3 Best Clash Royale decks for Season 10 after Update

3 Best Clash Royale decks for Season 10 after Update

Clash Royale has released Season 10 for the enjoyment of its players. Supercell promised changes, and these have arrived in this update. In addition to the Heist mode, which we have already reviewed in previous article, we have modifications in the card settings, and more money will be distributed more chests. There will be different rewards for players who have the Royale Pass.

But in this article, we are going to focus on the cards, which have undergone modifications although they have not been too many. With all those changes, we are going to create the best-updated decks for Season 10.

Best current decks in Clash Royale

Keep in mind that the Magic Archer has lowered its range, the lifetime of the Goblin Hut has been reduced by 20%, while the Skeleton Barrel has seen its health points have been reduced by 15 %.

Trunk with Bomber Tower

Complete deck to win games in this new update. It has a quite offensive character since it is designed to defend with the minimum resources until the rival spends his elixir, that way we will attack with a whole wave of cards, which by the way are not very expensive to produce.

3 best decks for clash royale season 10

To attack, we can launch the Knight to go on one of the flanks, and if he meets minions or skeletons on the way, we have the Trunk to clear it. The Bats will be used to kill the Magicians that the rival throws and that we do not forget the Miner, a resource to launch distant attacks. To defend, the slogan will be to launch the Bomber Tower in the centre of our area, to deflect the attack on the towers.

Elixir Golem Mallet with Healing

We put the heavy artillery on the table. To start our attack, we could launch the Elixir Golem behind the tower, and once it reaches one of the bridges, we accompany it with Electric Dragon or Hell Dragon, and Night Witch, we can even continue to bother shooting Arrows that do not mean much elixir.

3 Best Clash Royale decks for Season 10 after Update 1

To compensate in defence, since we do not have too many troops. We will use the Healing Spirit and Warrior Healer to support the Dragons that we launch against the enemy troops, due to the lack of availability of Hordes of Minions or Goblins.

Noble Giant with Ice Mage

This tandem can give very positive results. Of course, we must wait for our moment to launch both cards, especially when an Elixir x2 appears in the game, that will give us the possibility of reusing the Noble Giant much faster since it is fast cycling. The Trunk is another important element to clear the enemy Hordes.


In this deck, we do have resources to defend. The Barbarians, the Minions and the Musketeer, although they may well accompany the Noble Giant, will be very useful to us to defend the towers, especially if we combine it with some spell such as Storm or the Fireball.

What would be the best to start?

As we have previously said, the Bomb Tower Tower Trunk deck is the most complete we can find in Season 10, and that is why it can be considered the best of these three. Indeed, we do not have a tank, but it is not necessary with the variety that we already have. Airstrike, Hordes of Minions, Bats to attack the Mages, Knight as a mini-tank, Trunk to lay waste to the rival Hordes, and Bombardier Tower to defend. And last but not least, we do not use any of the cards that have been nerfed.

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