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Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing From Home

Do you want to earn money online and work at home? You ask yourself the question How to earn money online easily? The affiliate is a method among the easiest to implement. Also, it generates additional income. In this article, we will show you how to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

Surely you have heard of people who make a good living on the net and you are asking yourself the question of how to earn money on the internet?

By working on the internet, you can become an independent entrepreneur.

What is Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Affiliate Marketing Program
What is Affiliate Marketing Program

The affiliate is a fairly old technique that allows publishers to monetize their audience and merchants to sell more products without risk.

Affiliation is defined according to Wikipedia as being a partnership between a traffic provider and a commercial site seeking to develop its activity. The commercial site, then named  Announcer,  offers an affiliate marketing program to the site wishing to make profitable its traffic, then named  Affiliate or also freelance affiliate marketing. The affiliate program describes how the affiliate will be paid by promoting the advertiser’s products or services.

The definition of affiliate marketing is presented as being a program by which a merchant website or a commercially oriented site (the affiliator) offers a network of publisher partner sites (affiliates) to promote through banners. , text links or other elements of its products or services.

Depending on the case, affiliates are paid by a commission on sales or according to sales contacts (leads) generated from their links (forms, application installations, etc.). The base and the conditions of remuneration are specified within the framework of an affiliation contract.

To make it simpler, we can present the affiliation as a Marketing technique with a win/win advantage between two parties, namely the advertiser or the seller and the affiliate. It is a question of selling in affiliation.

This technique consists of the following:

  • merchant who wishes to sell a product or service.
  • An affiliate who wishes to present the product to their audience.
  • The affiliate puts a product URL on their website leading to the merchant’s site.
  • The visitor by clicking on the URL and by purchasing the product, the affiliate receives a commission from the merchant.

Affiliate marketing program definition 

The affiliate link has a particular form that allows the merchant to identify visitors to the landing page who have clicked on the link, and therefore to know the number of sales made thanks to the partner publisher. The principle of affiliation is as old as the world.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping

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Dropshipping is to create a website e-commerce to sell online products from a provider without worrying about inventory management or delivery.

While Affiliate Marketing is that you recommend the product to someone and they buy, you will get a percentage of sales.

So you can put these products on any site even on a blog or in a social media group.

How To Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

To Earn Money Online easily with affiliate marketing, you will have to work hard. So how exactly is it going? How do people work from home and earn a lot of money?

In theory, it couldn’t be simpler: you just have to register for the affiliate marketing program that interests us, then insert merchant links with a tracking code.

The technique of gaining affiliation is fairly simple to understand. We will explain it in points.

  • First, we have a Merchant or an advertiser.
  • Then we have the affiliate.
  • Then we have the product or service offered by the advertiser.
  • The affiliate registers on the advertiser’s website and receives an affiliate code.
  • The affiliate puts the advertiser’s product on their site via a URL link containing the affiliate code.
  • The visitor to the affiliate’s blog clicks on the link or banner.
  • It will be redirected to the merchant’s site.
  • The visitor purchases the product via the advertiser’s site.
  • The affiliate will have a monitoring platform on the merchant’s site.
  • The affiliate will receive a commission on the purchase made.
  • The merchant pays the affiliate each predefined period.

The different affiliate marketing models

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you will not have to sell products to earn money online. You just have to promote them properly.

With commissions, you can earn easy money.

Affiliate marketing programs can have several models which are as follows:

Affiliation per click:

This payment program is relative to the number of visitors that you redirect to a merchant site from yours. At this level, it doesn’t matter if the customer buys or not, you will pocket the money.

You will be paid when a user clicks on the link you have highlighted. There is no need to sell the product here. The technique is therefore very simple. On the other hand very little remunerative. Unless you have a huge traffic on your blog or site.

Affiliation per view:

The principle is the same as pay per click. In this case, a remuneration will be paid simply for the sight of the advertisement which you had put forward. Again, to earn a few hundred euros a month or even a year, you will need a lot of traffic.

With this program we pay for the displays and here it is a display of the sales page and not of the banner page. However, this affiliate program is little known.

Affiliation by lead:

Instead of paying you for a sale, the advertiser will pay you a fixed amount each time you allow someone to register on their site or fill out a form.

This type of remuneration can even be combined with remuneration by sale. If the user registers and becomes a prospect, you earn a fixed amount.

If he buys a product or service, you earn an additional percentage.

Affiliation per transaction carried out:

With this program, you will receive a percentage on the operation carried out by the user who visits the merchant site from yours.

Affiliation by sale:

This is the best-known principle. When a user goes through your link and buys a product. You will receive a percentage on the sale of the product.

In general the percentages vary from 1 to 20%. However, some platforms offer a commission rate of up to 70%.


The most common compensation these days is commission compensation. That is, you get a percentage of the price on all the sales you generate.

In general the percentages vary from 1 to 20%. However, some platforms offer a commission rate of up to 70%.

percentages vary depending on the platforms and programs and sometimes even there is a limit threshold for remuneration.

Some affiliates pay per click. Finally, there are remunerations called CPL or cost per lead. Basically you will be paid for each registration generated by your advertisement.

Benefits of Membership

Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing From Home 2

Like all methods of making money on the internet, affiliate marketing has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the benefits. We will present the benefits of affiliations for both parties. Namely, for the advertiser and for the affiliate.

Advantages of affiliate marketing for the advertiser:

  • Minimization of Marketing expenses for product promotion.
  • Reduction of financial risks.
  • Increase in awareness.
  • Increase in market shares.
  • A greater presence in the various digital media.

Benefits of affiliate marketing for the affiliate:

  • A great opportunity to monetize your website.
  • Several affiliate platforms, therefore several opportunities.
  • Make money easily.
  • Work from home.
  • Passive income.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Ditto for the disadvantages, we will list them for both parties.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing for the advertiser:

  • Possibility of loss of site traffic for the benefit of affiliates.
  • Possible conflicts of interest between the advertiser and the affiliate.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing for the affiliate:

  • Leak in tracking.
  • Sometimes the policies of advertisers can be rigid and one way to their profits.
  • Sometimes payment times are quite long depending on the advertiser.

How to find products to promote

If you want to promote products, you should know the options available to you. And to find good products, you have to do a good market analysis and be on the lookout for the slightest opportunity. There are two methods available to you.

The best way to find products to promote is to register on a few affiliate sites. This may be sites like awinNetAffiliation, etcOn these sites, you will find products classified by category, by percentage of commission, by price, etc.

You have to check if the seller offers affiliate linksIn this case, no need to go to affiliate sites, as soon as you come across a seller who offers the system, you can directly contact the seller and become an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Guide – Steps to follow

Affiliate Marketing Guide - Steps to follow
Affiliate Marketing Guide – Steps to follow

Step 1: Choose a product idea.

Take the time to find the best affiliate business ideas. What are you going to promote? You have to think about carrying out a market study beforehand. Indeed, there is no point in launching yourself into a saturated market.

Remember to differentiate yourself from your competitors and choose a niche sector.

To have clear ideas, we offer several tools for researching ideas:

  • Google Trends is great for knowing whether a niche is going up or down. Thanks to this tool, you can see the search trend of your future customers in a given country and a specific time interval.
  • Google Keyword Planner is the ideal tool to know the search volume of a given keyword in a specific country and a well defined time interval.
  • Social networks have become sales media that should not be overlooked. You can broaden your ideas by taking a look at the pages of online sellers.
  • Browse popular online sales websites to get a clearer idea of ​​the products you can sell.

Step 2: Create your website.

This step is only for those who are going to use a site or blog to promote products. You have set the niche for the products you want to market. It’s time to create your online sales platform.

To do so, several solutions are proposed to you:

  • Create your website with CMS like WordPress.
  • If you are not able to create your own website, get help from Freelancers. It will be cheaper than making your site through an agency.
  • If not, and it’s the most expensive solution, give your project to a web development agency.

Step 3: Contact your advertisers.

The next step is to find the best advertisers or affiliate platforms.

The easiest way to find it is definitely Google. Some advertisers are constantly looking for affiliates or partners. You can contact them directly via the form on their websites.

Also think of professional sellers on the marketplaces of Amazon, Awin or others. We will discuss this in more detail in a later section.

Step 4: Register with the affiliate platforms.

You have found what suits you. Register in the affiliate platforms that interest you.

Choose the products and services you want to promote and take the URL including your referral identifier.

Step 5: Promote the products.

Now it’s up to you to do the work. You must integrate the URL of the products in the media on which you will work and off you go!

Affiliate supports

To be able to promote the products properly, we have chosen the best affiliate media for you.

  • Create a website. Using a blog is a powerful way to generate income through affiliate.
  • Emailing. It is the easiest method and requires no expense due to website development.
  • Social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat are good ways to promote affiliate products.
  • Create a Youtube channel. It’s a great way to sell affiliate products.
  • The autoresponder. Capturing emails and using an autoresponder can be one of the most effective ways to promote products.

Affiliate Marketing platforms

Affiliate Marketing platforms
Affiliate Marketing platforms

To help you start your online business, we will briefly introduce the best affiliate platforms on the market.

Here is our selection of the Top 10 best affiliate platforms  :

1- Amazon.

2- Awin or formerly affilinet.

3- Daisycon

4- Tradtracker

5- Tradedoubler

6- Netaffiliation

7- Mediaffiliation

8- SponsorBoost

9- HealthTrader

10- Gambling

We will suggest not to do affiliate marketing for gambling websites.

There are several other advertisers that we will come back to in more detail in a future article.

How to place affiliate links

To effectively promote your affiliate marketing programs :

  • Skip your best links as high as possible in the content of your articles.
  • Avoid placing your links in the sidebar.
  • Also avoid banners and favor text links.
  • Criticize the product.
  • Create Youtube videos.
  • Affiliation via Facebook ad.

Tips for successful affiliation

Tips for successful affiliation
Tips for successful affiliation

Unfortunately if you only rely on Amazon for affiliation, the road will be long and hard to make a decent profit. Indeed, to be successful in the field of affiliation, we have some tips to give you and that you can take into consideration:

  • You must read the conditions of affiliation when you subscribe to a platform.
  • There are a few rules to follow.
  • Remain vigilant to choose the right product from the right seller.
  • Provide advertising media.
  • You will need to know the product to promote.
  • Carry out a customer-oriented promotion.
  • Have good social media skills.
  • Know how to argue. If you don’t have the right argument, no one will be interested in the product.
  • Ensure that the information sought by the client is available.
  • You should regularly take product information to know which one is selling the most.
  • You have to put in place sales strategies.
  • Target your readers.
  • Do not try to sell at all costs.
  • So avoid placing tons of affiliate products anywhere.
  • You can use email to promote affiliate products.
  • Never offer only one product.


Affiliate Marketing can be a real opportunity as long as the strategy implemented for the development of this new offer is well thought out.

Study carefully, the market is interesting since success stories are multiplying.

Follow all the rules of affiliation and thus, you will succeed in improving your financial situation. Do you know you can also earn money online with Instagram, check out this article to know about it? Best Tips on How To Make Extra Income on Instagram Shopping

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