Telegram vs Telegram X which is Best to Use

Telegram vs Telegram X which is Best to Use

There is no doubt that Telegram is one of the most complete messaging apps in the Android landscape, always in eternal rivalry with WhatsApp to predominate on mobile devices. It’s still in the shadow of Facebook’s proprietary platform, but it’s always been one step ahead in terms of functionality and innovation. The work culminates with the launch of Telegram X, a more advanced version.

And it is intended for those users who are looking for more functionalities and a more fluid interface. The truth is that this Telegram client meets such requirements, even with greater ease of use for a practically complete user experience. We are going to break down all the features of this app, in addition to the differences with the original version.

What is Telegram X and where does this idea come from?

What is Telegram X

It is an instant messaging app that works based on the original version, which does not need to be pre-installed to enjoy this 2nd version. It is a kind of experimental app, presenting more advanced functions or developments in advance, which will later be reflected in Telegram. According to the creator Pavel Durov, it serves as internal competition in the company, to promote innovation and get new ideas in this sector.

The idea came from the Telegram Android Challenge, a contest promoted by the company itself in 2016, in which innovative and viable ideas were proposed for all types of users. The first prize was won by the project called Challegram in the TDLib library category, a program to develop multi-platform, secure, easy to use, and multilanguage Telegram clients.

From Challegram it was renamed Telegram X, although the reason for this change has not been entirely clear. Not only did the app’s name change, but the developer’s name was changed under the Telegram LLC name, even the Google Play contact email also owns the Telegram domain. One of two: either the company bought the start-up, or its creator directly became part of the team without being absorbed.

Important features of Telegram X


The app has several features that are well worth a mention of the utilities they meet. Especially in the personalization and design section, where they focus their resources more, rather than on new chat or system options.

PIN control

In Telegram, chats could be encrypted through a code, but in version X, security has increased. In addition to a code, the methods for blocking conversations amount to up to 5 options. They can be unlocked through a password, a gesture, a pattern, and even with the fingerprint, which we will have to re-register in the app itself.

Separate tabs for chats and calls

It is the first thing we find in the app, two separate columns for both conversations and calls. To move from one to the other, simply press on the screen, which makes the change much more agile and quick.

Saved messages

This section that works as a private chat to send messages and files to ourselves, has a different provider than the main version. The location to find this chat is the same, but the elements are distributed differently. Multimedia sections, such as images, music, or GIFs, are now found at the top in a sliding menu.

Besides, we can access the integrated bot more visibly, simply by clicking on a clip icon at the bottom. Right there we will see on the far right a fairly indicative logo of a robot, and we can quickly start chatting.

More customizable interface

In the “Settings” menu, we find a new section called “Interface”, where it is possible to configure more parameters in terms of design and new functions within a chat. In this menu, in addition to changing the color of the app as always, options such as the self-playback of GIFs, preview of chats, inserting emojis or animated stickers, and custom vibrations are configured.

You can even assign actions by swiping your finger across the screen to reply or share a message. On the other hand, we can hide the keyboard by scrolling the chat, separating the photos and videos in different tabs, or editing the markdowns, that is, the italics and the bold.

Also, a rather striking detail is that we can play audios and video messages automatically only when the earpiece is close to the ear, something quite useful. And if we do not like the type of font that Telegram X uses, nothing happens, it can be changed by the letter that we use on the smartphone normally. However, we must say that the stability of the app can be compromised.

PiP technology

The full name of this technology is called Picture in Picture and translated into Spanish, it means that we can continue watching the videos while browsing the app. In other words, through a floating bubble, a video continues to play, while we can reply to someone else. It is a system that has recently been implemented in Telegram X.

Section dedicated to Stickers

If we access the “Settings” menu again, we will see a section only for stickers, which are divided into several categories. We have the ‘Featured’, which are practically the new animated stickers that they have implemented for this app, while we are also shown the collections of stickers that we already have installed. Finally, a tab called ‘Masks’ appears, which are caricatures of different types, and of course, there is also a choice.

Differences Between Telegram X and Telegram

The differences between one version and the others are not very noticeable, as well as not insignificant when choosing one of the two options. Without further delay, we are going to show the most relevant characteristics with which Telegram X makes the difference.

Telegram vs Telegram X
Telegram vs Telegram X

Fluency and gestures

Cleaner, tidier interface, with less saturation of options. Honestly this gives added value to the app, since it is capable, given so many settings, of giving it the proper layout throughout the menus. Besides, it gains a lot in fluency, with almost imperceptible animations and transitions, while Telegram was somewhat coarser in this regard.

On the other hand, the gesture system has improved. In addition to accessing the sidebar as it could be done previously, the app includes interactions such as replying or sharing messages with just one movement, the same one that we need to leave a chat to the main menu.

Advanced functionalities

Personalization is another of the pivoting themes of Telegram X. It offers more configurable options, both in design and interface themes, as well as in bubble chat and security themes. Undoubtedly, it means being one step ahead in news, since if we are in the normal version, they would not arrive until after a while.

Improvement of GIFs

Sending a GIF does not have to mean a short video. Now, we can have these videos in a loop with a long time extension than usual, specifically in the Telegram app. Besides, the search for GIFs has been improved with a clearer preview of these files.

Music player

It is true that Telegram already had this function integrated, but in this version they have taken a drastic turn. More than a change, it is a facelift, with a much more careful appearance. The aesthetics of the first-time version was somewhat rough and was even

Why has its use increased lately?

It is something that has been happening not only in 2020 but a few months ago. And we say it knowingly since Telegram notifies when a new user enters the platform. It is no coincidence, all this is due to the implementation of news in much greater quantity than WhatsApp, and above all, due to some controversies.

The app that Facebook owns has been covered by many news that, whether they are hoaxes or not, has led to several large-scale downloads of Telegram. The latest has been a campaign promoted in Spain in which WhatsApp is accused of hiding certain information about the Coronavirus from society, and this is being taken advantage of by the Pavel Durov project.

Is it worth giving the change to Telegram X?

If we are really looking for more functionality and customization in a messaging app, Telegram X is the perfect app. Besides, it does not revert to a lower level of security in our conversations, quite the opposite. What’s more, its stability is not resented at any time, with an unusual fluidity. All this without losing data by changing from one app to another, since both are synchronized. We believe this is a worthwhile change, especially since it offers a greater user experience.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

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