how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping

Best Tips on How To Make Extra Income on Instagram Shopping

Everyone wants to make extra money. For this, there are several ways to work over the internet. For example, there are several online course platforms and websites to earn extra income. Now, there’s also this guide on how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping, for those who have a home business.

If that’s your case, keep reading our article and see all about this Instagram feature!

What is Instagram Shopping?

Before you can learn how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping, you need to know what is this tool from one of the largest social networks.

Mostly, it’s a way to create an immersive store to allow potential customers to explore the best products in your business. It has several features and features that make you generate more connections directly across the platform.

With it, you can share products through organic posts and your Stories, and ensure that users can find them in the search tool so that you can gain followers on Instagram.

How To Make Extra Income on Instagram Shopping

How to I connect to Instagram Shopping?

To be able to connect and know how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping, you need to have a business account on Instagram.

The process of creating a trading account is easy to do. First, download the app for iOS or Android. Now, if you don’t already have an account, register. If you already have one, log in.

Now, follow the process of transforming personal account into commercial: first, go to the profile and click the menu. Click “Settings” under “Account” and finally “Switch to business account”.

It is highly recommended that you connect a Facebook business page to Instagram, which will make it easier to use existing resources for businesses. Remember: only one page can be connected per account.

Add the remaining information you need, such as business category and contact information, and finally click “Finish” so you can start making money like this!

How to use Instagram Shopping?

Now that you have an account let’s see how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping using it!


Keep in mind the minimum requirements to be able to use this tool: your company must be located in accepted markets (such as Brazil, USA, INDIA, etc.), that you sell material goods, that you comply with all Instagram business rules, and that your account is connected to a Facebook page.

Besides, you need to have a catalogue connected and have e-commerce, since Instagram Shopping does not handle sales or deliveries, just redirecting shoppers to stores.

There are two different ways to make your catalogue. The first is using Facebook Catalog Manager, and the second is through one of the platform’s partners, such as Nuvemshop, one of the best platforms for online stores.

With all this ready, it’s time to use the account to sell and work from home. Remember to add a bio to your store to attract more consumers; to help you with this, we have a phrase guide to Instagram bio!

Another important step in understanding how to make extra income in Instagram Shopping is to know how to create the best posts, with greater reach. To do this, remember to use some of the most commonly used hashtags on Instagram in all your posts.

Also, be sure to tag products on all your posts, and you can tag up to five of them. When tags are used, a post reaches out to all your followers and also on the Explore tab, which makes your post to reach out to more people.

Tips for Instagram Shopping Store

1. Create carousel posts

Carousel posts allow you to tag up to 20 products in a post, making it a great way to show all the variants of a product at once.

Also, it makes your buyers see a large number of products, which can be attractive to them.

2. Ensure that the aesthetics of sales posts fit with your Instagram

Quite self-explanatory, your sales posts must be all according to your page, to please your standard followers.

To do this, you need to make edits and apply filters in a way that suits your store.

3. Spread your sales posts all over your page

When you create an Instagram Shopping account, you’ll probably want to sell products as soon as possible. However, it’s good to control yourself on this, to make sure your followers don’t feel “attacked” by sales posts.

Therefore, the idea is to post as usual, but add some selling posts from time to time, making it look more natural to audiance.

So, what did you think of our guide how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping?

Leave in the comments your opinions about them, saying if you already knew all the tips we gave and leaving new tips. Remember, too,d and check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and how to make extra income on the internet!

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