Nox Cleaner: The Best Android Cache Cleaner!

The Nox cleaner application or junk cleaner is an application that plays a very important role for Android smartphones. A significant difference will be felt when you use a cleaner application especially in terms of performance that is more optimal than before.

If the cache or trash is not cleaned, it will impact the full internal memory and decreased smartphone performance. For that, here, we recommend that you use the best trash cleaning application on Android; the name is.

For more details about the Nox Cleaner application and the use of the features it has, let’s see the following review until it’s complete.

What is Nox Cleaner?

Nox Cleaner is a cache cleaner application. But this application also provides advanced features in it, ranging from features to speed up RAMCPU coolerapplication and photo managerapplication locker, and much more.

You can download this application via the following link :


Also, make sure you have followed Facebook Nox Cleaner to get info regarding the latest feature updates and other interesting news.

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Nox Cleaner display

This application is relatively easy to understand in terms of the user interface, even for ordinary users. Compared to similar applications,  Nox Cleaner certainly has more complete features but is still in a light size. Moreover, users can also get it for free.

Nox Cleaner app

In addition to offering fairly complete features,  Nox Cleaner also provides a menu that users can use for several purposes, from the subscription menu without ads ( No Ads ) to the menu for reporting errors/bugs in this application.

To be more clear about the core features that this application offers, here Droidcops has explained each of these features. Among them;

1. Memory Speed ​​Up

Nox Cleaner clear cache

The Memory Speed ​​Up feature in the Nox Cleaner application has almost the same role as the scanning feature that you will find on the start page, where the goal is to improve the performance of an Android smartphone.

If the One-click Optimizer scanning feature is more about cleaning unused junk filescache, or installation packages, the Memory Speed ​​Up feature focuses more on optimizing RAM usage.

With just one touch, the Memory Speed ​​Up feature will later search for unnecessary background applications (applications that run in the background), causing your cellphone’s performance to be slow and even make your battery wasteful.

2. Common Features

Nox Cleaner interface

There are many important features in the Common Features menu, where these features have different functions. Anything?

  • Specified clean: To clean specially selected applications. For example, you choose the WhatsApp application; you can choose which data you want to delete, starting from photos, videos, audio, files, to chat history.
  • AppLocker: This feature allows you to lock the selected application.
  • Deep cleaning: To clean junk files thoroughly, you can use this one feature.
  • Image manager: As the name implies, this feature is responsible for managing photos. In it, there are 5 types of categories, including; similar images ( similar photos), large size imagesscreenshot images (photos that are screenshots), videos, and blur images (photos that have a blur effect).
  • App manager: Through this feature, you can delete applications and see how many applications are installed on your cellphone, complete with their total size.
  • Memory accelerator: Contribute to optimize RAM usage by turning off background applications ( background ) are selected.
  • CPU Cooler: Do you want your cellphone to keep cool every time? Perform scan through this feature regularly, yes!
  • Battery Saver: Perform a  scan via this feature, then select and turn off unnecessary background applications. Guaranteed, battery usage will last longer!

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How to Use Nox Cleaner

To clean junk files on your cellphone,  Nox Cleaner provides a scan feature on the initial interface.

Later, it will scan for junk files that can cause your storage or internal memory to become full. For more details, here’s an overview.

With just one touch, you will get a significant performance increase compared to before using this application.

  • First, open the Nox Cleaner application then you will be presented with the initial screen. Tap the Scan button to start scanning.
Nox Cleaner scan
  • Wait for the scanning process to finish. Afterward, you will see detailed information on your cellphone’s trash files, complete with their sizes. Oh yes, you can also choose which ones need to be deleted and which ones don’t. If you have determined, touch the Clean button.
Nox Cleaner phone cleaning
  • Done, congratulations on successfully deleting junk files on your cellphone!

After a few days of use, you will feel a significant difference compared to before using  Nox Cleaner. 


When it comes to cleaning cache or junk files while improving cellphone performance,  Nox Cleaner is certainly reliable. If concluded,  Nox Cleaner offers a number of advantages over similar applications, including;

  • Interface user-friendly so easy to use.
  • A little bit of advertising.
  • Light in use.
  • It has features that are more complete than similar applications.

Interested? You can download this application via the following link:  Download the Nox Cleaner application. If you have problems or feedback on the Nox Cleaner developers, you can join the Facebook Group to help the Nox Cleaner team fix the problem.

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