Facebook Lite vs Facebook which is best app to use

Facebook these days is the most widespread and used social network in the world, It is quite unlikely that our acquaintances, friends or family do not have a presence on Facebook with a profile. It is that this social network is used by millions to communicate with their loved ones regardless of the distance that separates them, whether it is a few meters or thousands of kilometers. Facebook Lite

We use Facebook via cell phone or even the computer every day to say what we think, to share something we see, a video that we liked or simply to tell others how we feel, and for all this the tools that the network is more than enough since they allow us to send emojis, attach images and links to videos and much more.

As we know, the main means of access to Facebook is the browser, from which, in addition to publishing, we can also manage innumerable features. However, the social network offers the possibility of being able to be used through other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In the specific case of Facebook for mobile phones, the application, in addition to the basic tasks such as publishing and sending photos, videos, and others, also gives us the possibility of managing other tasks related to groups of friends, sending digital gifts, making phone calls With Facebook and much more, that is, practically everything we can do from the website but from the comfort of the phone.

Is it worth installing Facebook Lite?

Of course, all this has its price: The Facebook application occupies a huge amount of space and uses a lot of RAM from our cell phone to work, something that not everyone is capable or wants to face, especially if it is users who only use Facebook to see updates from your contacts and occasionally reply to or comment on a post.

For all those users who have a cell phone with low ram, storage or simply do not need all the functions that Facebook for phones offers, there is Facebook Lite, the same application for the social network but that does not have all the functions of its older sister, which makes Facebook Lite much lighter and faster, suitable to be installed on all types of cell phones, high and low range, with just enough and necessary to enjoy the social network but without complicating ourselves.

Facebook vs Facebook Lite


From this point, we will be able to see the differences for and against that Facebook and Facebook Lite have, to try to elucidate whether installing a reduced version of Facebook for mobile phones is what we need to enjoy the social network but without sacrificing other aspects of our device.

Facebook Lite was developed mainly as a solution to the problem of telephone networks, the quality of Wi-Fi networks and the power of cell phones available in emerging markets such as Africa or India, however, the surprise was great when Its developers will find that the Lite version of Facebook was used in all markets in the world and even had better comments and reviews than the older version.

This preference for Facebook Lite by users obviously has its foundations, which we will show below.

Is Facebook better than Facebook Lite?


One of the first advantages that Facebook Lite has over Facebook is the size it occupies on our device. While Facebook Lite only weighs almost 2 Mb, and when installed it occupies approximately 6 Mb. When we are using it, that is, taking into account user data and cache, Facebook, its older sister, weighs around 70 Mb, which can reach up to 300 Mb. when installed and in use, that is taking into account user data and cache.

Another point to consider when we have to choose between Facebook and Facebook Lite is the issue of how much RAM each of these applications uses, a key aspect when we talk about low-end cell phones.

Obviously, the Lite version of Facebook will use much less RAM than the older version, in this case about 8 Mb of memory running in the background and in active use around 170 Mb. In the case of the older version of Facebook for mobile phones, the use of RAM memory climbs up to 30 Mb. in the background, and in full operation it consumes approximately 300 Mb. Without a doubt, a big difference when we have a basic smartphone.


There is also a difference in data consumption, which is quite significant. If we consume 100 Mb of data in the older version of Facebook, in the Lite version, doing the same, we will consume 20 Mb. The main advantage of this is of course the money we save in terms of data consumption, a vital matter in certain scenarios and markets.

All the advantages of Facebook Lite over the Facebook app allow us to use the social network without worrying so much about consumption, download Facebook in a matter of seconds, and fundamentally, use Facebook no matter how slow the network is. The same happens with the issue of operation. By not offering as many features as Facebook, and not consuming as much data from the network, Facebook Lite has a more fluid behavior, and therefore we can better enjoy the social network.

The best features of Facebook Lite

However, the lack of most of the features in Facebook Lite may be a reason why many users cannot take advantage of it. Facebook Lite offers basic features such as Timeline of states, comments and “Like”, notifications tab, integrated Facebook Messenger, which in addition to text allows us to send text, photos and stickers, requests tab, friend suggestions, profile page, search tab and the ability to automatically play the video when we are on a WiFi connection. Although it offers a good amount of features, the truth is that for many users who use the social network in-depth, Facebook Lite falls short.

In this sense, the older version of Facebook for cell phones is much more complete, since it offers, in addition to the features of Facebook Lite, Facebook stories, the possibility of broadcasting live video, the new “likes”, friend management and send digital gifts, to name just a few.

Another point where Facebook is quite different from Facebook Lite is in terms of appearance, much better than in the Lite version. Although this can influence many users when choosing between one or another version of Facebook, the truth is that it greatly influences the performance of the application.

Is it better to install Facebook or Facebook Lite?

Facebook vs Facebook Lite
Facebook vs Facebook Lite

The answer basically lies in our needs as users of the social network, that is, the importance we give to Facebook in our daily life. In this sense, if we do not require all the functions that Facebook offers, such as using Facebook Messenger with all its full features, the ideal alternative for us is undoubtedly Facebook Lite, since in addition to offering us the basic functions of Facebook it also consumes little Space and little RAM memory, facts that the users of a phone with few resources will know how to appreciate.

On the other hand, if we own a powerful cell phone, and we do not have problems with the budget for data consumption, the ideal is the older version of Facebook, which despite having much more functions, the performance will be the same, mainly due to the extra hardware resources present in a mid-range or high-end phone.

Price: Free
Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Price: Free


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