PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives

Entering the trend of cloud computing, all types of cloud-based services have emerged. From cloud storage to online editing services. And, one of those services is the PDF file editor service offered by PDFescape.

PDFescape Features

This one web application also has all the capabilities of an online PDF reader application. PDFescape is packed with many features. It is entirely free as long as the PDF does not exceed 100 pages or 10 MB.

  • The PDFescape text tool allows customizing text easily. You can change text size, Colour, Font type, use effect such as make your text bold, underline text, etc.
  • You can also add your own images, links, text, fields, etc. but you cannot edit images or change the already written text in the PDF using this editor.
  • PDFescape has other features which allow us to add notes, draw in PDFs, insert lines, arrows, checkmarks, circles, comments, ovals, nofollow text, etc.
  • You can also upload your own PDF files, add URLs to PDFs online, and create your own PDFs from scratch.
  • It also allows you to remove a single page of PDF, cut page sections, rotate pages, replace page order, and add more pages than other PDFs.
  • After completing the editing, you can download PDF files to your computer without having to create a user account. You only need to create account if you want to save your file online without downloading it.

With these capabilities, it’s no wonder that PDFescape claims to have capabilities that are not lower to paid PDF applications.

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives 1

This site offers free and paid registration services. For the free version, you can also edit PDF files without adding a watermark. Instead, your computer screen will be filled with advertisements. Meanwhile, if you are willing to pay $10 per year, you will get greater storage capacity and ad-free. In this site, you can upload files with the extension .tiff and .pdf. 

However, this site only allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 10MB or files with a total number of pages of 100 pages. So, before checking your PDF file online through this site, make sure the file complies with these two conditions. Even so, this site is very easy to access.

To open a PDF file on this site, you don’t need add-ons or additional extensions such as Adobe Flash or running Active X. And, as mentioned above, editing files through this site will not add watermarks, as found on free pdf editor. Furthermore, you can also directly publish PDF files that you create through this site. Unfortunately, this service is a paid service. To do this, you need to pay a Publishing Credit.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, this application is more suitable for editing files that were previously made and will be useful for editing layouts and existing content only. If you have excess money, you can buy paid applications so that the limit becomes wider, apps that can be downloaded, until the ads are removed from pdfescape.

Work online through your web browserCannot edit existing text
Has many toolsCannot edit large PDF files
Allows you to add your own text and images
Can delete and add PDF pages
Works on any OS

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4 Best Alternatives to PDFescape to Edit PDF

The popular PDF document Format is used but tends to be difficult to edit because it requires special software or applications that are usually not free to install. For those of you who often dwell with a collection of files, confused about how to edit PDFS, and need a solution in the form of a free editing app, you can get the answer in this article.

Straight away, here are 4 of the best and free PDF editing apps in Windows.

1. Sejda PDF Editor – Edit PDF with the result of a watermark-free document

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives 2

The Sejda PDF Editor app is one of a small part of the PDF editing app that allows you to change the content in a PDF document without a watermark in the edited document’s results.

Sejda PDF Editor comes in 2 variants, namely browser and desktop applications that need to be downloaded first, but recommended for you who limited Internet connection when you want to edit PDFS.

The editing features available on the Sejda PDF Editor include Edit text, images, hyperlinks, import files from URLs, and more. How to edit PDFS in this online application is very easy to remember the simple interface.

2. Inkscape – Suitable for editing graphical elements in PDF

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives 3

Known to be popular as an image file opener, Inkscape also provides a handy PDF editing feature for those of you who want to change the graphical elements in a PDF. The basic version of Inkscape is enough as a place to edit PDF files that you can use for free.

One feature forward by Inkscape is the sheer number of options on the toolbar aimed at editing image elements with functions similar to GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.

3. PDF-Xchange Editor – supports OCR document scanning

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives 4

PDF-Xchange Editor is the next alternative for you, with a fairly complete PDF editing feature. One special feature of PDF-Xchange Editor from other similar apps is the document scanning feature with OCR technology that automatically recognizes the alphabets in scanned documents.

The free version of PDF-Xchange Editor may be considered less suitable for you that prioritizes professional PDF edits, as PDF-Xchange Editor puts watermarks on every PDF page of your edits.

4. Smallpdf Online PDF Editor – Edit PDFS quickly and concisely

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Review and its Alternatives 5

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor can be a PDF editing solution for you who need a compact, small-sized, intuitive PDF editing app when you use it. As its name suggests, Smallpdf Online PDF Editor can be used to edit PDFS online and can be accessed through the browser, you can upload a PDF file and directly make edits in the browser window.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor will give you PDF edits without a watermark.

That’s the four PDF editing apps that some of you can access via the browser as an alternative of PDFescape. Have you tried any of the above PDF editor? Then let us know your opinion in comment box below. I hope this article was useful for you Thank you for Reading.

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