10+ Best Free Subtitle Downloading Sites

Maybe one of you has felt resentful about failing to watch your favorite movie because the downloaded movie doesn’t have subtitles. Incidents like this are quite often experienced by movie or TV series lovers when they have downloaded their favorite movie or TV series.

Most people will get annoyed, thinking they have to find and download the same film that already includes subtitles. There is an easier and faster way, which is to find the subtitles separately. This method is a little more complicated if you don’t know how to put the subtitles in, but don’t worry, droidcops.com has also provided a tutorial; please see here.

In this review, the author will help those who have difficulty finding the subtitles for your favorite film or TV series. The author has compiled several sites that offer various subtitles for movies and TV series for free. You can try to find the subtitles of your favorite movie or TV series there. The following is the list.

Best Free Subtitle Download Site

The sites that the author wrote here do not provide films or TV series, so you have to search for the film or TV series separately. For those of you who are confused about finding it, all you need to do is enter the website page and enter the title of the film or TV series you are looking for.

1. Subscene

subscene Free Subtitle

The first and most popular among other subtitle sites, Subscene. This subscene is the largest subtitle site from all sites that the author summarizes here. You can find subtitles from various films or TV series from abroad, from old films to new films, almost you can find them here.

For his appearance, this Subscene has a simple appearance. When you enter the site, you will be immediately treated to some popular subtitles from films and TV series. On the right, you can find a link to go to the Subscene discussion forum.

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How To Download Subtitles on Subscene & Install them

2. OpenSubtitles


Next is OpenSubtitles, which is another site that can provide subtitles from films and TV series from various countries. Not only famous films or new films, even old films like The Coward (1915), you can find subtitles here. OpenSubtitles has a simple appearance but feels a little more modern and comfortable when viewed. The intuitive impression that this site has is quite strong.

When you enter the start page of OpenSubtitles, you will immediately be presented with a row of movie titles based on its popularity. You can find the search column to find the title of the movie or TV series you want to find at the top. On the right, you’ll find a genre array for those of you looking for films by genre. 

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3. iSubtitles


Next in line, iSubtitles is another site that you can visit when you need subtitles for your favorite films. With a simple user interface and a strong intuitive impression, this site can be viewed for a long time. When you enter the iSubtitles address, you will be immediately presented with the newest update subtitle.

If the movie you are looking for is not on the front page of iSubtitles , you can search via the Browse, which you can find on the top right, or search for it by entering the title of the movie you want to find in the search field.

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4. Subtitle Seeker

subtitle seeker

Having a different appearance style from previous sites, Greek Subtitles is also a site that you can use to find the subtitles for your favorite movie or TV series for free.

You will find various film or TV series titles in Greek Subtitles, ranging from popular or less popular ones. When you first enter this site, you will immediately be treated to the latest -tan updates from the Greek Subtitles. It’s just that, the drawback of this one site is the availability of languages ​​that only provide Greek and English subtitles.

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5. Island Subtitle

island subtitle

Unlike the previous site, Island Subtitles is an Indonesian site that serves various subtitles for Asian dramas and films; there are also western dramas and films, but only a few. Unfortunately, this wonderful site has rarely updated their subtitles anymore.

As long as I monitor this site, I haven’t seen any signs of this site operating, if seen from their last update. This site has stopped operating since several years ago. However, you can still enjoy their subtitles in old dramas and hope that they will be updated one day again.

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6. TVsubs


Still, with the recommendation of a subtitle download site, in sixth place, there is a site called TVsubs. This site is another site that you can use to search for subtitles from movies or TV series, from the newest to the old. 

TVsubs has a slightly old user interface but has a pretty strong intuitive feel. You will not have trouble looking for subtitles on this one site. The drawback of this TVsubs site is that you cannot find All subtitles in it. Even so, you can still find subtitles in various languages ​​here, especially English.

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7. Podnapis.NET


The next site you can visit is Podnapis.NET. As with previous sites, you can also find subtitles from various films or TV series that have just aired or are old ones on this site. 

Podnapis.NET has a simple and simple user interface, with a combination of blue (# 4E6EE3) on the header and white on the background. If there are sites that do not provide All subtitles on several previous sites, then here you don’t need to worry. Podnapis.NET has subtitles in various languages.

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8. Subtitles.hr


Subtitles.hr is a global subtitle download site, here you can download subtitles for various films from abroad. All subtitles are one of the subtitle languages ​​available here. Subtitles.hr has a forum-like appearance, where you will see a column filled with movie titles and descriptions.

At the top, you will be a row of alphabets + numbers which function to filter any movie titles starting from the alphabet you press. The search column itself is in the upper right corner, where you can write the title of your film there and choose a subtitle in what language you are looking for.

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9. Subdl


The next site that you can make a place to look for All subtitles is Subdl . Similar to Subtitles.hr, this Subdl is also a global subtitle download site. It presents film subtitles in various languages.

When you enter this site, you will immediately be presented with a search field to find the title of the movie you want. Below the search button, you will find filters to select the language you are looking for. Once you have done your search, you will be presented with the results. Subdl will provide several titles related to the word you are looking for.

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10. IDFL


In tenth place, there is a site called Indonesia Data & File Library or abbreviated as IDFL. This site is another site that you can search subtitles from your favorite movies or TV series.

Never heard of the names Pain Akatsuki and Handsome Bees; both names are legendary in Indonesian subtitles. You can find the subtitles made by the two names on this IDFL site. 

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11. iSubscene


If you had read a review about the Subscene site at the beginning, then this iSubscene has a review that is more or less the same. This iSubscene is a duplicate of a Subscene that someone makes after the Subscene is blocked by Kominfo.

In this iSubscene, you can find the same thing with Subscene; the only difference between them is using a VPN. If in Subscene you have to use VPN access to enter, then in this iSubscene you don’t need it.

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12. Subscene


If the previous site was a duplicate Subscene , then this one’s Subscene is not. Even though they have the same name, this subscene has a different appearance from the original Subscene . Like Subscene, on this site, you can also find subtitles from various movies or TV series you like and a huge choice of languages.

This subscene has a simple appearance, with a black background and a collection of movie titles that fill its contents. You can find the search column in the upper right corner.

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13. Movie Subtitles

movie subtitles

If you like to judge a site by its appearance, then you better not use that thought on this one site. Movie Subtitles is another site that provides subtitles for various films, especially old films.

It’s just that; it’s a shame that Movie Subtitles doesn’t provide subtitles in All Languages. But don’t worry, even though there are no Indonesian subtitles, you can find subtitles in other languages, especially English.

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14. SubsDog


Having the same appearance and working method as Subdl, this SubsDog is another site that you can use as a place to search for subtitles for your favorite movie or TV series. This subsdog has a simple appearance and adds a sense of mystery thanks to its dark color.

When you enter the Subsdog web page, you will be immediately presented with the Subsdog logo and the search field underneath it. All you have to do is write down the title of the movie or TV series you want to search for, and after that, Subsdog will give you several related options.

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