about font licensing on each of its front pages.

11. Awwwards


Awwward is a website that is quite popular among web designers. This website provides a collection of the best free fonts from various designers around the world. That said, Awwwards aren’t the only site that can give you a neat font of choice. But it also facilitates designers for various fonts of their work. 

With Awwwards, you can get the most unique and unusual fonts you’ve ever seen. Just pay attention to the appearance of the website, attractive and pampering eyes, right?

Anyway, most of the fonts are for personal needs. So if you are looking for fonts for commercial projects, this site is not the right site.

12. Fontsly


Fontsly is the next free font provider site that can be an option. It provides a large collection of various font styles. However, most of the free cool fonts on Fontly are only available for personal needs. 

Fontsly font categories also provide quite a lot. Among others: Basic, Bitmap, Dingbats, Fancy, Foreign look, Gothic, Holiday, Script, and Techno.

In addition, the simple appearance of the website will certainly make it easier for you to navigate. 

13. Dafont


For those of you who need a font only for personal use, Dafont can be an option because most of the cool fonts on this site are available for personal projects. Even so, this site still has a number of commercially licensed fonts.

What’s special about Dafont is that it has a category system feature. With this feature, you can search for a collection of fonts according to their categories. For example, video game theme fonts, horror, Valentines, and many more. So, you can more easily look for fonts for each of your different projects.   

14. MyFonts


My Font is another site that provides cool, free, and paid fonts. So among the various font families, you have the choice of wanting to use paid or free cool fonts. Although paid, the font price offered by MyFonts is quite cheap. Many of them are even discounted.

Well, if you have made a choice. Don’t forget to choose the right type of license. Either for desktops (product logos, or printed on book covers) or for your webfont (self-hosted fonts for your website).

Confused Which Site To Choose? Here Is A Quick Review of Each Website To Download Cool Fonts

That was 14 websites that you can visit to download the best cool fonts as we promised at the beginning. We have summarized the 14 font website to help you find the best fonts.

Font NameSuitable forAdvantagesHave free Fonts?
Squirrel fontCommercial project.Multilingual. Has a Webfont Generator and Font Identifier tool.Yes, a little.
Google FontsCommercial and personal projects.You can copy and paste the font code into your website.Yes, all for free.
FontSpacePersonal and commercial projects.Can create a collection of favorite fonts, contact the designer, donate.Yes a lot.
Abstract FontsPersonal and commercial projects.You can customize the preview and upload the font on the Abstract Fonts site. Yes a lot.
FontStructPersonal and commercial projects.Can create and clone fonts.Yes a lot.
1001 FontsPersonal and commercial projects.Has a collection of high quality fonts that are updated and fresh.Yes a lot.
7NTypesPersonal and commercial projects.Have a choice of font bundles and create bundles.Yes a lot.

Urban Fonts
Personal and commercial projects.You can see all the characters in each font, as well as doing a test drive before downloading it.Yes a lot.
BefontsPersonal and commercial projects.You can ask the name of a font that you want to know by uploading the image. Yes a lot.
FontSpringCommercial project.FontSpring provides detailed information about font licensing on each of its font pages.Yes, quite a lot.
AwwwardsPersonal project.You can get the most unique and unusual fonts you have ever seen.Yes a lot.
Fontsly Personal project.Many font categories, simple website appearance.Yes a lot.
DafontPersonal project.Has a category system feature.Yes a lot.
MyFontsPersonal and commercial projects.Can be used for desktop fonts or self-hosted fonts.Yes, quite a lot.

Well, hopefully the above review can help your personal and commercial projects. If you find the Article useful please Share and Comment.

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