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Monster Hunter Stories 2: real monsters guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a much appreciated title by fans of the franchise, and the RPG component of the title manages to grab everyone’s attention. The game itself is not too difficult, but for those who love thrills and challenges, Capcom has thought of adding a little thought: the real monsters. Surely you have seen them scattered around the game world; huge beasts that normally shouldn’t be present in that ecosystem, and the first thing you imagine is that engaging such threats in a fight could be a fool’s move . But what you really have to think is that any real monster can be defeated, but it takes the right strategy.

In this guide, we will explain how to best deal with them, which combinations you should approach, and above all, the way to redeem their eggs and have powerful monstie at your side.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

How do I recognize a real monster?

While it may seem trivial as a question, you will need to have a watchful eye to scrutinize some, but most of the time the answer will be simple. Navirou himself will inform you of their presence, saying that if you are not ready for the challenge, better let it go in advance.

The real monsters will begin to be present from the second large area of ​​the game, Alcala, and you will recognize them because regardless of the map, they will be taking a good nap, just to symbolize that only a fool would dare to disturb them. Some royal monsters are surprisingly weak compared to other challenges, but still others are just a bummer, and it may take you a lot of tries before you succeed.

If you manage to weaken the royal monster enough, be prepared for the most frustrating part: the retreat. There’s a good chance you have the monster in battle because you absolutely want its egg, and we can tell you that every real monster in the game has a monstie counterpart. As a result, when you see the dying beast, it will start dripping from its mouth: that is your signal . The probability of sending him on the run is high, but not guaranteed: be patient, and you will be rewarded with real tanks that will help you immensely throughout the adventure.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Real Monster

Alcala’s Tigrex in Monster hunter Stories 2

One of the most well-known royal monsters in the game is undoubtedly the Tigrex, which resides just a stone’s throw from the Village of Rutoh, in the middle of the Alcala Valley. This beast normally is like giants like Rathalos, Diablos and many others; therefore seeing him in the midst of monsters such as the Arzuros, the Great Baggi and the Qurupeco should already be an alarm bell in itself.

Equip a bow for this encounter, and we recommend a nice tough monstie for the challenge, such as the Pukei-Pukei. With 6000 life points, don’t expect to knock him down in a few turns, without forgetting the level: many managed to defeat him at level 14, but for a balanced challenge, level 17/18 is the standard. The strategy is as follows, but there are many points you can add based on your preference:

  1. Take advantage of double attacks: The Tigrex is a speed monster, so it will use speed attacks for most occasions. Equip a technical monstie and you will be able to weaken it without taking a single damage. When he rages, he will make two attacks per turn, and will go from speed to power. Using a bond move will prevent him from fully acting in one turn, but performing a double attack won’t stop him completely.
  2. Pump up the defense : During combat, the Tigrex will often use the Rock Shooter, a move that will target a random ally (and therefore, you too) and will most likely kill them in one hit. Precisely for this reason, we advise you to invest a lot in defense: the armor of the Tetsucabra, easily obtainable in Alcala, together with some amulets of life, will facilitate the thing, while the monstie will be able to withstand at least one blow.
  3. Use your fighting friends : In Alcala, Alwin and his trusty Legiana will assist you in combat. They are extremely useful, especially as they can attract some attention from the Tigrex, and Shaulk is tough enough to allow him to withstand even the most devastating blows.
  4. Altering statuses are your # 1 friend – we recommended the Pukei-Pukei for a reason: he is extremely strong for a rarity two monstie, and his stats allow him to withstand the hits of the Tigrex and the ability to spread status as a poison and, if you have the gene, even a burn. Maybe seeing 300 damage at the end of each turn doesn’t mean anything to you, but we assure you that each additional damage source helps tremendously in this tough fight.

When you defeat him, and manage to have his wonderful egg, you will have a worthy companion who will defeat any obstacles in front of you. Seeing is believing!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guide

Loloska’s Zinogre in Monster hunter Stories 2

For our guide, we’ll take one of the other royal monsters coveted by fans because of its popularity: the Zinogre. This monster can be found on the top of Loloska Mountain, the snowy area, and this is an example of a relatively simple challenge . With the help of Avinia and her Barioth, in fact, you will have little trouble dealing with this beast, due to its particular attack pattern that is easy to handle.

We recommend an ice monstie for this challenge, particularly with power attacks, as the Zinogre is a speed monster and over the course of the battle it will charge up with electricity, changing attack types and increasing its overall damage. If you are at least level 22, this challenge will be normal , but it is always better not to take it lightly:

  1. Keep an eye on his electric charge : Over the course of battle, Zinogre will charge up using lightning bugs, and when he does, his attacks will switch from speed to technique. From there on, you will have to pay attention to how much he charges, because once at 100%, his attack will be doubled and he will go through with power attacks.
  2. Focus on the head : During the fight, keep the health bar of the head low enough, as once broken, the Zinogre will fall to the ground for a full turn, exposing it to attacks and certainly taking critical from your attacks.
  3. The more, the better : Avinia and Frostfang will help you enormously in the fight. Frostfang will weaken the Zinogre with ice attacks, and the buffs Avinia gives are extremely useful for the fight. Handle double attacks well and remember to take full advantage of them.

Zinogre is a rarity 5 thunder element monster with a speed attribute, and is quite possibly the strongest Fanged Wyvern in the game. If you manage to catch it, it will give you a significant helping hand along the course of your adventure.

That’s it, for our guide. We hope that with this important information you will be able to fully understand how to approach real monsters. None of them are impossible as a challenge, but that definitely doesn’t mean they’re going to be walks. Strategy goes a long way, and the pressure will remind you to stay focused. We thank you for following the guide up to this point, and we look forward to seeing you again in future publications!

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