16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020

Not many people realize that a file manager is an important application that must be on an Android smartphone or tablet. This application will make it easier for you to browse through files, find files that you have just downloaded, manage the storage space of the handset, move data from one folder to another folder, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how important this file manager application is. They tend to choose to download games or other favorite apps. The file manager application is very important to manage all your data, including games and favorite applications that have been downloaded. Therefore, Droidcops will share a list of the best Android file manager applications specifically for you.

1. Files by Google

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 1

This application created by Google will also help you manage all data on your cellphone. In the app, Files by Google has several advantages, such as deleting, moving, and data backup, to delete the cache junk on HP. Interestingly, Files by Google can also be used to share files offline.

Not quite up there, Files by Google also spoil users by providing free space up to store data if the memory on your mobile is full. And most importantly, you don’t need to worry that the Files by Google application will take up space on your cellphone because Files by Google will only take up 9.6MB of spaceCome on, immediately use the app here.

2. Amaze File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 2

Amaze File Manager is the latest application to manage files on your Android device. Although still relatively new, the best Android file manager application is lightweight and capable of browsing data on your device.

Amaze File Manager offers features such as Material Design, SMB File Sharing, uninstall applications, root explorer, and many more. Amaze File Manager is a free application available on the Play Store. This is a lightweight application because it only measures 3.85MB.

3. File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 3

This one application can also be your best solution for controlling all the files that you have on mobile storage. This free application offers convenience for users in managing all files and data on the cell phone.

You can manage all files stored in Main Storage, SD Card, USB Storage, and even data stored in file downloads. Not only that, but even the application made by Flashlight + Clock also presents a Remote feature where you can monitor your files by entrusting them to NAS and FTP servers. Want? Download the app here.

4. ES File Explorer

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 4

One of the best Android file manager apps that are the most recommended is ES File Explorer. Why? Because this application can browse well to find your data that has been stacked with other data in the handset that is being used.

ES File Explorer has advantages such as a very simple interface, root access, cloud storage support, remote file manager, FTP, and WebDAV support, as well as several other additional features. This application can be downloaded for free, but ES File Explorer is also available in a premium version which must be purchased through the Google Play Store.

5. File Manager by ASUS

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 5

Maybe you think that File Manager by ASUS is only for ASUS devices. Yes, all ASUS devices are indeed equipped with this application. However, this application is also compatible with all devices, even non-ASUS Android devices.

This application supports a simple interface that can connect to LAN and SMB, support for cloud storage, support for various types of files, archiving, and much more. Overall, this application is quite satisfying and can be downloaded for free. However, File Manager by ASUS does not provide access to root.

6. Root Explorer

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 6

Some people have rooted it to get rid of unnecessary built-in applications so that the capacity in the storage space is greater. Well, Root Explorer is an application designed specifically for Android devices that have been rooted.

This application can delete default applications that do not want to be installed on your device. The latest update from Root Explorer is also equipped with support from cloud storage and SMB. This is a suitable application for Android smartphones and tablets that have been rooted. Root Explorer can be purchased at the Google Play Store for $3.99.

7. Solid Explorer File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 7

Furthermore, there is the best Android application for managing files that are already quite well known, namely Solid Explorer. This application that has brought Material Design provides support for cloud storage, root, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, SMB, and CIFS. Do not stop there, and Solid Explorer also offers support for Chromecast, archive, and compression, and available theme options.

Besides, the reason why people prefer Solid Explorer over other applications is the ease of browsing data on your device by using this application. Solid Explorer can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

8. Tetra Filer Free

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 8

This one file manager focuses on fast browsing capabilities and relatively light application size. Although it doesn’t offer many features, the Tetra Filer Free application provides some basic features that are considered important, such as compression, file management, and much more.

9. Total Commander

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 9

This application is relatively robust and has many enthusiasts. Total Commander provides features that you need, such as network storage support, cloud storage support, plugin support, bookmarks, and other tools such as text editors.

Therefore, Total Commander is one of the favorite applications in the Google Play Store. Total Commander includes apps that are available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

10. X-Plore File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 10

With X-Plore File Manager, you can manage two windows at the same time on one screen. So, what are the benefits of this feature? Of course, this is very easy for you to copy and move files faster.

Not only that, but this application is also one of the best because it provides many features needed by its users, such as support for various file types, cloud storage, network storage (FTP, SMB, DLNA, / UPnP), built-in text editor, support for rooted devices, and more. Another advantage offered by X-Plore File Manager is that this application can be downloaded for free!

In addition to the 10 file manager applications that have been mentioned, Droidcops will recommend other applications that are no less good for managing files on your cellphone. Intrigued by the application we recommend? Next read the full review below:

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11. File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 11

This application has advantages where users can take advantage of the Wifi mode feature. This feature allows you to share files quickly, relying on the hotspot that you created on the cellphone. Besides, this application made by Best App is not only for managing data, you can also use this application to analyze data and clear junk cache. Interested? Download here.

12. APUS File Manager

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 12

A useful application for managing files on your cellphone is APUS File Manager. This application is also not less complete with other application features. Of course, features such as cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, check details, share files, and others present in this free application.

Not only that, but even APUS File Manager also has features to delete junk files and analyze your storage. Also, APUS guarantees speed for making file transfers without delay. How pretty good, right?

13. Android TV File Manager Pro

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 13

The advantage of this Android TV File Manager Pro is that you can use this application not only on tablets or cellphones. Because every device that uses the Android system, you can use this Android TV File Manager Pro, including Android TV.

Amazingly, this application also supports if used on Chromebook, you know. How about the features? Of course, complete, you can manage every file on your Android device. Even rooted phones can use this paid applicationIt’s good, is not it? If you are interested, you only need to pay Rp 9,000 to enjoy all its features.

15. File Manager – TISNTI

16 Best File Manager App for Android in 2020 14

Not to be outdone by other developers, TISNTI has also become one who develops useful applications for file managers. It is a File Manager, where you can easily manage all files on the HP. As for some supporting features such as cut, copy, paste, delete, compress, decompress, search, and many more that you can use in this application.

16. Infinite File Manager


Infinite File Manager can be one of the best applications for managing all your files on mobile. With this application, users can easily copy, cut, paste, rename, and also see the details of each file on the phone.

In addition, Infinite File Manager can also work well for files in the SD Card. There are other advantages where this application guarantees fast file transfer alias; you can send and move files quickly without being slow. Want to try?

It’s important to install the best Android file manager application on your device. These apps help you manage files and keep a check on the storage space of your smartphone. Now, which application do you want to install on the device now?

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