Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android

Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android

The days of spending a fortune for an expensive dedicated scanner are gone. Today, our smartphones can get the job done faster.

Never bother buying a scanner again. Thanks to the quality of our smartphones and their powerful cameras, scanning a photo or document is now as easy as taking a photo.

For almost anything the documents are necessary, but more important is to be able to send them by digital means, since most of the formalities in these times are done online. To do this, it is essential to have a scanner, a hardware that allows you to digitize all your documents and convert them into images and texts. If you don’t have one nothing happens, because using these applications to digitize documents you can do it from your Smartphone.

Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android

It is now much easier to convert any number of files, letters, jobs and the like into digital format, since this type of application uses your device’s camera to extract text from documents and leave them incredibly presentable. For that reason, we want to show you which are the most useful, effective and outstanding of all. Below are Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android.

10. CamScanner – PDF Creator, Fax

The best thing about digitizing your documents is that you can transport them on a USB stick, save them to the cloud and backup your physical copies so you don’t have to do paperwork in case of loss or loss. CamScanner will help you in that task, since its scanning quality is so amazing that you will be left with your mouth open. All you have to do is take a picture of the invoice, birth certificate, ID card, id card or whatever and it will automatically digitize it.

In the meantime, with CamScanner it is possible to optimize the image to make it even more presentable, whether you have a low quality or limited camera equipment, simply with the automatic editing tools you will be able to improve everything. By accessing the Premium version you will be able to get other extra features, just like the password protector for private files, the text extractor in images and even a word finder to save in PDF and PNG.

9. Document Scanner

Of course, if you need more useful tools, we can always introduce you to other alternatives. Document Scanner is an application that will allow you to use your camera to digitize letters, cards, invoices, receipts, checks and everything you need, having advanced editing tools to improve the quality, highlight the definition of the text, remove water marks or wear from sheets, as well as export them in PDF format and share it by any means.

But the best thing is that the app contains other interesting features. It also falls within the range of applications to scan barcodes, offering you the possibility to analyze them and discover the information contained in it, just like a professional reader. If you need apps to scan QR codes, you also have this feature and you can go to the link that is hidden in it, as well as a user manual to learn how to use it better.

PDF-Dokumentenscanner Kostenlos
PDF-Dokumentenscanner Kostenlos
Developer: Appde
Price: Free

8. Clear Scanner: Free PDF Scans

But one of the best applications to digitize documents that we can present to you is Clean Scanner, because it has so many functions that you will not stop loving it. The basic thing about it is to scan all kinds of documents with your computer’s camera, having an edge detector to adjust them and leave it completely clean. Also, if your file is crooked, the perspective checker will be able to adjust it automatically to leave it straight, just like the original.

On the other hand, Clear Scanner contains a rather useful feature, which is that, if you need to scan a book, magazine, newspaper or pages with many pages, you can select the option and they will be saved in a file in the order in which you digitize them as well you will be able to export it in PDF format to be able to read it completely when you finish. Get ready to enjoy a highly useful tool, and of course, completely free without paying for extra features.

7. Document Scanner

Applications for digitizing documents with all-in-one functions will always be very useful. This time, we bring you an app with the basic scanner functions. Take a photo and she’ll take care of digitizing it completely, but if you need to make some perspective adjustments and apply certain filters to make it look much better, you’ll find a panel with super useful tools and you can use them to correct, improve and edit whatever it takes.

In addition, Document Scanner also has a PDF editor so you can make basic adjustments to your documents in this format, even your saved scans as well. The note block is perfect for organizing important details, as well as serving as a guide to know what’s in each of the files. Take advantage to use the calendar, where you can locate all the files by scan days, as well as the special calculator to do operations quickly.

6. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

The Microsoft giant is always at the forefront with its Office package, albeit this time with a very useful tool. Now you’ll be able to digitize your whiteboard notes in class to make them fully presentable and share them with your peers, as it contains an advanced text optimizer that can recognize and save it, regardless of calligraphy. And don’t even worry about reflections, because with automatic editing it will be just a thing of the past.

Microsoft Office Lens even stands out among the applications for OCR scanner, because it is capable of detecting the text of any document or file, whether written, printed or transcribed notes, will simply be stored in a Word file so that you can edit it in any time. Also, if your files contain images and your computer’s camera isn’t very good, the app is ready to apply filters and photo settings to improve their quality by 90%.

5. Doc Scanner – Phone PDF Creator

An interesting advantage of Doc Scanner – and which you won’t find in other applications to digitize documents – is its paper format modifier. If you have a letter-sized document, but you need to convert it to trade or another size, you can simply use the transformation tool, choose the custom dimensions or one of the formats that are available and it will automatically be ready to save, send and print as a perfect backup.

As if that were not enough, Doc Scanner contains some of the essential tools to digitize all kinds of documents, invoices, pamphlets, notices, flyers, invitations, notes or whiteboards, regardless of their size or dimensions because you will only need to frame it from your camera and she’ll do the rest. The editing tools are simply wonderful and effective, so if you have any perspective, watermark or wear issues, just apply some filters and everything will be ready.

Doc Scanner - Phone PDF Creator
Doc Scanner - Phone PDF Creator

4. Document Scanner Pro

Of the most complete tools stands out Document Scanner Pro, and is that it is really effective. With it you can digitize your files, regardless of size, their dimensions, whether it is written or printed. The fact is that you can improve its quality, correct perspectives, transform size, print it directly with a connected printer, as well as search for data, information or texts directly from the result. Save it in PDF or JPG format, you decide!

Dokumentenscanner Pro
Dokumentenscanner Pro
Developer: bcaapps
Price: Free

3. Image scanner

Don’t worry if you just need to scan your photos and convert them into digital format with respectable quality, because image scanning apps offer you that and more. This app contains an automatic concealer that is able to correct the details of the perspectives of the photo, rotate it in case they are out of period, eliminate wear by old age and time, as well as correct its colors and approaches to leave it ready. Just capture it with your camera and the rest is solved.

Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android 1
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

2. Simple Scan – Free PDF Scanner App

Having a communication with all the equipment in your home can be a pretty useful task, mainly if you need to exchange files between them. Simple Scan allows you to use your Wi-Fi network to create a shared folder where you can save all your scans. Of course, it’s another one of the applications for scanners, so it’s very easy to digitize your invoices, letters, cards, birth pairs, paperwork, documentation and everything you consider essential.

Simple Scan - Free PDF Doc Scanner
Simple Scan - Free PDF Doc Scanner

1. Tap Scanner: Camera To PDF Scanner

Maybe what you want is one of the applications to digitize documents that goes straight to the point. Many times we are busy and we want to send the files quickly, because it will only take you a minute to take a picture, pass it through an automatic checker that removes all imperfections and save it in PDF format to share by email, WhatsApp or other medium that you consider, ideal among the applications for Scanner.

Camera Scanner To Pdf - TapScanner
Camera Scanner To Pdf - TapScanner


With these applications to Scan Document you will be able to digitize files, improve their quality, convert them to PDF, remove water marks, sign them, erase imperfections and deteriorations by time, detect the text and its original typography, search words and sentences to copy and paste, send them by any means, upload them to the cloud, transform their size, dimensions, formats and many more possibilities that will make your device an effective tool.

The best thing about this type of application is that they help you to perform the easiest operations from your Android, without having to spend money on multifunction printers or leave home to make that simple job. That’s why, at Droidcops we wanted to present you with a review that was comfortable and useful enough to make your life easier and back up your important files. This was our Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android. Enjoy them!



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