Download OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Features 2022

As with other WhatsApp MOD applications, OGWhatsApp also has cool MOD features that you cannot find on the original WhatsApp.

This one application can also be used as another option if you are bored with the original WA application.

OGWA provides privacy services to its users regarding features such as deciding who will later be able to view profile photos, status, and who can chat with you.

Apart from that, the developers also provide advanced options in OGWhatsApp to update the application recently. An example is a feature of deleting messages that have been sent and hiding online status.

One of the advantages that OGWhatsApp offers is that you can use two WhatsApp numbers in one application.

Using this one application will not interfere with your privacy and security.

download ogwhatsapp

1. Anti Banned

If you are already using the Whatsapp MOD version, then you may already know what it feels like when your account is blocked.

Because Whatsapp always keeps an eye on the MOD Whatsapp version where they prohibit its use.

However, at the current time, the latest version of OGWhatsApp has solved the problem. So you don’t need to hesitate to use this application.

This one application is guaranteed to be safe and completely free for use, and new features are added at each update session.

2. App Lock

As with other WhatsApp Mod applications, this one feature is also presented in the OGWhatsApp application.

By using this feature, you can easily lock the OGWhatsApp application. So that later other people cannot open the application carelessly.

This, of course, will help keep your privacy tighter.

3. Multi Accounts

If you have 3 WhatsApp accounts with different numbers, then by using this OGWhatsApp application, you can use the 3 accounts in just one application.

You don’t need to bother installing 3 WhatsApp applications which will eat up your storage.

4. Privacy Features

The privacy features referred to here include: You can activate App lock (locks applications when not in use).

Hide the status of ” typing “, turn off the blue tick for messages that you have seen, view friends’ stories without getting caught and lock your chat for certain contacts.

5. Download Status

By using this OGWhatsApp, now you don’t need to bother downloading WhatsApp status using 3rd party applications.

You just need to download your friend’s WhatsApp status with just one click.

6. Scheduled Messages

One of the features added in the latest version of OGWhatsApp is the scheduled message feature.

This one message feature allows you to send messages automatically according to the schedule that you have previously made.

All you have to do is set the time, message text, and the contacts you want to send certain messages to automatically.

OGWhatsApp will then automatically send the message to the intended contact without you doing anything.

All you need is a data connection or Wifi so that messages can be sent perfectly.

This one feature will be very useful to make it easier for you to keep your work without disturbing the other activities.

7. Anti Delete Message

The features that are also in the OGWhatsApp application are also excellent features on the OGWhatsApp.

By using this one feature, messages that have been deleted by your interlocutor will not affect your WhatsApp.

8. Customize Appearance

As we all know, the original WhatsApp only provides 2 themes, namely day mode and night mode.

But in this OGWhatsApp application, you can change the theme according to what you want.

What can you change in the OGWhatsApp display? Among them, such as Themes, font sizes and types, tick designs, bubble chat and others.

9. Character Improvement for Status

In the official WA version, you will be limited to writing up to 130 characters in your written status.

But in this latest version of OGWhatsApp, you can write up to 250 words.

This is of course very useful when we have to provide long quotes on written status which are too large.

10 Copy Everyone’s Status on Clipboard

This one feature will give you the ability to copy the written status that appears on your status board.

As we all know, we cannot directly copy someone’s status and paste it in other media.

And in this OGWhatsApp application, you can immediately copy other people’s status and the copy whenever you want.

11. Send Up To 90 Images At Once

This is a very important feature of OGWhatsApp; sometimes we need to send some pictures to someone immediately.

But the original version has a limit of 10 images at a time, and that’s annoying because of the time-consuming experience to select 10 each time and send again.

I had an experience where I had to send 50 images to someone, but WhatsApp limited me to sending 10 images at a time.

Download OGWhatsApp and take advantage of this feature to save your time and improve your Whatsapp experience.

12. Set the Group Name to 35 Characters

In the original WA application, you can only name the group with 25 characters.

But by using the latest version of the OGWhatsApp application, you will get 10+ more characters.

So you can make the group name look more attractive, as you want up to 35 characters.

13. Block Specific Contact Calls

If someone is bothering you by calling you via Whatsapp and you don’t want to block that person, then you can take advantage of this one feature.

All you have to do is turn off the call accept option for special contact settings.

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How to Download OGWhatsApp APK and Install on Android

If you are interested in using YoWhatsApp, here’s how to install it on your smartphone.

Download OGWhatsApp Apk Latest Features 2022 1

1. Download the OGWhatsApp APK

You need to download the OG WhatsApp APK here first.

Application nameOG WhatsApp
Type of applicationWhatsApp MOD
DeveloperOG Mods
Current version8.40
Size52 MB
NeededAndroid v.4.2 and higher

Why not on the Google Play Store? Because this is a modified application from the official WhatsApp, so it is not available on the Play Store. You have to download the file directly on the link.

2. Backup WhatsApp Chat

If you are still using regular WhatsApp and want to switch to using OGWhatsApp, then you should first back up all chats and media so that they can be used on the OGWhatsApp APK.

The trick is to enter the WhatsApp application then open the Settings page > Chats, then scroll down and select the Backup Chat option and wait for the backup process to complete.

3. Enable Unknown Source

The next step is to change the settings on your smartphone so you can install APK files from unknown sources.

You can do this by opening the Settings> Security Settings page, then activating the Install Apps from Unknown Source option.

4. Install the OGWhatsApp APK

The fourth step is to install the OGWhatsApp APK that has been downloaded.

The trick is to open the File Manager then enter the Download folder and look for the OGWhatsApp APK file.

Tap the application to start the installation; usually in the middle of the install process, a notification will appear that requires confirmation from you, just press Yes to continue the installation.

5. Login with WhatsApp Account

After the installation process is complete, then you only need to open the application then log in using your WhatsApp account.

Don’t forget to also restore chat and media backups from the official WhatsApp application, so you don’t lose your chat history.


Even though many WhatsApp modifiers offer anti-banned features, there is still no guarantee that your WhatsApp account is 100% safe if you use OGWhatsApp.

So make sure you understand the risk of being banned that might occur from using the modified OGWhatsApp application.

We suggest that you use the second number to try OGWhatsApp, not using the main number because Official WhatsApp ban the number at any time.

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