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WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application globally due to its multiple options for communicating with other people and its increasingly extensive functions. However, the original app still has certain limitations, which is why, for years, independent developers have created improved unofficial versions of it. One of the best known is WhatsApp Aero, a WhatsApp MOD that has become very popular for its originality, versatility, and performance. With WhatsApp Aero, you can customize the appearance and privacy options of the messaging app.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

When we talk about WhatsApp Aero, we refer to one of the most loved and valued WhatsApp mods by fans. What distinguishes it from other mods is that its development is independent, and therefore it is not based on other mods as it is with many of the others.

WhatsApp Aero is developed by Hazar Bozkurt, a Spy Software Expert, Modder, UX.Ui design and Mobile Apps Development. Judging from their expertise, it’s no wonder that this WhatsApp Mod variant has a good design and cool features. For those of you who are curious about this application, let’s see the full discussion below.

What does WhatsApp Aero offer?

  • Fully colorful and 100% customizable.
  • Allows you to increase the size of the files to share.
  • It will enable you to share images with all the quality, without the compression that WhatsApp applies.
  • Ad-free and safe, and up-to-date.
  • Allows one-click music sharing.
  • It will enable you to partially copy a text instead of having to copy it in its entirety.
  • It Will let you see states without being detected.
  • With it, it is possible to hide the profile image.
  • It incorporates themes to download with which to improve its appearance.

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WhatsApp Aero features

WhatsApp Aero features

When using this WhatsApp Mod, you will get privileges from the developer in the form of cool features embedded into the application.

For more details about its features, take a look at the reviews below.

1. Anti Ban Features

You can try using this version for those of you who have experienced a WhatsApp Mod account being banned. Because this application is equipped with an anti-ban feature, so it is unlikely that your account will be banned again.

The developer has stated that this application will always follow the latest updates from the official WhatsApp application, including the privacy policy.

2. Anti Lag Features

There are so many WhatsApp Mod applications currently circulating using the GBWhatsApp base. However, many developers are not serious about making their applications, so many bugs are found. As a result, the application lags and sometimes even exits by itself.

But if you use WhatsApp Aero, it doesn’t seem like you will encounter such problems. The reason is that the developers have provided a guarantee that they will always overcome bugs and maintain the stability of the performance and performance of the application.

3. Anti Revoke Features

WhatsApp itself embeds a feature where users can withdraw messages after a few moments have been sent so that the recipient does not have time to read the message’s contents.

However, this does not apply to the WhatsApp Mod application because it is equipped with the Anti Revoke feature where its use can still read messages pulled or deleted by the sender.

4. Attractive Display

The next feature that is embedded in WhatsApp Aero has an attractive appearance. The theme store allows users to download and use thousands of themes and stickers that you can use for free.

Not only that, but users can also change the appearance of icons and notifications according to their wishes. Very interesting.

5. Privacy Settings

Similar to other WhatsApp Mod applications, this application is also equipped with privacy features to set their privacy as they wish.

WhatsApp Aero will be able to do all this from copying messages, hiding two ticks and blue ticks, hiding online status, removing the date and time when copying messages, viewing other people’s stories without being noticed, and removing notifications removing the forward label when forwarding messages.

6. Sending Large Files

For those of you who like to use the WhatsApp application for work, which requires sharing large files, it’s not possible to do on official WhatsApp.

But don’t worry, because the WhatsApp Aero application provides this feature so that you can send large and large files. Even the size can reach 1 GB in one delivery.

Not only that, but you can also share images or video files according to their original quality and resolution without having to be compressed or cut like in the original WhatsApp.

7. Themes and Stickers

Not only does it have an attractive appearance, but this application also embeds a variety of cool and funny sticker options so that it can make your chat more exciting.

  1. To install a theme, click on the three vertical points in the upper right.
  2. Next on the Aero Mods option.
  3. We select Aero Themes.
  4. And then the option Download Aero Themes.
  5. We look at the topic we like the most and click on Install.
  6. Next the theme will be applied.
  7. We repeat the same process to load a different theme.

In addition to the above, from the Settings menu there is the possibility to load themes directly from memory, save / restore themes, reset the settings and finally delete all the WhatsApp Aero themes that we have previously saved.

8. Lock Chat

The next feature that is not in the official WhatsApp is being able to lock private chats. Using this application, you can lock private conversations so that other people who see or are nosy can’t.

What is certain is to lock private chats; you don’t need to need additional applications. Simply using this application can be the right solution.

9. Filtering Incoming WA Calls

Surely some of you have felt lazy to receive phone calls on the WhatsApp application from certain contacts, right? Of course, if you want to block the person directly, you feel bad.

Relax, you can solve the problem by using this version of WhatsApp Mod. Because this application is equipped with a feature where users can filter incoming WhatsApp calls from certain contacts. It’s very easy:

  • You need to open Aero Settings.
  • Then select Privacy and Settings.
  • After that, select Who Can Call Me.
  • Please choose one of the three options provided.
  • Then select Everyone, only to receive WA calls from your device WA Contacts.
  • Or you can also select NoBody to receive WA calls from anyone’s WA contacts.

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How to Install WhatsApp Aero on an Android Smartphone

As with other mod applications, this type of WhatsApp mod is also quite easy to install. For the first time installing a modified application, you should follow the steps below.

Minimum Specification to install WhatsApp Aero

To run a modified application, you need to understand some of the required specifications. At least, Android phones that are supported to install this application are at least using Android 4.1 OS.

As for the RAM capacity, at least 1 GB. For a minimum of 500 MB of storage so that this application can run smoothly.

WhatsApp Aero Installation Steps:

How to install the WhatsApp Aero application is not a difficult thing. It’s just that you need to activate permissions first in the settings menu. So that makes some people confused.

If you are one of them too, don’t worry. Because the steps have been given below:

  • First, download this application from the link provided below the article.
  • Open the Settings menu on your smartphone, then activate the Install Apps from Unknown Sources option.
  • This option was chosen considering that the modified WhatsApp application does not come from the Google PlayStore.
  • Click the application download link provided above. Next, click on the Aero WhatsApp apk file to install it.
  • The installation process will run automatically; wait until this process is complete.
how to install from unknown sources android

If you perform the steps above correctly, the installed file will not be corrupted. If the installation process is complete, you can directly log in by filling in the account registration field first.

The way to register this application is not much different when registering in the original WhatsApp application.

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Is WhatsApp Aero Safe? Can WhatsApp block your account for using an unofficial mod (WhatsApp Aero)

WhatsApp Aero Antiblock

Even though the developer of this application claims that this WA mod is free from being banned, this does not apply fully. Given the problem of being banned, any modified application can occur.

Therefore, this depends on the consistency of the developer to update the applications they develop. WA mod developers do have to monitor the policies issued by the official WhatsApp regularly.

So that the WhatsApp Aero you are using is safe from being banned, you should use the latest version as provided above. In addition, in terms of security, this application is not much different from other applications.

Considering this application was developed by a third-party developer. It does not rule out the possibility that the application will contain malware, viruses, or secret codes that may harm users, such as data theft.

Therefore, we recommend using the original WhatsApp for the main account purposes. Especially if your goal is for business and financial transactions, in contrast, You can use WhatsApp Aero mod from your second account.

You can prepare a sim card and other data if it is not too dangerous if another party steals it. That is why modification applications must be considered properly and correctly—considering the risks that can result in a loss for users.

Aero WhatsApp can indeed be the right choice for those who want to try the WA mod application. Especially for those of you who are beginners, try this WA mod. The features in it are complete and no less interesting than other mod applications.

Tips for Whatsapp Aero Anti Banned

You could say that the Aero WhatsApp application is one of the best Mod versions of the WhatsApp application, which is claimed to be anti-banned. Even though there is a statement like that, as a user, you must always be vigilant.

But don’t worry, this application always tries to be safe when used, including to avoid getting banned. For the method, it’s really easy; you need to update this application to the latest version regularly. Here are the steps:

  1. Uninstall the old app. No data will be lost, although backup is recommended.
  2. Install the new version of WhatsApp Aero that you will find on our website and follow the steps for a normal installation.

Keep in mind that here you will always find the latest version available at the moment and that it is very important to keep WhatsApp Aero updated, not only to receive the latest news but so that the WhatsApp database on which it works does not expire.

How does WhatsApp Aero work?

WhatsApp Aero works like any other WhatsApp mod, although it looks different from most, especially in its main interface.

It is also a mod that includes a considerable number of different packages. In addition to replacing the original WhatsApp features, it also incorporates a couple of handy features like dual SIM and a virtual number.

For the rest, it is a mod that allows you to download themes and configure the appearance of everything to your liking, making it tremendously popular.

WhatsApp Aero iOS, does it exist?

There is no WhatsApp Aero for iPhone, and there is no female WhatsApp Aero; only the options you will find in this post are official.

What is possible is to download themes or customize the WhatsApp Aero interface so that it resembles the iOS WhatsApp as much as possible.

Details about WhatsApp Aero
App nameWhatsApp Aero
Current version8.93 Official
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt
Size47 MB
Type of fileAPK
Date of last updateAugust 8, 2021

Download WhatsApp Aero

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero directly from the following link. It is not necessary to remove the default WhatsApp app to install WhatsApp Aero as it uses the package name

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