10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2020

10 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2020

Did you know that with the WordPress theme framework you can add special appearance and features to your website? You no longer need to bother compiling PHP code from scratch. With the help of the wordpress theme framework, your workload is reduced.

In this article, we will also share the 10 best WordPress theme framework that you can choose for your WordPress site. So if you are looking for the best WordPress theme framework, this article is for you.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework? 

WordPress framework, simply, is understood as the foundation of WordPress theme. You can use the wordpress theme framework to create new WordPress themes or modify existing themes. 

This WordPress Theme Framework contains a collection of core code that includes basic features and design elements. You can copy the code and adjust it to the theme you are using. 

To be able to use the WordPress Theme Framework, you need a parent theme and a child theme. The parent theme is a theme that contains a complete view and various features in it. Because the WordPress Theme Framework contains all the features and appearance, the WordPress framework itself can be called a parent theme. 

Note: All WordPress Frameworks can be called parent themes. However, not all parent themes are WordPress frameworks.

Next, the child theme. Child themes are used to make it easier for developers to modify the appearance styling and features of the theme. With the child theme, you don’t need to worry about losing styling customization when the theme is updated.

But not all WordPress Frameworks Theme have child themes, so you need to add child themes yourself.

Then, what’s the difference between the WordPress theme and the WordPress theme framework? Both are different. WordPress themes are usually ready to use and can only be customized in a limited way. The WordPress Theme framework, on the other hand, is more flexible for customization.

Various Kinds of WordPress Framework

There are lots of WordPress frameworks that you can use for theme customization. However, to make it easier for you to choose the right framework, you should know four main types of WordPress themes frameworks: 

1Complete drag & drop is a type of framework theme that allows you to create or customize anything visually. No coding! You just select the element or feature, drag it, and place it as desired.

2. Drag Drop. This framework allows you to add certain features by drag & drop. The model is almost the same as a widget on WordPress. Besides, anyone can customize the feature by using a hook and filter. 

3. Full options framework. This type of framework has a variety of code to add complete features. This type of framework is suitable for you who want to build options directly into the theme (not via a plugin). 

4. The framework created specifically for developers. This framework makes it easy for developers to create their WordPress themes. So, the developer doesn’t need to be bothered with unnecessary default features.

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10 Best WordPress Theme Framework!

To make it easier for you to choose, we have summarized the 10 WordPress theme frameworks only the best. Some of them are free, and some are paid. Our advice choose a framework theme that suits your budget, needs, and skills. 

1. Gantry 5

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 1

Gantry 5 is a drag and drop type framework that has a layout manager that is powerful and easy to use. This layout manager ensures that you can control layouts with good visual quality.

This framework uses the Nucleus grid system that was built from scratch using Flexbox and tied to the layout manager to form classes.  

It must be remembered that the Gantry framework does not have a default theme. So, for the Gantry theme to work, you have to install both the framework and the theme. You can download the Gantry website Gantry framework default theme.

Excellent features:

  • A flexible layout manager makes it easy for you to build and customize layouts with drag and drop features. 
  • Particle system makes it easy to create, configure and manage content blocks.
  • The visual menu editor allows users to easily arrange the menu hierarchy, adding particles and icons into it.
  • Megamenu is useful for providing a complete navigation menu than the standard dropdown menu.
  • A templating twig system can make it easier for you to customize your theme through HTML code templates.

Price: Free

2. Genesis

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 2

Genesis is one of the drag & drop WordPress theme frameworks that are also made specifically for developers. Many WordPress professionals prefer to use Genesis over other wordpress theme frameworks. This is because Genesis is one of the most SEO friendly, well coded, secure, and affordable frameworks.

When you use the Genesis framework theme, you must pair it with the Genesis child theme to make it work perfectly. 

If you encounter problems when using this wordpress theme framework, you don’t need to worry. Because Genesis has a very active developer community, many of them have their blogs where they usually share tips and tutorials. 

Main Features:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Genesis developers have taken into account the latest ranking algorithm when designing this theme. Genesis guarantees that it increases the visibility of your site in search engines.
  • Design can be adjusted.  Genesis allows you to do your customization, such as changing the colour of the palette or adding page elements. 
  • It is equipped with page elements. This wordpress theme framework integrates with basic WordPress page elements, including layout, headers, templates, backgrounds, custom widgets.
  • Unlimited support and well-documented updates. There are also lots of amazing child themes that are optimized with modern code.

Price: 59.95 USD for the basic package and 499.95 USD for the Pro Plus package for all themes.

3. Thesis 2.0

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 3

The Thesis is a drag & drop type wordpress theme framework, which is famous as the only competitor of Genesis. Thesis 2.0 is a new type of Thesis that brings more interesting features.

This framework theme is suitable for you who are beginners who want more than just a beautiful site. In addition to being easily customizable, you also have full control down to the smallest element in the WordPress dashboard.

The Thesis is a very modern and responsive wordpress theme framework. Your site will work perfectly if created with this theme. Even on a small screen device! The visual template editor from Thesis makes it easy and fun to use for anyone. Even without having to write a single line of code!

Excellent features:

  • Boxes are one of the specific functions of Thesis which allows users to point and click additional functions without code.
  • The skin helps you customize designs.
  • Site tools such as Webmaster Tools and Google Authorship are important tools that can help you with SEO and site branding.
  • Designed for bloggers and small business owners and equipped with email subscription services such as Aweber and MailChimp.
  • Developer friendly because developers can use the built-in code editor specifically to get into the ins and outs of the design. Give them more control over the theme design.

Price: 87 USD per year for a single domain with a theme focus. 187 USD per year for 5 domains. 297 USD per year for 20 domains.

4. Themify

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 4

Themify is a full options WordPress theme framework that gives you the privilege of using a drag-and-drop website builderWith this website builder, you can easily create layouts with a pleasing look.

With this wordpress theme framework, you can add any widget to your page layout. Layouts created through the builder are managed using a grid layout consisting of several rows and columns. All of them are 100% responsive for easy use on portable devices. 

Because Themify is an integrated framework, that means if you want to use this framework, you must choose a theme from Themify. 

Excellent features:

  • Live preview. This option allows web developers to see a preview of changes on their WordPress site.
  • Pre-install the template. Themify offers a variety of templates, beginner themes, and pre-designed page layouts for developers to use.
  • Shortcode integration. Web developers can use one of themify or third party shortcodes to expand the theme’s functionality.
  • Very responsive design for various monitor devices. 

Price: With 89 USD, you will get an Ultra Plus package containing 42 themes, 12 plugins, 25 builder addons, 5 PTB addons.

5. Tesla Themes Framework

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 5

TeslaThemes is a full options wordpress theme framework typeThis framework makes it easy for you to customize the look and functionality of your WordPress theme. This framework can even be used by those of you who don’t know about developing websites.

By joining the community, you will get access to all of its themes. Both themes have been released, as well as those that will be released. The advantage of the Tesla framework is that anyone can use this wordpress theme framework! 

From one-click update, you can find several amazing page templates. This framework is quite potential to make your website stand out.

For end-users, the only direct interaction with Tesla is through the control panel theme. From there, you can find easy ways to make adjustments to the theme, such as:

  • Uploading the logo image and writing the header of the text.
  • Set a default colour for the site.
  • Add contact information.
  • Add CSS customization.
  • Configure social icons.
  • Uploading background image.
  • Add footnotes code.

Although this framework does not provide many choices in the theme display configuration section, it is still easy to use.

Excellent features:

  • Simple setup on TeslaThemes will make it easier for you to build your dream website. Whatever tool you use  
  • With more than 60 layouts ready for use, you can easily and quickly find a look that is suitable for your business or project.
  • Suitable for all the latest trends. Any product released by TeslaTheme is fully compatible with all modern devices, web browsers, retina screens, and popular plugins. 

Price:  58 USD for one theme, and 99 USD for all themes.

6. Headway Framework

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 6

Headway is a complete drag and drop type WordPress theme framework. This wordpress theme framework helps anyone: designers, bloggers, marketers, or developers build WordPress sites without coding! With Headway, you can create dream designs in minutes.

This framework has two special display designs. First, the grid editor is where you structure your website. The second design editor where there are design elements that you can set the style.

This framework theme is very easy to use. You just need to choose a template, customize the design, add content, and your site is ready to use!

Excellent features:

  • Flexibility without code. With Headway, you can enter simple HTML to display your content.
  • Excellent resources, including effective CSS maps, are used for various elements.
  • Drag-and-drop capability makes designing activities easier and faster.
  • Skins that are ready to style your site. It functions the same as the child theme in Genesis.

Price: 89 USD for Standard Package : 3 sites, 1 year of support and updates, get 1 official template of your choice. 199 USD for Deluxe Package: unlimited sites, 1 year of support and updates, get all official templates, access to Community Builder Block.  

7. Hybrid Core

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 7

Hybrid Core is an open-source WordPress theme framework created specifically for developers. This wordpress theme framework does not force you to create themes in certain ways. You can decide what you want to make. Is it HTML? CSS? Or JS? 

This framework simplifies the development of complex themes and helps you write more modern PHP code. 

The purpose of Hybrid Core is to provide elegant functions, classes and interfaces. That way, you can write code without having to build each theme from scratch.

With a standalone package without dependencies, you as a developer will find it easier to use Composer version 5.0.

Main Features:

  • The breadcrumbs script works well on any type of page, including post types and taxonomies.
  • Cleaner Gallery is a shortcode that can fix invalid HTML and gives you complete control over the image in the gallery.
  • Post templates are very useful for building custom templates for various types of posts. 
  • Media grabber helps you to create superior media that can be directly taken from your post.
  • Translation-Friendliness allows you to load translation files into parent themes and child themes automatically. 

Price: Free.

8. Cherry Framework

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 8

This framework is a toolkit that allows developers to work with the visual component of a website without changing its functionality. 

The cherry framework is equipped with additional custom post types such as Testimonials, FAQs, etc. It also includes a set of widgets that help make it easy for end-users to manage the widget area. 

Among all Cherry Framework tools, shortcodes are the most prominent. Cherry shortcodes are shortcodes that allow you to execute code in content posts, content pages, and widget areas. With the help of shortcodes, you no longer need to write code directly. 

Cherry Framework is a WordPress theme framework that is suitable for developers who want to create a web portal for their small business. Also you, users who want to start an online business.

Main Features:

  • Shortcode template editor is useful for creating templates for shortcodes. Then adjust it by changing its elements, attributes, etc.
  • CSS Minifier is a tool that is useful for gathering various CSS files and then compressed so that the website is more accessible. 
  • The backup option is useful for restoring to previous settings when you don’t like the settings you just made.
  • Multiple Plugins are integrated into Cherry to provide fast solutions for different purposes. Examples are plugins used to add slideshows, sidebars, mega menus and post type testimonials, services, teams, and portfolios.
  • Responsive and WPML-ready are features that are currently needed. Because with this feature, you can create multilingual sites that can work on desktops and portable devices. 

Price: Free

9. WPZoom

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 9

WPZoom is a full- type WordPress framework created by the theme development team, also known as WPZoom.

WPZoom created this framework to power all commercially available WordPress templates. That means if you choose one of the themes, the structure, code, and function of the framework will match the theme.

The WPZoom Framework also includes many shortcodes. With this shortcode, you can insert a good selection of elements into your content. This includes buttons, tab areas, infoboxes, column layouts, and more. This wordpress theme framework also offers a shortcode slideshow. So, you can easily add animated image galleries to your website. With this feature, you don’t need to install a separate plugin, you know!

Main Features:

  • With the Theme Options Panel, you can easily customize each of your theme details according to your needs.
  • Slideshow feature. Show posts and videos of your choice by using the homepage slider that is easy to configure.
  • With responsive layouts, your layouts will automatically adapt to suit any screen resolution. Both on desktop, and mobile devices. 
  • Multiple layouts allow you to view posts with a standard grid structure or blog layout.
  • Video Widget functions to display videos from popular video sites. Easy configuration, neat arrangement! 

Price: 69 USD for the all themes package, you will get access to 50+ new themes and templates that will be released. 

10. DMS PageLines

10 Best Wordpress Theme Frameworks in 2020 10

PageLines is a WP framework theme type drag & drop. This framework is well designed and documented. Plus, it is supported by a large community and front-end solution. If you are a developer who has good design skills, this framework theme is for you.

This framework works exclusively as a front-end editor using templates with simple models> rows> column> sections. The section is another name for the widget used by PageLines DMS.

Existing elements can be easily deleted, moved, cloned, and edited. The trick, you just scroll through the elements, then click the relevant icon on the toolbar that appears. 

Excellent features:

  • Mobile friendly. DMS PageLines is created using responsive grid layouts. That way, your website can look great on any device monitor.
  • Developer friendly. Developers can drag & drop key elements and minor modifications by writing their code. It might take some time, but it will still be profitable for developers who are lazily complicated.
  • Unlimited capabilities. If you are stuck with the default function, don’t worry. You will always find extensions that are useful for making sliders, shortcodes, icons, etc.
  • Open-source. PageLines is an open-source solution that you can use to create your own or your client’s custom solution.
  • With social network integration that DMS has, you no longer need to install plugins for social networks. This social feature will be very compatible with the design of your theme. Because social features that have been optimized specifically for your website. 

Price: 99 USD for Standard Package, 179 USD for Developer Package, and 129 USD for Join the Club.

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Pros and Cons of Using Framework Theme from WordPress

So as not clueless and more stable in making decisions to use the framework theme, it helps you see the advantages and disadvantages first. Below, we have arranged the advantages and disadvantages for you:

WordPress Framework Advantages:

There are several advantages that you feel when using the WordPress Framework. The following is the explanation.

Quality code. A well-coding framework complies with WordPress coding standards. That way, it will be compatible with plugins that are well coded as well.

1. Support from the theme developer.

Most wordpress theme frameworks have support from theme developers. Both the free and paid WordPress frameworks. In some cases, this theme even gets support from the user community.

2. Easy to update and develop.

Using a wordpress theme framework can significantly reduce the time it takes to change themes. And, you no longer have to worry about losing all display customizations and code when the theme is updated.  

3. Default function.

These frameworks are usually equipped with built-in widgets and additional functions. Examples such as a special layout that reduces the need for plugins.

Disadvantages of WordPress Framework:

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, WordPress Framework also has the following shortcomings:

It takes time to study. Most WordPress frameworks are indeed more complex than regular themes. They have their filters. So, to make the most of it, you must be familiar with the terminology they use. That’s why to have the first child theme; you might need more time because you have to learn it first.  

1. Unnecessary code.

Some WordPress frameworks come with a large number of built-in features. Some of them you might not even use. If you are a regular user, this is certainly not necessary. 

2. Limited space.

In some cases, the framework may be limiting. If you need to customize or add certain features, you might have to ask the developer for help. Or, you can also take another approach by sending a request for a particular feature or sending your patch

3. Price.

Maybe there are some free WordPress theme frameworks, but of course, the support isn’t comparable to the premium ones. So, different prices can also determine the advantages of the framework. Some frameworks require a fee-only once at the beginning, but there are also those that require annual fees for each update support.   

Already Know Which WordPress Theme Framework You Want?

To make it easier to choose the WordPress theme framework, below, we have summarized it in a table. There are 10 lists of WP framework themes complete with their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, the list below can help you.

WordPress Theme FrameworksAdvantagesDeficiency
Gantry 5Responsive. It has a flexible layout manager, particle system, visual editor menu, mega menu, twig templating system. (Free)Limited child themes and support. It takes a long time to learn.
GenesisWell coded, safeSEO friendly, customizable design, equipped with page elements, unlimited support and updates.It takes time to learn, it can only be used by developers.
Thesis 2.0Has a box, skin, site tool, developer friendly, SEO function, and has an email subscription service. The function of boxes tends to make users add boxes that are not very useful. So it will have an impact on the messy CSS.  
ThemifyEquipped with live preview options, pre-install templates, shortcode integration, responsive design.Interface that is not easy for beginners, indirect plugins, need separate hosting, the price is quite expensive for the basic features of the website.
TeslaThemes FrameworkSimple setup, more than 60 ready-to-use layouts, suitable for all the latest trends, easy to use ..Does not provide many options for configuring the appearance of the theme.
Headway FrameworkFlexible, can be used without code, qualified resources, drag & drop capabilities, skins that are ready to buy, easy to use.It takes a while to learn the features, memorize them, and experiment. The number of child themes is small, only 8.
Hybrid CoreIt has breadcrumbs scripts, cleaner gallery, post templates, media grabber, translation friendliness. (Free)Limited internet connection. Plugins sometimes expire and cannot be used. UX is bad. Need native app developer. 
Cherry FrameworkFree, has a shortcode template editor, CSS minifier, backup options, multiple plugins, 300 more premium child themes. Responsive and WPML ready. (Free)The slideshow features are quite difficult, especially for beginners. Paid child themes.
WPZoomEquipped with a theme option panel, slideshow features, responsive layouts, multiple layouts, video widgets.Not suitable for minimalist designs. The membership price is quite expensive. Refunds can only be made for 14 after purchase. 
DMS PageLineMobile friendly, developer friendly, open source, social network integration, unlimited capabilities.Motion limitations for regular users who can’t write CSS. Can only be used on Google Chrome.

For those of you who don’t want to create a website from the very first step, the WordPress theme framework will be very helpful. Remember, choose a theme that you think works best for your needs and expertise. Also, make sure that the framework theme you choose has many users and a large community because it is certainly more trusted. Congratulations on building your dream website!

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