40 Best Sites To Work From Home

40 Best Sites To Work From Home

Finding a remote job is a dream of many people. Have you ever imagined you, work from home without having to face that annoying traffic? Believe me: This is simpler than you can imagine! Many people find it impossible this happens, but I have good news: this is possible and in many cases in just a few hours!

For many years I worked as a freelancer and was able to prove this same reality. But more than having a unique skill, it is necessary to know how to answer the main question: where to get job offers to work from home?

40 best sites to Work From Home

To help you in this transition phase we have separated our list with the 40 best sites to work from at home. Discover great platforms that will help you find the desired position. It is important to warn that most of them require a certain degree of English proficiency.

1. Freelancer

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Freelancer is definitely one of the best sites to work from at home. It is also part of our list of sites to make money online. In it, employers around the world look for people with the skill set needed to execute their projects. In it, users can delimit their own areas of knowledge and mastery. The site then lists job options that are compatible with your profile. Are you interested? Create your Freelancer account!

2. Upwork

Much like Freelancer, Upwork is another platform for users to find jobs taking into account their own skills. It also offers a panel of options compatible with your areas of expertise. In addition, Upwork offers tests that can be done from the site itself to show your level of mastery in a given subject. Access through the link!

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a platform similar to Freelancer and Upwork. In it you can follow listings of opportunities to work from home and create your professional profile. Find jobs in a variety of areas through research and work from home for U.S. companies. Go to their page!

4. Guru

Guru is a robust platform specially designed to hire freelancers. It has more than 3 million users around the world, where more than 1 million jobs have already been completed by its members. Create your professional profile and find vacancies in several areas of activity. Access by link!

5. Monster

40 Best Sites To Work From Home 2

It’s quite possible that you’ve heard of Monster, a platform created in 1999 that allows employers to publish their jobs. It is still today one of the best sites to work from home. With more than 5 million opportunities for freelancers, including work in virtually all areas of activity. Sign in right now!

6. Remote OK

Major companies like ESPN, Microsoft, GitHub among several others advertise remote positions in Remote OK. Interesting, don’t you think? The site offers opportunities for virtually any area of activity. Find a new job right now, go to the link!

7. Virtual Vocations

Virutal Vocations is a platform where employers around the world offer opportunities in various areas for freelances seeking to work from home. The site offers exclusively remote work, facilitating the search for positions of this type. Sign in right now!

8. Working Nomads

Want to work as a freelancer? Working Nomads allows employers to offer opportunities in a variety of areas, such as development, marketing, design, etc. There are remote jobs for virtually any category. Create your professional profile and find opportunities. Go to the link!

9. We Work Remotely

Join the group of more than 2.5 million users who use We Work Remotely to find positions that allow them to work from home. Find vacancies for different areas of expertise, from personal assistant to senior software engineer. Access the platform by link!

10. Fiverr

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Fiverr offers a different approach to working as a freelancer. Here you do not apply in jobs, instead users create a professional profile and can be called to work by employers. Projects start at least 5 dollars and comprise several areas of activity. Nice, don’t you think? Access by link!

11. Indeed

Use one of the greatest online tools to find jobs and projects right now. Indeed allows people to search for remote or location-based locations. There are opportunities from different areas of knowledge available to freelancers around the world. Go to their website!

12. Skip the Drive

Find remote jobs in virtually any area of expertise using Skip the Drive. In addition to allowing employers to list their vacancies, the site also offers tools such as financial calculator, list of companies and more. Start working from home right now, go to the link!

13. Photoshop Tutorials

Do you work with Photoshop and have extensive knowledge about the platform? How about writing guides and tutorials for other users in the form of articles? Photoshop Tutorials serves as a learning base for anyone interested in specializing in the program. Go to the official website!

14. Scotch

Scotch is another great site for people looking to work writing articles. They prefer candidates with demos made in CodePen. Also, having high quality articles that can be displayed as portfolio is a great plus point. Scotch publishes article from virtually all areas. Access by link!

15. Duolingo

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Duolingo is a learning platform for different languages, and is also one of the best sites to work from home. They have a physical office in the United States, but also offer remote jobs, such as in marketing. Take a look at the vacancies page available on their website!

16. WhatCulture

WhatCulture is a website that publishes articles from various entertainment areas. In addition, they also work with video content or in the form of news. The best part is that they don’t ask for much experience or qualification in the area. Are you interested in writing about the areas of film, television, games, sports and more? Go to their page!

17. Polygon

Another excellent option that easily enters our list of sites to work from home. Polygon publishes articles and news mainly about games. Whether it’s reviews, tutorials, tips, guides, anything about the gaming industry. If you are interested in this area, you can create guest articles for them. Perhaps you can’t get a fixed position if your material is of high quality? It’s worth a look, go to the page!

18. Mamalode

Mamalode is one of the best sites to work on homes, where parents, nannies, family members can share their exciting stories. The payment of the articles is made based on the number of views. Do you think you have tales that deserve to be shared? Try writing for them, access through the link!

19. Digital Ocean


Are you a person with extensive technical knowledge in the area of programming, systems and computers? Digital Ocean is a platform that may interest you, being also one of the best sites to work from home. In it, users can publish articles, guides, tips on technical areas and receive through donations. Go to their website!

20. Roll20

Roll20 is a platform where users can play RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc. If you have knowledge and like the genre, you can create image packs that can be purchased by other users of the platform. Also, if you are an experienced rpg game master, you can work mastering different games and charge for it. Go to the website!

21. Kongregate

Have you developed a game and don’t know where to post it? Kongregate is a website that allows users to offer their games for free to players worldwide. Payment is made based on the accumulated value of ads and Ads in your game. If you work developing in this area, take a look!

22. Unity 3D

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Still in the gaming industry, Unity 3D is one of the best tools for creating games. In addition, for people working with 3D modeling, special effects, audio and more, you can make your work available in the Asset Store. Other users and developers can buy their work and apply it to their own projects. Interesting, don’t you think? Go to the website!

23. NewScientist

Are you looking for a platform that is especially looking for writers with knowledge in the field of technology science? Do you like physics, astrology, health, among other related topics? So NewScientist can be one of your best sites to work from home. Here’s how to become a writer for them through the page!

24. Women on Writing

WOW is a site dedicated especially to women writers. They publish articles in different areas, between 1000 and 3000 words. In addition, the site also offers courses in the area of writing, journalism, among others. Access the site through the link!

25. Airbnb

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How about offering your apartment, or even just a room for travelers from all over the world? Airbnb is a platform that enables your users to rent their accommodations to others. That’s an interesting way to work from home and have cool experiences. Go to the official website!

26. The Hoarder Penny

If you live in the United States, The Penny Hoarder is an excellent site to find positions that allow you to work from home. In the listing you can choose the state in which you reside or search for opportunities nationwide. It is an excellent option for Brazilians living in North America. Go to the website!

27. Dribbble

If you work as a designer and want to share your portfolio and have the chance to be hired to do work, Dribbble is an excellent option. In addition to organic search for projects published on the platform, it also offers a list of available projects where creators can apply. Access it by link!

28. Stack Overflow

For developers and web designers, Stack Overflow is an excellent platform not only for knowledge sharing, but also for finding remote jobs. They provide a list of opportunities where users can submit their resumes. Sign in right now!

29. Remote

Remote is a platform that offers the vacancies that are most compatible with your professional profile. He has opportunities in various areas of knowledge. Remote is best suited for more experienced professionals with more robust resumes. Even so, it is an excellent option to find vacancies that allow you to work from home. Access by link!

30. GitHub Jobs

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GitHub offers job listings that are especially compatible with development professionals. Find developer vacancies in Java, Python, among other languages, as well as positions such as systems analyst, software engineer, etc. Are you interested? Go to their official website!

31. Career Builder

Career Builder is a platform that not only offers opportunities to work from home, but also guides and tips on how to best develop your freelancer career. Find jobs in different areas of expertise for any location within the United States. Access by link!

32. Power to Fly

Power to Fly is one of the best sites to work from home, developed especially for women looking for opportunities and jobs. It’s made by women, for women. Find vacancies in different areas of operation and even from large companies such as Microsoft, Zapier, GitLab, etc. Visit the site right now!

33. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is a platform for freelancers seeking opportunities in various areas, such as development, design, marketing, sales, among others. The advantage of Jobspresso is that it only offers opportunities to work from home. Go to the official website and search for your area of knowledge!

34. Toptal

40 Best Sites To Work From Home 8

At Toptal you can both register your company and create your own freelancer profile. It is an excellent alternative to finding works that can be performed remotely. Large companies like HP, Zendesk and Airbnb use the platform to find professionals around the world. Go to their website!

35. AngelList

AngelList connects freelancers to startups and new businesses, and can’t be left off our list of sites to work from home. It is an excellent platform to find a remote job. Companies like Uber, Asana and Everlane use AngelList to find professionals who fill their vacancies. Go to the page!

36. Crossover

If you are an experienced professional looking for new job opportunities, Crossover is for you. Focused on a more advanced audience, employers publish vacancies for areas such as chief software architect, project manager, marketing manager, among several other opportunities in different categories. Look for jobs on the site!

37. ProBlogger

Want one of the best sites to work from home and make money with your Blog? ProBlogger was founded in 2004 and has since helped people create and develop their own successful blogs. In addition, the site also has a list of vacancies mainly for copywriter positions. Access by link!

38. GlassDoor

GlassDoor offers an excellent platform where businesses and freelancers can connect and work together. Look for opportunities using filters based on the desired position, company name, desired salary and more. Other than that, GlassDoor announces in the spotlight companies that are with open recruitment. Go to the website!

39. FlexJobs

Much like Jobspresso, FlexJobs is an excellent platform to find positions that allow you to work from home. Search across different areas of knowledge and be part of more than 3 million users who use the platform to find remote jobs. Go to their website!

40. LinkedIn

40 Best Sites To Work From Home 9

LinkedIn isn’t exactly one of the sites to work on from. It is actually one of the largest social networks in the world with a focus entirely on professional and business profiles. This makes it an excellent platform to talk about your experience, display your resume and find connections in your area of expertise. Sign in to LinkedIn and join a network of millions of workers right now!

Summary :

There were most of the legit websites from where you can earn money by working at home. Check out the sites and let us know if you find anything useful or if you know any other website that should have been included in the list. If you like our article Share and Follow us on Social Media.

Thank You For Reading.

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