25 Best Android Games Under 10 MB in 2020

Unfortunately, the better the graphics, the bigger the game size. If you have a device with a large memory, of course, this is not a problem. But what if our device only has a mediocre memory?

This is certainly very disappointing. But you don’t have to worry because this time Drodcops will review a collection of lightweight Android games that have sizes under 10 MB. Despite its small size, this game is no less exciting than large games. What are some of them?

Best Lightweight Android Games Under 10 MB!

1. Mouse

25 Best Android Games Under 10 MB in 2020 1

For those of you who like the concept of the unblock me a game, you should like this mouse game. This game was developed by magma mobile developer, which is one of the most well-known game developers.

The gameplay here you have to be able to make the mouse escape the obstacles of the white block maze. You must be able to find a way out so that the mouse can get out of the maze, how you can be given the opportunity to slide the white block up, down, or right and left.

If you can make the mice run away quickly, the points given to the game are quite large.

The size of this game mouse is only 4.4 MB. For those of you who are interested in trying games that require this logic, you can search for a mouse in the play store and download it directly. For those of you who like brain teasers, you will be addicted to playing this game.

2. Big Truck

Big Truck Android Games Under 10 MB

Even though it doesn’t have very good graphics, this big truck game is arguably one of the best light android games to date. The gameplay is also quite easy, you will be given control of 1 large truck, and must be able to pass through all the existing routes.

You have to be able to control it well to get through all the obstacles that exist. Not a few people are addictive or addicted to this big truck game; this is because the existing obstacles have been developed in such a way as to make players of this game interested in trying this game continuously.

This game only takes up 8.2 MB of capacity. The minimum specifications that can play the big truck are not too heavy so that the majority of smartphones from entry-level to flagship should be able to play this game.

3. Mekorama


The mekorama game is a game intended for those of you who have built something, such as dioramas. You as a player will be given several items that can be used to build dioramas.

Later, mekorama will show you how to make an example of the diorama that you have to make, so you have to think about how to make the diorama build properly like the example.

At this point, your brain will be trained, so this game is perfect for those of you who like games that require high visuality.

The size of this mekorama game is also quite small and is included in the lightweight android game category under 10MB because it only takes up a capacity of 5.2MB. You can search for free mekorama games on the play store, and download them directly.

4. 2048


Game 2048 is one of the Android games under 10MB, which is quite popular and one of the most successful to date. You will train your brain, and make the highest score in this game.

When you start the game, you will be given a block with the number 2 written on it, and you must be able to combine the numbers to become 2048.

For those of you who have never tried this game, surely think this game is quite easy to play. But this game is enough to make the players annoyed; if you just take one wrong step, chances are you will find it difficult to reach the high score you want.

This 2048 game can be played on all existing Android smartphones because the requirements are not too high, and the size is only 8.8MB. This game is also free, and you can find it on the playstore.

5. Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher

If you want to play a light game with decent graphics for its size, you can play the zombie smasher game.

The gameplay is also not difficult, because it is intended for all ages from children to adults. You only need to kill the zombies by tapping on the zombie image.

Even though the description we mentioned sounds easy, this zombie android game requires a fairly fast hand speed, and you have to prioritize which zombies you want to kill first.

The zombie smasher game is a small Android game because it only takes up a capacity of 4.6MB. You can find this game on the playstore, and most Android smartphones can play it. Requirements needed by this game is a version of the android operating system at least 4.4.

6. Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express

For those of you who like to play puzzle games on Android, you can try Trainyard Express which offers fairly unique gameplay.

Instead of you assembling the usual puzzle, you will be positioned as a map compiler where you have to run the train to get to the correct station. The point here is that you have to direct trains and stations that have the same colour block.

This game also doesn’t set time or stroke, so you can keep trying to put together the puzzle calmly. What’s important is that you can get the train to the right station.

Even though Trainyard Express sounds a pretty easy game, you need to have the right analysis and tactics to be able to deliver the train.

At the initial level, you will finish it easily, but the next level will be difficult so that you will be challenged with problem-solving skills.

For this game, you may need a screen that is wide enough; therefore we suggest that you can enjoy this game to the maximum you can use a smartphone screen measuring 6 inches or can use a tablet only.

7. Jewels Star

Jewels Star

The jewels star game is an android game under 10MB which is quite popular today. This game was developed by ITREEGAME developer who is one of the leading developers, with a fairly small size.

What makes this game popular is the uniqueness of this game that makes the players addicted to this game. The gameplay is quite easy; you only need to match the jewels star, with the minimum quota to complete is 3 gems.

There is also a time limit, where if you can finish the game faster, the points you get will also be bigger.

For those of you who are interested in playing the jewels star game, you can download it on the free playstore. For those of you who want to spend free time, we highly recommend the jewels star game, because of the majority of people like this genre game.

8. Voxel Invaders

Voxel Invaders

For those of you who want to reminisce about arcade games like dingdong in the 80s to 90s, you can try the invader’s voxel game. This game has more developed graphics, and the gameplay is the same as previous dingdong games. It is suitable for those of you who want to reminisce with friends and family.

The gameplay is very simple, you will be given control of a space fighter, and the goal is to destroy the attacks launched by enemy planes. The enemies will come in groups with a variety of attack patterns that you must destroy.

The controls in this game are also very simple; you only need to move the plane using one finger. The aircraft that you control can shoot at the enemy automatically, so this game is one of the lightweight Android games under 10MB that requires only 1 finger to control it.

You can also collect weapons and lives so you can survive longer in the game and get a high score. Voxel invaders have 24 levels that you can take or a total of 140 stages. At each level, you have to face the big boss so you can go up to the next level.

For some people who are familiar with this game genre, it will feel very easy; therefore, the developer provides a difficulty level from easy to hard if you want to be more challenged. The size of this game is very small, only around 4MB and you can download it on the Playstore.

9. Dr Driving

Dr Driving

For those of you who like games related to cars, you can try dr. driving. This game is not a car racing type, but rather leads to a car driving simulation where you will be positioned as the driver of a car.

You must be able to control and drive the mombil well and complete the given mission.

The missions are also unique, such as how you can drive a car at high speed or how you can get to your destination while saving on existing gas.

You don’t need to worry about having trouble playing dr. Driving, because the controls are very easy to control. For those of you who want to try, you can find this game in the playstore with a capacity of only 9.9MB.

10. Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel dungeon game is a roguelike genre game, which is an RPG sub-genre that has the characteristics of random level generation, with tile-based graphic displays, and permanent death.

In this game, you have to explore every corner of the pixel dungeon, which is quite scary, and you have to collect various items according to the mission given.

Not only that, there will be enemies blocking you, and you also have to complete the main mission, which is to find the amulet of yendor.

Pixel dungeon has 26 dungeons that you can explore, and not everyone can play this game until the end. Most players, feel this game is too difficult and require luck if you want to complete this game.

Besides, the character death rate in the game is very high, so you need to start over if you want to finish this game.

For those of you who want to try to complete the mission in the pixel dungeon, you can try downloading this game on the playstore with a size of 4.2MB. This game is perfect for those of you who like challenges and high concentration.

11. Skies of Glory

Skies of Glory

For those of you who like war games with small game size, skies of glory can be the answer. Even though the size of this game is only 9MB in size, the graphics provided by this game are arguably pretty good.

The gameplay is also quite easy; you only need to control the plane and destroy the enemies and obstacles that exist, such as enemy planes, ships, buses, and others.

The setting of this game itself is the second world war, so you can feel what it was like in the second world war. This game can be found for free on the playstore.

12. Drag Racing

Drag Racing

For those of you who like drag racing, you can try a drag racing game. Drag racing is a race in a straight line to the finish. Because the game size is very small, you can’t expect much with the graphics in this game, but for gameplay, for those of you who like drag racing, it will be addicting.

You can also buy a superior car, which of course has the ability or attributes than the car that was first given by drag racing. But to buy it you need enough points.

The size of this game is the only 6MB, and you can download it on the Playstore.

13. Dream House Days

Dream House Days

Dreamhouse days is a life-themed game, for those of you who like the sims game on the console first, you should be familiar with the gameplay of Dream House Days.

For those of you who are not familiar, you only need to manage the apartment and the existing tasks. Still, if you are at a stage that is far enough away, your job is not only managing the apartment, you can continue to marry one of the girls who works as an apartment manager. Too.

The tasks given by Dream House Days are quite difficult, and you must be able to complete all the existing tasks quickly.

14. Asphalt Moto

Asphalt Moto

As the name suggests, the asphalt moto game is a motorcycle racing game. Asphalt is a racing category game has been famous for a long time, therefore for those of you who like racing games; you don’t need to hesitate anymore with this game.

Even though the category of this game is racing, the mission objective given is not the victory of the race alone, but you must be able to get coins that are scattered along the way.

The existing road will not continue smoothly, because there will be cars blocking so you have to avoid every car, so you don’t fall. The size of this game is very small, only 7MB in size, and you can download it on the free playstore.

15. Great Fleet Battles

Great Fleet Battles

This game is one of the games under 10MB in the war category, which is quite successful. This is because the game Great Fleet Battles supports its players in multiplayer mode with a Bluetooth connection, so you can play this game with your friends.

What’s more, the missions are very exciting, where you will be given control of an airplane, and have to destroy enemy ships until they run out. You can download this game on the playstore; it’s free.

16. Turbo Fly HD

Turbo Fly HD

For those of you who want to play light android games with full 3D graphics, you can try the turbo Fly HD game.

In terms of graphics, of the 25 games that we list here, the Turbo Fly HD is the one with the best graphics for file size. It can be seen from the game developer who gave the name ‘HD’ in the name of the game as one of the most important selling points in this game.

This game has a racing category, where you will be given control of an airplane with a fairly complicated background, music, and track.

This game is also unique because each player will be given a weapon that you can use to get rid of your opponent.

The control is not too difficult, because the airplane can advance automatically, without having to be gassed and the sting menu can be adjusted. The size of this game is very small, only taking up 5.8MB.

17. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper

One of the lightweight android games with a small capacity that has the best graphics. The modern sniper game is arguably a game that will make it addictive for players who like sniper type shooting.

Indeed, the graphics of this game cannot be compared to the extreme games in the play store, but the graphics are very good for such a small size.

The control of modern sniper is very easy; you only need to zoom in and zoom out, aim at the enemy target, and hit the shoot in a shooting.

This game is quite realistic, where if you fail to shoot the enemy correctly, the enemy can immediately know and know your position. The enemy will immediately shoot Bali towards you, so you have to do a very precise aim so you can kill the enemy correctly.

You are also given a feature where you can make updates to the weapons given to give better damage, faster reloading, and so on. This game has a size of exactly 10MB, and you can download it directly on the Playstore.

18. Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards

Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards

As the name suggests, this game is a billiard game, with 3D graphics that are pretty good and don’t hurt the eyes. But in this game there are also other games, such as carom, snooker, and krookinoeel, so you can play 4 types of games in 1 available application.

This game also has quite useful features such as 4 in one, can be played offline, can visit robots that you can adjust the difficulty level, one smartphone multiplayer mode, zoom in and zoom out, and much more.

For its size, Pool Break Pro 3D Billiard is one of the lightweight Android games under 10MB which has a small size, which is only 7MB.

19. Speed ​​x 3D

Speed ​​x 3D

Speed ​​x 3D game has indeed been popular since it was first released because this game is unique and requires good concentration, perfect for those of you who want to spend time well.

It is proven in the playstore itself; this game has filled the top rank because the number of downloads is the most. You could say this game is the best time killer game that is suitable for everyone and can be played with friends to do a reflex test.

To control the controls, you only need to shake the smartphone right or left. This game is very addictive, and you can download it on the Playstore with a size of 8MB.

20. Offroad Bus Hill Driving 2017

Offroad Bus Hill Driving 2017

This game has unique gameplay where you will be positioned as a highway bus driver. This game also has excellent 3D graphics, despite its small size. You must be able to drive the bus correctly and avoid all the obstacles that exist.

The size of this game is very small: only 4.4 MB.

21. Hole.io


For those of you who want to find a puzzle game, but want good enough graphics, you can try hole games. This game has 3D graphics with fairly easy gameplay, where you only need to find a way out for the blocks.

The controls in this game are also very easy; you only need to slide the existing blocks into the hole.

22. Zombie Frontier

Zombie Frontier

This zombie frontier game is indeed quite popular until it has been downloaded 50 million times by players in various countries in the world.

The gameplay is unique, where you are positioned as one of the lucky people who avoid the zombie virus, and you have to fight to survive the zombies.

The graphic quality of this little game is pretty good; especially the sound effects are quite realistic.

23. Fruit Slice

25 Best Android Games Under 10 MB in 2020 2

This fruit slice game has indeed been very popular since it was first released and is one of the lightest Android games under 10MB, which is addictive and is widely played by people in the world. You only need to cut the fruit that is on the screen.

24. Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot

This game, as the name suggests, is a game where you have to put the basketball into the ring indefinitely. The goal here is to achieve the existing high score because getting the ball into the ring is not as easy as you think.

25. Crazy Wheels

Crazy Wheels

The gameplay of crazy wheels is very easy; you only need to ride a bicycle and pass the obstacles. Many levels challenge you, but anyone can play this game because the controls are very simple.

This game presents funny graphics and is quite sadistic. If you are not good at it, you will often get hit by disasters like the picture above!

So that’s a collection of the best Android light games that you can try to play. With sizes under 10 MB, these games can run smoothly on new or old Android devices. Happy Gaming.

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