How To Use Telegram on Laptop-or-Computer

2 Methods to use Telegram on Laptop/Computer

Today we will discuss How to Use Telegram on Laptop, but let’s talk about Telegram first. Later, many instant messaging applications have sprung up on social media, ranging from Whatsapp, Line, Cocoa Talk and many more. Various chat applications are still widely used, and some are already empty of users. Well, recently a chat application that emerged resembled Whatsapp, namely Telegram. This instant messaging application was first released in August 2013. And until 2018, active users of Telegram have more than 200 million users.

Telegram users can send messages and various types of files or other files, such as photos, stickers, videos, to audio. Claimed to be similar to Whatsapp, the Telegram application has several advantages over the application founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. One of the advantages of Telegram over Whatsapp is that it can accommodate up to 5,000 users in a group. The capacity is very far compared to Whatsapp, which can only accommodate a maximum of 256 users.

Not only that, but Telegram users can also send files with a size larger than the Whatsapp application. If Whatsapp only provides 16 MB of capacity to send files, Telegram allows sending various files up to 1.5 GB in size per file. Interestingly, Telegram provides a secret chat feature that can only be accessed by certain users. However, this feature is often misused by certain parties. Terrorists often use chat applications that can contain chat to tens of thousands of users.

On this basis, in the USA itself on July 14, 2017, this instant messaging application from Russia was briefly blocked by the USA government through the Ministry of Communication and Information. A lot of propaganda, hatred, terrorism and radicalism make this application blocked. However, this has been handled by the Telegram, and now the instant messaging application can be used again in the USA.

Excellence of Telegram

Another advantage of the Telegram application is that it can be accessed on various devices, such as laptops and smartphones. Both Telegram and Whatsapp, both can be accessed on various devices. But what sets it apart, the Whatsapp application on a smartphone must remain active when using Whatsapp on a PC. Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram can still be used on a PC even though the smartphone application is not activated, thus saving more on your smartphone battery. This is one reason for the many users of this instant messaging application.

2 Methods to use Telegram on Laptop-Computer

Features and security

Telegram applications offer very strict user data security, and maybe that is one of the reasons why this application was blocked. Apart from that, this application is not much different from other chat applications such as WhatsApp or BBM, which can send messages, pictures, videos, files and also create groups.

Used by community activists and artists. Secretly, this telegram application is used by various groups, especially to create a group chat. Not without reason, it turns out one of the advantages of this Telegram is the capacity of group members (members), which is equal to 20,000 members for one group! Very promising for businesses or activities with quantity orientation.

Telegram claims that the synchronization process is done in real-time, by giving an example if we are typing on a smartphone and then switching to a computer so we can continue writing on a computer that we previously typed on a different platform.

How to Use Telegram on a Laptop

For your Telegram users, you can try using the Telegram application on your laptop. Then how do you use Telegram on a laptop? Well, the following will explain various ways to run the Telegram application using a laptop or PC.

Method 1: Use Telegram on a Laptop with an Application

2 Methods to use Telegram on Laptop/Computer 1

The first way to access Telegram on a laptop is to use an application. If you don’t have the Telegram application on your laptop, you must first download it via the site. Here is how to download and install the Telegram application on a laptop:

1. The first step, download the Telegram application on the desktop site. through a browser application on a laptop like in the picture below.

2. As shown in the image above, you can click the “Get Telegram for Windows” button if your laptop uses the Windows operating system. However, if the operating system used by your laptop is not Windows, you can click on the “Show all platforms” option.

3. In “Show all platforms”, there are several other operating system options, such as macOS, 64-bit Linux, and 32-bit Linux. Please download the Telegram application according to the operating system used by your laptop.

4. Next, wait for the download process to complete.

5. After the Telegram application has been downloaded successfully, the next step is to install the application by opening the downloaded application.

6. After that, an option will appear to select the language used to install the application. Click the OK option after you choose the language used (as shown below).

7. Then, click the Next button on the option to select the location of the application file to be installed.

8. Click the Next button on the options to create a folder in the existing Data C.

9. Click the Next button on the options to create a shortcut on your laptop’s desktop.

10. Finally, click the Install button and wait for the Telegram application installation process to complete.

11. After the Telegram application is successfully installed, click the finish button.

After downloading and installing the Telegram application, your laptop can now be used to access the Telegram application. To use the Telegram Application that has been installed on a laptop, you can follow the steps below.

12. Open the Telegram application that is already installed on your laptop Desktop (double left click on the telegram shortcut on the desktop). After the application is open, a page will appear like the image below. Then, click Start Messaging.

13. Select the country in the Country Code section (brown arrow) and enter the mobile number that you will use to access the Telegram application (blue arrow / next to your country code). Then, click the Next button.

14. Next, you will receive an SMS containing the code sent to the mobile number that you used to register in the Telegram application.

15. Next, the code that you receive via the SMS is entered in the designated arrow (shown below). Then click next, and Telegram will automatically verify the code.

16. Done, Now you can use the Telegram application on a laptop.

Method 2: Using Telegram on Laptops Without Applications

2 Methods to use Telegram on Laptop/Computer 2

If you find it too complicated if you have to download and install the Telegram application first, you can follow this second method. For the second way, you don’t need to use the application to be able to access Telegram. This method is easier, of course, compared to having to download and install the Telegram application first. To access Telegram on a laptop without an application, you can visit the

However, before accessing Telegram through the site, you must have a registered Telegram account. To access Telegram through a web browser, you can follow the steps below:

1. Visit the through the web browser on your laptop.

2. Next, you will be directed to a page like a picture above. Select a country and enter your mobile number. The number will be sent a verification code.

3. Click Next

4. After receiving an SMS containing the verification code sent by Telegram, enter the code in the code field. Then click the Next button.

5. If the mobile number has already been registered, then you will then be directed to the chat screen as shown below.

6. Now you can chat and send various types of files via Telegram and as written in the chocolate box, please select chat to start your communication.

However, to be able to send messages and send various types of files to other users, you must first add a new contact by clicking on the menu at the top left next to the text in the picture above. Then 5 menus will appear as in the picture below.

After that, click on the contact then click Add Contact and enter the contact details that you want to add (as shown below). The contact number entered must be connected to the Telegram account.

After adding contacts, you can send messages and various other files. If you have previously used the Telegram application on a smartphone, of course, you automatically have several friends.

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Conclusion: Why use Telegram for Desktop (Computer)?

Apart from the consideration of efficiency for office workers, please note that the Telegram application does not provide a maximum limit on file size or duration of videos sent or received so it will be very useful if we are sending large files directly through the computer.

The rest we can do work efficiency because we are no longer busy with changing gadgets when chatting with contacts in a telegram. 

For those of you who are constantly changing computer devices, it is recommended to always log out after using the telegram application so that your account remains safe and is not misused by others.

Hopefully, this article helps friends who are looking for ways to install or open a Telegram account via a computer or laptop.

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