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10 Best Pokemon Games on Android in 2020

Anime is often colored with various titles filled with fantasy elements that slip various unusual creatures in it. One of them can be seen through the iconic Pokemon games with adorable Pikachu characters.

The anime, which stands for Pocket Monsters, first appeared in a pair of games released exclusively on the Nintendo Game Boy entitled Pokemon Red and Green in February 1996. Its appearance was greeted with a positive response from its players worldwide, so it became one of Nintendo’s franchises. Best selling, just being a position under Mario Bros. That’s why the best Pokemon games on Android have sprung up for monster lovers stored in these Pokeballs.

If you feel like you are a big fan of Nintendo’s best-selling franchise, try playing the following Pokemon games on Android. With a variety of genres and game mechanics, the games below can make you love the franchise even more without having to play it on the Nintendo console, which is currently soaring in price.

Pokemon GO

pokemon go

The first Pokemon game on Android to play is Pokemon GO. The game is not officially developed by Pokemon, but by the Niantic company from San Francisco, United States.

This game is one of the best online Pokemon games on Android today. The players themselves feel like they are Pokemon trainers who will always find new monsters around them and catch them with Augmented Reality technology support.

Through this technology, users can catch Pokemon as they can be seen on games or TV. Since it was first released, the best anime game for Android has always provided updates. Among them can make players fight with other players with the strongest Pokemon they have.

Download Link: Pokemon GO

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters

Want to experience the battle between Pokemon and their trainers together with friends? Take it easy; you can feel this through the online Pokemon game on Android called Pokemon Masters.

Like Pokemon Go, the Pokemon game on Android was developed by a third party, namely, DeNA. In this game, you will have an adventure on the island of Pasio through the Pokemon Masters League.

The game that this game carries is online, which asks you to play with other players in a team consisting of three trainers and the Pokemon. Get rid of all the enemies that turn you off in Pokemon Masters.

Download Link: Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest

A game that carries the RPG genre is indeed fun, especially when combined with extensive exploration elements. If this is what you are looking for, brush up on Pokemon Quest, one of the newest Pokemon games on Android.

Unlike some other Pokemon games on Android that carry anime or 3D- style visuals, this game comes with a cube monster’s appearance. This Pokemon Quest allows you to find various treasures that can be used as accessories for your Pokemon.

Besides its extensive exploration, there are battle sessions that players must face when meeting enemies. With simple battle controls, fighting in this game is still fun and enjoyable.

Download Link: Pokemon Quest

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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Magikarp is one of the most iconic monsters in the Pokemon series. Due to this fish creature’s popularity, comes the newest Pokemon game for Android with the title Pokemon: Magikarp Jump. Unlike other games that control strong Pokemon, this game asks the players to train Magikarp.

One of the weakest monsters in the Nintendo franchise. Here, you will see various kinds of Magikarp that can be trained to have high jumping power. Even though it focuses on Magikarp, players will encounter various other Pokemon that can help the development of this water Pokemon. Interesting, right?

Download Link: Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

Pokemon Smile

Pokemon Smile

This Pokemon can be someone’s motivation to do whatever they want or provide lessons for the baby. To fulfill this wish, The Pokemon Company developed a unique Pokemon Smile.

This Pokemon game on Android carries a unique concept, which includes brushing your teeth. The goal is simple; players can catch their favorite Pokemon by fighting bacteria that land on their teeth.

By bringing gameplay like that, Pokemon Smile will be very suitable if it is used as a medium to make your kids brush their teeth. Not to mention the presence of various achievements, it is guaranteed that children’s teeth will turn white like pearls.

Download Link: Pokémon Smile

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Puzzle games often appear for players who want to get their challenges. You can enjoy this one aspect through Pokemon Cafe Mix, which places players as servants of Pokemon in matters of delicious food.

In this Pokemon game on Android, players only need to connect the Pokemon icon to prepare food and drinks to stay satisfied at the cafe. If the monsters are satisfied with the service provided, they can become cool friends.

Pokemon Cafe Mix works like a tycoon-themed game, where you can grow the Pokemon cafe bigger and receive more customers. Suitable for those who want to learn to build a cafe with cool nuances.

Download Link: Pokémon Café Mix

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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

If Pokemon Cafe Mix carries puzzle matching gameplay combined with real cafe-style simulations, it’s different from this Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. This Pokemon game on Android focuses on the puzzle genre that matches sets of Pokemon in a row.

There are many mechanisms like this, but the use of the Pokemon theme here makes it look unique. Also supported by various stages, guaranteed the game would be more exciting and challenging.

Download Link: Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Dynamons World

Dynamons World

After being presented with various Pokemon games on Android that carry the franchise’s name, some games carry a similar theme but carry a different look. As with Dynamons World, which has been downloaded five million times.

In Dynamons World, players can go on an adventure while capturing various Pokemon-style monsters in that world. In addition, players can also meet other players and fight them to prove who the best trainer is.

Download Link: Dynamons World

Trainer of Monster: Collect & Craft

Trainer of Monster: Collect & Craft

Along with the success of Minecraft, many developers began to create games with a similar theme. If you want a Pokemon game on Android that brings a world-building game style, try Trainer of Monster.

This one game features a simulation of a Pokemon trainer. Players can make their residence and create various Pokemon as they wish. This player-made monster can then be used as a friend to fight against other players in it.

Download Link: Trainer of Monster: Collect & Craft

Safari Area – Top Trainer

Safari Area - Top Trainer

There is still another Pokemon-themed game that positions players as monster trainers. Among them is the Safari Area – This Top Trainer. In this world, players can catch various Pokemon. The captured monsters can then be trained and pitted against the enemy’s Pokemon. Great for those who want to develop great Pokemon and compete with other players.

Download Link: Safari Area Top trainer

The best Pokemon games on Android can be played easily on your device. Suitable for those looking for fun games while getting to know the monsters and trainers in this best-selling Japanese franchise.

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