20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home

Due to quarantine, many people are having to go on the internet at home. This novelty can cause confusion for many. To try to help resolve this, we have selected the Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home, that will make your life easier.

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home

To know more, continue reading our article, with descriptions and synopses of each one. The list of Best Office Apps is Below.

1. Basecamp – Office App

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home 1

We started our list with Basecamp, a real-time communication tool that helps all members of your team stay on the same page. It has been on the market since 2004, always improving since then, and has versions for computer browsers, Android smartphones and iPhones.

With it, you can create to-do lists for all members, with calendars, delivery dates, file sharing and more, being one of the best platforms for those who need to manage an online team. Follow the link to the official website to see more or to download the office app! Basecamp

2. Trello

Another team management tool, Trello is great for teams of all sizes. With it, you can organize the tasks of a team, specifying deadlines for delivery, creating calendars, separating the types of tasks and customers and much more.

It is very customizable, allowing the choice of colors and images as a background, the creation of colored tags for each task and each type and it also counts with synchronization with Google Chrome, Gmail and Google Calendar. It is available through the link for computers or here to download the app for smartphones.

Developer: Trello, Inc.
Price: Free

3. Asana

Among the Best Office Apps, we also have Asana, ideal for teams of remote employees. Using it, you can easily control your work, being very similar to Trello.

Even if you work alone, it can be very useful, since it sends you notifications of your tasks! It allows many customizations within its simple interface, allowing you to receive notifications of all types, such as when members post tasks, comment or when the deadline is approaching. It allows the creation of teams of up to 15 users in its free version. Follow the link to see more.

4. Toggl

An excellent option for those looking for Best Office Apps to work at home, toggl is very good for increasing productivity, being one of the best time management tools. By using it, you can easily see how much time you are spending on each of your tasks.

Not only that, you can filter by customers, projects, specific labels and some additional information. It generates graphs to show you in detail what your time was spent on. Head to the official website to find out more information!

Toggl Track - Time Tracking
Toggl Track - Time Tracking
Developer: Toggl.com
Price: Free

5. TickTick

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home 2

Another alternative for those who want to earn money without leaving home is TickTick, through which users can create tasks and organize them in their workflows, in addition to being able to use them on several platforms, including Android, MacOS, iOS and Windows.

It has a simple but well-structured project management, with an excellent integration of calendars and a lot of organizational flexibility, allowing you to make it your app, instead of having to organize yourself as the app asks. To see more, click on the link. TickTick Best Office Apps

Developer: Appest Inc.
Price: Free

6. FreshBooks

In order to facilitate payments, expenses and collections, FreshBooks is an excellent multiplatform option to manage your extra income. In addition, it offers several other almost essential features, such as team collaboration and time management tools.

Not only that, it is one of the most usable, with phenomenal smartphone apps. It is ideal for companies and businesses ranging from small to medium. Its biggest downside is the cost to use the app, which is considerably high. To use, follow the link!

7. Google Drive

Of course, Google Drive (and Docs) could not be missing from our list of Best Office Apps. With it, it is possible to perform numerous essential functions, such as the creation of text files shared with your team or with your client.

In addition, you can upload files, if you work with editing images or videos, for example, without losing quality. Ideal not only for sharing, it allows virtual storage of your essential files to work. See more through the link.

Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

8. Evernote

One of the most well-known information management applications is Evernote, through which users can take notes, create notebooks, place labels and synchronize all their devices on any platform they use, whether Windows, iOS, Android or browsers.

You can search your notes with simplicity, being completely free in your basic plan. You can also save several other file formats and even images and photos. Check out more information on the official website.

9. Dropbox

Very similar to Google Drive, Dropbox allows cloud-based file sharing. It allows access to all your folders, files, documents, images anywhere, on any device.

It is best if you need to transfer and store large files or if you need a large storage capacity. Better yet, you can easily share files with co-workers or your customers. Follow the link to see more and download right now!

Dropbox: Cloud-Speicherplatz
Dropbox: Cloud-Speicherplatz

10. Doodle

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home 3

One of the best calendar apps, Doodle allows you to schedule meetings with multiple coworkers in a simple way. It offers a free individual plan and paid plans, which can reach quite high amounts, but which can be very worthwhile.

The online calendar offers excellent time management by allowing you to send a Doodle Poll to team members, which allows them to schedule the best date and time to hold the meeting. Go to the official website and see more about the app! Doodle Office App.

Doodle - Termin finden
Doodle - Termin finden
Developer: Doodle.com
Price: Free

11. Skype

Another excellent option for Best Office Apps is Skype, which is very well known and quite old, even though it is widely used even today. With it, you can easily make video and voice calls, keeping in touch with your colleagues and customers.

In addition, it has a very robust chat function. It has very low costs, allowing you to make phone calls without having to worry about spending too much.

Developer: Skype
Price: Free

12. LogMeIn

LogMeIn has a very simple functionality, but at the same time very good: that by allowing you to access your computer or notebook remotely, from your smartphone or tablet very easily.

It allows you, for example, to send a project that is finished, but forgot without having to run home, just having the app installed on both devices. The only problem is the price, which can be quite high, starting at R $ 50.00 per month. Check out more through the link.

Price: Free

13. Slack

To bring teams together, allowing quick communication between its members and the creation of several working groups, Slack is one of the best options on the list. It has a free version that allows small groups to enjoy all its benefits without paying anything.

Among the features, there are the conversation channels, the statuses that allow no one to bother you, file sharing, video and voice calls and screen sharing. Go now to the official website and see more information!

Price: Free

14. Mailbird

To manage emails on your Windows computer, Mailbird is one of the best options. With it, you can connect multiple accounts, customize your folders and contacts to ensure that what really matters is always highlighted and more. You can customize completely, leaving your inbox with your face.

It has integration with several apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Google Calendar. It is available through the link, remembering that when you first access the site, you get a 50 % discount!

15. Harvest

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home 4

If you need help with your time management, Harvest may be the solution. It has an interface that is very simple and intuitive, through which you can organize all your day to day tasks. With it, it is also possible to organize team time.

It has billing features and possibilities for managing teams and scheduling, making it ideal for freelancers. However, there are no apps for Windows or Linux, so you need to use it in your browser. To see more about this excellent option, follow the link to the website.

16. Zoom

We also have Zoom among the Best Office Apps. With it, it is possible to make video and voice calls with ease, with teams of up to 50 people, ideal for both large teams and individual freelancers who need a way to contact their customers.

It is compatible with a huge number of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, among others, with dedicated applications for each one. And, if you don’t want to use the app, you can also use it through the browser. Find out more about it through the link.

Zoom - One Platform to Connect
Zoom - One Platform to Connect
Developer: zoom.us
Price: Free

17. Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail is an excellent choice for those who need to schedule emails, if they are in a different time zone than the recipient. In addition, with it you receive reminders if you have not received a reply after a certain time of the message has been sent.

It cleans your Gmail inbox, allowing you to remove emails from it until the moment you really need them, through your own schedule. Check it all out on the official website, where you can also download the smartphone versions.

18. Stayfocusd

An extension for Google Chrome, Stayfocusd is an excellent alternative for those looking for a productivity app. With it, you can block distractions at certain times or place a daily time limit on them. For example, you can only use Facebook for half an hour each day.

It is simple, free and helps you to increase your productivity. Highly customizable, it allows you to block websites, subdomains, specific pages and even certain other contents like games, videos, images, etc. It is available exclusively through the Chrome Web Store.

Stay Focused - Website blocker
Stay Focused - Website blocker
Developer: Innoxapps
Price: Free

19. Serene Free

Serene is an exclusive MacOS app that helps its users reach their maximum productivity potential on a daily basis. It is based on two principles, both based on scientific studies. First, it encourages you to set a daily goal that must be achieved during the day.

Second, it blocks websites and applications that can distract you during work sessions, in addition to silencing your smartphone. It also shows how much time is left to complete tasks, allows you to create to-do lists, plays music to help you focus and more. See more on the official website!

20. Zap

20 Best Office Apps To Get Your Work Done From Home 5

Finally, we have Zapier, a very simple automation tool that will help you save a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Instead of having to switch between applications to complete basic functions, you can create “Zaps” to automate all of these tasks.

It allows you to connect all of your favorite and most used apps to share your data. It allows the creation of customized automations, in case you don’t find what you want in the pre-existing library. You will get 100 tasks per month for free. Check through the link.


So, what did you think of our list of the Best Office Apps? Leave in the comments if you have any doubt or suggestiion which can help us improve the article.Don’t forget to also check out Top 10 Best Apps To Scan Documents on Android.

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