How to Play the Game Among US (Beginners Guide)

In this article, we will discuss how to play the Among Us game, especially for beginners, we will provide a guide about this game along with the flow of how to play it.

Suddenly booming and being discussed lately, Among Us has begun to be known by many people because it is often reviewed by YouTubers. Even up to the time this article was published, this game was already perched at position 3 in the free category – popular on the Play Store.

This game has been on the Play Store for a long time, even since 2 years ago. Suddenly it went viral because YouTubers often played it so that the number of downloads has now reached more than 50 million.

At first glance, this game looks like old school, both the appearance and the gameplay are very simple. But that’s what makes it unique; we can even chat with friends online.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a game developed by Innersloth LLC. This game tells the story of a spaceship that is travelling. Inside the plane, there are aliens who are disguised as citizens of the plane.

These undercover aliens can kill other players. Therefore, if you play as a citizen in it, then you have to guess who is the alien who is disguising himself correctly.

Meanwhile, if you become an alien, you must be able to invite other players so that they cannot predict you that you are an alien.

But if other players can tell that you are an alien, you will be ejected from the spaceship.

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Game Flow

The flow of the game among us is similar to Warewolf. For those of you who have played before, surely you will already be familiar and will also understand the flow and how to play this Among us game more quickly. It’s just that there are of course some differences, especially in the gameplay.

In Among Us, you can play from 4 people to 10 people. There are 2 roles, namely Crewmates as good and evil called Impostors. Both of these roles can be selected at the beginning of wanting to play.

There are two modes of choice to play via local with wifi or online. Both of these modes can also be made to play with friends like creating your own room, and you are free to make your own rules in it.

How to Play Among US Games for Beginners

Before playing, you need to know that the game among us can be played on Android, iPhone and computer. All are available for free to play, and there are some paid items in them too.

In the initial appearance of this game, there are basic guidelines that you can see when you first enter the game.

And if you have entered the game, you will be given several options to play both offline and online.

Amoung US game

There are two modes, namely Local and Online, in Local, we can play with friends who are connected to wifi (hotspot) without the internet.

Whereas in Online mode, we can also play together by joining other people’s rooms or we can also create our own room.

Whereas in Freeplay mode, that means we can play alone.

Local Mode

Among US local mode

In local mode, there must be 1 cellphone that functions as a game host or server. You can first turn on the hotspot on your cellphone, then ask another friend to connect to the hotspot that you have prepared.

This mode is suitable for those who want to play together offline (without internet) with classmates or the neighbourhood with a maximum number of players is 10.

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Online Mode

Among US online mode

In online mode, there are 3 options, namely Host, Public and Private. We will discuss one by one and explain briefly.


If you choose this option, that means you will create your own room where you can set the maximum number of Impostors as 3, and the maximum number of players is 10.

how to host in among US game

As well as the map to be used can also be selected by yourself here, you can also choose a chat where you will know where the players are in it.


This option allows us to select rooms that have been created by other players. We can also filter the number of Impostors in the room, the map used, chat or the language used.

How to play Among US game in public mode

The way to enter it is very easy; you only have to choose one of the rooms by clicking on it.


This mode allows players to enter the private room that has been created. Usually, to enter, we will be asked to enter a special pin or password for the room.

Tips for Playing Among Us to Win

Apart from just being funny and having fun with friends, in this game, there are several missions that must be completed in order to win.

The mission can be seen on the top left side of the game, while for a guide you can select the map at the top right of the screen.

To make it more exciting to play, we recommend that you play it in a maximum number of 10 people. The 10 people will be divided into 2 roles, namely Crewmates and Impostor.

You can set the number of Crewmates to 8 people and Impostor to 2 people. Actually, it doesn’t have to be 10 people, with 4 people you can do it too, but it’s less exciting.

Crewmates duties in Among US

Crewmates duties in Among US game

For example, 10 people have collected, players who have the role of crewmates must complete the mission or task that appears in the left corner of the screen.

Take a look at some of these tax rates, and there is a green bar where when the task is finished, this bar will be full.

The green bar here functions as information when a Crewmates have finished their task; the bar will increase gradually until it is full.

Impostor’s task

Maybe completing the tasks looks very easy, but you need to know that when you want to complete it, you will be bothered by Impostors. Impostor is in charge of infiltrating among Crewmates and trying not to be caught by the other members.

They are an assassin who is ready to kill anywhere and anytime members of his Crewmates (provided that the impostor can kill as long as no one is caught).

The Fun Part of the Game Among Us

I have explained above that when we kill our crewmates; no one should get caught.

Because after we kill there will be a corpse from this Crewmates, whereas if there are other Crewmates who see the corpse, you can immediately press Report at the bottom of the screen.

This report works if you find a body and report it to all fellow Crewmates. Well, this is the fun part of this game because every player will be suspicious of each other because they don’t know who the impostor killed him.

Among US game imposter

However, if Crewmates find the corpse and then find out who the impostor killed his colleague, then you can immediately press report and vote on the person who is suspected of being the impostor.

And if proven true, the impostor will die, and only one impostor remains.

Advantages of Impostor

Bad people or impostors have the advantage that they can go in and out of the ventilation holes freely and then do sabotage, for example turning off lights or reducing oxygen.

As for the impostors who have died, you can continue to do sabotage which will help your colleagues to kill their crewmates. There is an advantage of sabotage being carried out, if successful, your partner will be able to kill crewmates, and if the sabotage fails, it will confuse crewmates.

When Crewmates are confused, they will press the Emergency button to have a discussion with all players. During this discussion, you have to be careful because the impostor can act as a con man who makes it look as if he is a crewmate in disguise. So that you will be suspicious of each other, and risk losing your own members.

The essence of the game among us

The essence of this game Among Us is about a belief in people, and also teaches people not to accuse people before seeing it themselves. Also, in this game, we seem to be a detective.

If you are interested in playing it, you can download it on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iPhone. Meanwhile, PC users can download it on Steam.

How to Get Rid of Ads in Among Us

How to Get Rid of Ads in Among Us

When the game ends, ads will usually appear, now to get rid of this ad; you only need to pay $1.99. That way, the ad will no longer appear.

Also, at this price, you can have a variety of pets in it. The price is very cheap, already getting a pet can also play Among Us without ads.

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