How To Get Spiritomb in Pokemon Go, Step by Step

How To Get Spiritomb in Pokemon Go, Step by Step

Capturing creatures in Pokemon GO is the primary mission in the game since its existence would be meaningless if it were not. Not only to increase our collection in the Pokedex, but it is the means to continue advancing in level and to be able to set ourselves in other more ambitious goals. Previously it was Jirachi, now the one we are going to capture is Spiritomb in Pokémon GO.

Unlike the Psychic-type Pokemon, this creature will be somewhat easier to get it to appear to capture it since it requires less ritual for it. Once again, it will be through Special Investigations, the only way to obtain this type of reward by our means.

Steps to follow to capture Spiritomb

As we say, it is one of the fastest Pokemon to capture due to the mere fact that there are no requirements, such as repeating several confrontations against other trainers, taking photos, or evolving pets. Yes, we will have to capture more Pokemon, and many, but we will detail it below.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
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Step 1

First off, we’ll start by finding 10 Ghost-type pets, regardless of name, which gives us an encounter with Litwick. Next, we must successfully make eight significant launches, which qualifies the game itself, and which provides us with 1080 experience points. Finally, and this is where the important thing comes from, we have to use 108 berries to the creatures that we create convenient, after which a Sableye will appear to capture it.


After completing this first phase, the game will reward us with various gifts for completing these three missions. These gifts are 10 Poké Balls, 1080 Stardust, and 8 Silver Pinia Berries, which will be added instantly to our item pack.

Step 2

After completing the first part, comes the second. Without time to rest, we must undertake three other missions that, if we fulfill them, will leave us face to face with Spiritomb. For this, we captured 10 Ghost-type Pokemon, with which we managed to make a Yamask appear. Just captured this Ghost-type creature, we are going to rotate 8 Photo Discs in PokéStops that we have not been before, so for some users, this objective can be complicated.


If we succeed, after obtaining another 1080 experience points as a reward, we will be able to carry out the next step, which will be to catch 108 Pokémon. Yes, you read correctly, although the positive point is that it does not matter what type it is. After completing this misunderstanding, the game rewards us with 40 Poké Balls, 1080 Stardust, and eight other Silver Pinia Berries.

Final step: Finding Spiritomb

After achieving this milestone of getting so many Pokémon, it is time to meet the coveted Spiritomb. But before, in the game menu, we have to collect three other rewards, which each contains 1080 experience points, being 3240 points in total. Mathematics aside, this will lead us to a nice encounter with the Ghost / Sinister Pokémon, although it will not be as easy as we can assume.


Unlike Jirachi, here we can make use of Pineapple Berries and more advanced Poké Balls to capture it since, as we will see at this point, it is a very nervous Pokémon. It is continuously moving, and its intention is as if it wanted to leave the mobile screen and attack us. To ensure your capture, since most likely we will not have another opportunity, we recommend launching some Pineapple Berries and using an Ultra Ball or failing that a Super Ball. With Spiritomb already captured, the game gives us 18 Spiritomb Candies and 1080 Stardust.

Have Fun and add spiritomb in your collection of pokemons, If you know any trick to get it then do share in comment box below.

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