Best Clash Royale Deck For Heist Mode 2020

Best Clash Royale Deck For Heist Mode 2020

Reaching certain levels in terms of level, winning in Clash Royale can be a challenge, even more getting more than one crown. We are going to take it to the most extreme level, that is, always win the games with three crowns, which will bring us more coins and cups.

To do this, we are going to take advantage of an opportunity that the game offers us to add three by three in each game, although incidentally, it is to play all or nothing. But rest assured, in this new model, called ‘Heist Mode’, there are some decks that we can build to have a better chance of victory.

This ‘Heist Mode’ is from ‘Party’

And it is that the main novelty of this type of game, is that of a ‘Party Mode’ that integrates a much more dynamic gameplay than any other in Clash Royale. It is not necessary to demolish three towers, only one will be the difference between glory or defeat, but if we get the first, we will rise with the three crowns so desired.

This is the key to everything since the level that each player has makes the difference. As there are no towers, only one at the bottom of each territory on the map, the entire duel will be based on the level of cards we have, rather than carrying out a strategy.

The best decks for ‘Heist Mode’

However, we can make some decks to have more options to win and that can give us a minimal advantage against our rival since matchmaking is usually quite even. For this reason, we are going to review 3 very useful decks for this game mode.

PEKKA Deck with Battle Ram

Without a doubt, it is the deck par excellence of this ‘Heist Mode’, and in general, of the game. Not having a PEKKA is almost a premonition for certain defeat. Bad omens aside, it is a card that we must always keep in mind among our decks, and in this case, we will take it as our most offensive trick, along with Bandida and the Ram.

Best Clash Royale Deck For Heist Mode 2020

Behind, the Electric Mage and the Magic Archer will remove any hordes that appear, and the Fireball will eliminate wizards, witches or any riot that occurs near the rival tower, and that will pave the way for us. The best way to carry out the demolition of the tower, or rather a safe, is to carry out a divided attack, by a bridge to the Ram and by another, to the PEKKA.

Mallet of the Witch with the Elves

It is an equally useful card for this game mode. Thanks to summoning, their skeletons allow us to deal quite a bit of damage to the enemy. They will be accompanied by the Goblin Barrels, which we will release near the rival tower so that their performance is effective before they die.

Best Clash Royale Deck For Heist Mode 2020

In defense, the Arrows and the Barrel will do the rest. Our strength will be saturation, since having cards like the Spear Elves and the Minions, all of the fast cycle, it will be convenient to use them as soon as they are available again.

Gavel of the Two Witches

If just a moment ago we were commenting that the Witch is a card that comes as a finger ring for this modality, imagine what we can do with two in the same deck. We will also add a mini PEKKA and Valkyrie so that they serve us both to attack and to defend, although for a more specific defensive use we have the Flying Machine and the Fire Launcher.

Best Clash Royale Deck For Heist Mode 2020

And if we are about to demolish your tower or we are headed for it, there will always be the Cemetery and the Mirror to finish the game. If we cast it close, the skeletons of the first card melt the safe, while the second powers any attack we use at the moment.

Which would be the best option?

Everything will depend on the style and resources of each player. In other words, our card level must be the best possible, but if you had to choose, it would be the PEKKA deck. Together with the Ram, they form a very powerful tandem that is versatile against almost any rival deck, although it may require a somewhat higher level of play to know how to handle them.

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