100+ PPSSPP Games Download Links For Android


Are you looking for a download link for the Android ppsspp game that is smooth and light to play? This time Droidcops.com will share it for free for you, don’t hesitate because there are about 100 games more that you can download for free.

PSP is a handheld game console made and marketed by Sony. The PSP was the first game console to use a UMD / Universal Media Disc for storage and abandoned the conventional ROM cartridge.

However, in the past, it was very rare to have a PSP, so not many people played it. But now it’s no longer an obstacle to playing PSP games because there is already a PPSSPP emulator for Android, iOS, and PC.

PPSSPP is a PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator that can run the majority of games made for this portable console made by Sony. This emulator has two versions named PPSSPP and PPSSPP Gold.

Collection of links to download the latest Android PPSSPP games

To make it easier for you to choose, we have prepared an alphabetical order from A to Z. Here’s the download link for the latest Android ppsspp game :

PPSSPP Games (A ~ E)


Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines419 MBDownload
Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem150 MBDownload
Army of Two – The 40th Day553 MBDownload
Asphalt – Urban GT 2 (Europe)75 MBDownload
Avatar – The Last Airbender110 MBDownload
Astro Boy – The Video Game794 MBDownload
Ape Escape Academy65 MBDownload
More Games


Bakugan Battle Brawlers – Defenders of the Core646 MBDownload
Ben 10 – Alien Force435 MBDownload
Ben 10 – Protector of Earth397 MBDownload
Bleach – Heat the Soul 7 (Japan)322 MBDownload
Burnout Dominator305 MBDownload
Bomberman64 MBDownload
Bounty Hounds980 MBDownload
More Games


Call of Duty – Roads to Victory330 MBDownload
Crash – Mind Over Mutant1.08 GBDownload
Crash of the Titans482 MBDownload
Crash Tag Team Racing654 MBDownload
Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII856 MBDownload
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded348 MBDownload
Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles585 MBDownload
More Games


Dante’s Inferno1.17 GBDownload
Daxter972 MBDownload
Def Jam – Fight for NY – The Takeover441 MBDownload
Disgaea 2 – Dark Hero Days456 MBDownload
Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai168 MBDownload
Dead Head Fred509 MBDownload
Dynasty Warriors100 MBDownload
More Games


Echochrome (Europe)68 MBDownload
Eiyuu Densetsu – Ao no Kiseki (Japan)856 MBDownload
Eragon92 MBDownload
Exit57 MBDownload
Eyeshield 21 – Portable Edition (Japan)201 MBDownload
Evangelion – Jo (Japan)476 MBDownload
EA Replay: Download95 MBDownload
More Games

PPSSPP Game (F ~ J)


Fairy Tail – Zelef Kakusei (Japan)664 MBDownload
FIFA Soccer 12911 MBDownload
FIFA Street 2192 MBDownload
Finder Love – Aki Hoshino – Nankoku Trouble Rendezvous (Japan)852 MBDownload
FullMetal Alchemist – Brotherhood (Europe)198 MBDownload
F1 Grand Prix (Europe)173 MBDownload
Family Guy445 MBDownload
More Games


Gangs of London467 MBDownload
Ghost Rider649 MBDownload
God of War – Ghost of Sparta908 MBDownload
Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories427 MBDownload
Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories557 MBDownload
Gundam Assault Survive (Japan)600 MBDownload
Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex216 MBDownload
More Games


Half-Minute Hero118 MBDownload
Hanayaka Kana – Ware ga Ichizoku (Japan)1.04 GBDownload
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoniex500 MBDownload
Harvest Moon – Hero of Leaf Valley103 MBDownload
Hatsune Miku – Project Diva 2nd (Japan)1.06 MBDownload
Hannah Montana – Rock Out the Show422 MBDownload
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing94 MBDownload
More Games


Idolmaster SP – Wandering Star, The (Japan)1.02 GBDownload
Impossible Mission (Europe)85 MBDownload
Infected: Download516 MBDownload
Initial D – Street Stage (Japan)259 MBDownload
Innocent Life – A Futuristic Harvest Moon206 MBDownload
Iron Man392 MBDownload
Iron Man 2537 MBDownload
More Games


Jackass the Game1.41 GBDownload
Jak and Daxter – The Lost Frontier835 MBDownload
Jeanne d’Arc484 MBDownload
Juiced – Eliminator573 MBDownload
Justice League HeroesDownload
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 6 – Pride of J (Japan)659 MBDownload
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Portable – Aladdin 2 Evolution (Japan)327 MBDownload
More Games

PPSSPP Game (K ~ O)


Kanuchi – Futatsu no Tsubasa (UMD Disc 1) (Japan)1.36 GBDownload
Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed – Rengou vs. ZAFT Portable (Japan)430 MBDownload
Killzone – Liberation315 MBDownload
Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep1.37 GBDownload
K-On! Houkago Live !! (Japan)1.22 GBDownload
Kidou Senshi Gundam – Giren no Yabou – Axis no Kyoui (Japan)932 MBDownload
Key of Heaven (Europe)786 MBDownload
More Games


LEGO Batman – The Video Game430 MBDownload
LEGO Star Wars II – The Original Trilogy636 MBDownload
Little Big Planet1.2 GBDownload
Lord of Arcana676 MBDownload
Lord of the Rings – Aragorn’s Quest, The247 MBDownload
Legend of Heroes – A Tear of Vermillion19 MBDownload
Luxor – Pharaoh’s Challenge35 MBDownload
More Games


Medal of Honor – Heroes 2182 MBDownload
Metal Slug Anthology636 MBDownload
Midnight Club 3 – DUB Edition788 MBDownload
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite756 MBDownload
Mortal Kombat – Unchained797 MBDownload
Madden NFL 12362 MBDownload
Major League Baseball 2K121.09 GBDownload
More Games


Narcissu – Moshimo Ashita ga Runara (Japan)1.2 GBDownload
Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes158 MBDownload
NBA 2K12646 MBDownload
Need for Speed ​​- Most Wanted 5-1-0134 MBDownload
NeoGeo Heroes – Ultimate Shooting (Japan)226 MBDownload
Namco Museum Battle Collection78 MBDownload
NASCAR537 MBDownload
More Games


Obscure The Aftermath697 MBDownload
Off Road (Europe)373 MBDownload
Open Season698 MBDownload
OutRun 2006248 MBDownload
Over the Hedge – Hammy Goes Nuts!144 MBDownload
More Games

PPSSPP Games (P ~ T)


Pac-Man World Rally138 MBDownload
Patapon 3310 MBDownload
Petz – Dogz Family82 MBDownload
Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands411 MBDownload
Pro Evolution Soccer 20121.5 GBDownload
Pinball Hall of Fame – The Williams Collection252 MBDownload
Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest223 MBDownload
More Games


Qix ++ (Japan)68 MBDownload
Queen’s Blade – Spiral Chaos (Japan)280 MBDownload
Queen’s Gate – Spiral Chaos (Japan)1.08 GBDownload
Quiz Kidou Senshi Gundam – Monsenshi DX (Japan)208 MBDownload
More Games


Ratatouille340 MBDownload
Ratchet & Clank – Size Matters676 MBDownload
Rengoku II – The Stairway to HEAVEN355 MBDownload
Resistance – Retribution1.21 GBDownload
Rock Band Unplugged817 MBDownload
Ragnarok – Hikari to Yami no Koujo (Japan)534 MBDownload
Rockman X – Irregular Hunter (Japan)354 MBDownload
More Games


Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja (Europe)82 MBDownload
Silent Hill – Shattered Memories659 MBDownload
Sims 2 – Castaway, The248 MBDownload
Snoopy vs the Red Baron157 MBDownload
Spider-Man 31.22 GBDownload
Samurai Shodown Anthology760 MBDownload
Scooby-Doo! Who’s Watching Who339 MBDownload
More Games


Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together980 MBDownload
Tekken 6734 MBDownload
Tomb Raider – Legend671 MBDownload
Tomoyo After – It’s a Wonderful Life – CS Edition (Japan)436 MBDownload
Toy Story 3133 MBDownload
Tales of Destiny 2 (Japan)898 MBDownload
Tenchu ​​4 Plus (Japan)494 MBDownload
More Games

PPSSPP Game (U ~ Z)


UFC 2010 Undisputed1.27 GBDownload
Ultimate Board Game Collection58 MBDownload
Ultraman – Fighting Evolution 0 (Japan)66 MBDownload
Unchained Blades (PSN)239 MBDownload
Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade41 MBDownload
More Games


Valhalla Knights150 MBDownload
Valkyria Chronicles II725 MBDownload
Valkyrie Profile – Lenneth465 MBDownload
Viewtiful Joe – Red Hot Rumble300 MBDownload
Virtua Tennis – World Tour90 MBDownload
More Games


Wand of Fortune – Mirai e no Prologue Portable (Japan)857 MBDownload
Warriors, The1.43 GBDownload
WRC – FIA World Rally Championship325 MBDownload
WWE All Stars1.25 GBDownload
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 20111 GBDownload
WALL-E478 MBDownload
Wild Arms XF787 MBDownload
More Games


XI Coliseum (Japan)304 MBDownload
Xiaolin Showdown265 MBDownload
X-Men Legends II – Rise of Apocalypse893 MBDownload
X-Men Origins – Wolverine335 MBDownload
Xyanide Resurrection (Europe)1.2 GBDownload
More Games


Yarudora Portable – Blood the Last Vampire (Japan)1 GBDownload
Yggdra Union490 MBDownload
Ys Seven351 MBDownload
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5630 MBDownload
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 (Europe)788 MBDownload
More Games


Zendoku (Europe)50 MBDownload
Zero Choaniki (Japan)115 MBDownload
Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome (Japan)920 MBDownload
Zill O’ll Infinite Plus (Japan)455 MBDownload
Zwei !! (Japan)304 MBDownload
More Games

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Smooth Android PPSSPP Game Recommendations

With so many lists like the one above, surely we are confused about which games are good.

Here are some recommendations for smooth Android PPSSPP games to play:

1. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid ppsspp game

One of the smoothest PPSSPP Android games to play is Metal Gear Solid. For those of you who like action-adventure genre games, I don’t think it’s complete if you haven’t tried playing this one game. Apart from being challenging, various exciting missions must be completed.

2. Tekken 6

Tekken 6 ppsspp

For fighting or fighting game lovers, maybe you are familiar with this one game. Yes, Tekken is an exciting fighting game that can be played on various platforms such as Playstation, PSP, Android, and Computer. One of the games that should be recommended because it is light and also smooth when played.

3. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

For those who like racing games, you can try playing the ppsspp game need for speed. We know that NFS has many series with different storylines, the most popular and successful series is Most Wanted, in which we will be faced with several professional racers that we have to beat.

4. Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai ppsspp

Do you still remember Goku, who was looking for a dragon ball to summon a dragon god? Surely children born in the 2000s are familiar with this cartoon. It appears in the form of a game where we can play it using the PPSSPP emulator on Android. There are many characters that can be used, such as Goku, Gohan, Krilin, Piccolo, Bejita, and many more.

5. Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

With a capacity of only 300 MB, of course, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is one of the smoothest Android ppsspp games to play. This fighting genre game is very exciting and challenging, with good graphics; of course, it is no less cool than popular games like God of War.

6. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Who doesn’t know Naruto? It is a Japanese cartoon that has many fans from all over the world. Now comes in the form of a video game, and we can play the Naruto PPSSPP game smoothly on Android. One of the most played series is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes. This game is considered the first release and is very light so it can run smoothly on any device.

7. Basara


For those of you who like to play PS2 in a rental, of course, you are familiar with this game fighting. Basara is a mission where we will be faced with various royal troops so that later we will meet with the BOSS or the king. This game has the theme of ancient Japanese work, where we can choose various heroes that have been provided.

How to Download PPSSPP Games for Android

Maybe you will be confused about how to download it; it’s actually very easy; you only need to use your laptop to install the program above, and later there will be instructions that say the download process will run.

After that, there will be a file in the form of RAR, ZIP, or ISO, which can be extracted and retrieved from the file inside. But if you have an ISO extension, all you have to do is enter it in the PPSSPP emulator application that you are using.

I think that’s enough for the Android ppsspp game this time; hopefully, it can help for those of you who are confused about finding the latest smooth and light ppsspp game download link. Wait for other game updates on Droidcops; hopefully, it’s useful and happy playing.



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