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Volume Styles App Customize Android Volume Panel

You may be happy with how your phone works as it comes from the factory, but we assure you that your experience can improve in seconds. One of the great advantages of Android is the customization of each corner of the system and with Volume Styles App, you can completely change the interface of your volume control, even expanding its possibilities exponentially.

That the name of this application does not deceive you, Volume Styles is used for much more than changing the volume of your Android phone and that is why we tell you everything you can do with this application that is in the Play Store for free.


What can you do with Volume Styles? More than what you believe

The main objective of Volume Styles as an application is to change the interface of our default volume control or panel on our phone. It depends on the mobile, the brand and the layer of personalization you have, the volume panel will be different, but with this app, you can change it easily, in addition to extracting incredible potential thanks to the options it offers us from its configuration.

At first, when we start the app we will see that we are advised to make two adjustments before activating the application.

  • The first of them is to remove Volume Styles from the battery saving options of our phone. If we have Android Stock it probably won’t close automatically, but with aggressive customization layers such as MIUI (Xiaomi) or EMUI (Huawei), it is recommended so that it is always working.
  • The second option allows us to put a small widget on our home screen to activate its operation, but it is optional since we will actually use the volume keys.

But let’s go directly to the interesting, how is it activated and what can you do with Volume Styles? Well, tapping on the button in the upper right corner where it says “Start”, we will be taken to a screen to activate certain permissions for the application. The first of them is to modify settings, to be able to change the volume and brightness (first clue of its extra functions); the second, the do not disturb mode, in order to activate and deactivate it; finally, the accessibility service that allows the app to replace the native volume panel of the system.

Once all this is done, it is time to customize Volume Styles to our liking. We can select from 12 different volume panel styles, some based on layers of customization such as the MIUI or Samsung’s OneUI. One of them based on the iOS one and there are a couple of 100% original and very attractive panels. All of them are free, so you can take the one you like best. Besides, the application itself warns us that soon they will add new panel styles.

Once we have chosen the panel style that we like the most, we can use it from that moment to control the volume of our phone, but we are going to get all its potential. In the configuration section, we can choose the dark mode if our phone has it active, as well as choose whether it will be displayed on the left or right side. There are a couple of featured color tweaks, too, but it’s something we’ll have to pay for.

From the customize tab, we can configure what settings to control from the volume panel. By default different system volumes are displayed, but we can change any of them to add brightness control. This is very practical to avoid having to lower the notification bar. From here we can also adjust the height at which it appears, how many seconds it is displayed on the screen, or if it vibrates or not.


In the preview that appears in the volume panel at the top of Volume Styles, we can also make some adjustments, by tapping the “+” button that appears in it. This is used to create shortcuts to different options, such as taking a screenshot, activating the split-screen, or opening the settings menu.

Volume Styles - Custom control
Volume Styles - Custom control

Is Volume Styles worth using?

In a few words: without a doubt. Not only for the fact of being able to change the appearance of our phone in a section as visual as the volume control. Volume Styles, being a free application (with certain aspects of payment), allows us to improve the experience we have with our phone with the different functions that we can activate from the volume panel. Without a doubt, it is one of those applications that you need to have on your mobile.

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