How to make a popup in WordPress in just 5 minutes

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes!

Have you ever wanted to leave a website and suddenly a pop up window appeared? Because the information provided is so interesting, you actually enjoy reading it and don’t go away. 

That’s one of the roles of popups: preventing websites from being left behind by visitors.

So, want to use it on your website too? But, don’t know how to create popups in WordPress?

Relax, how to add Popups in WordPress is easy. It doesn’t even take too long to do it.

How to Create Popups in WordPress

  1. Login to your WordPress account
  2. CM Popup Plugin Installation
  3. Create Popup
  4. Fill in the Title and Content
  5. Configuring Popups
  6. Popup Created Success!

Want to find out more? Come on, see the full explanation!

How to Create Popups in WordPress

To display a popup, the easiest way is with the help of a plugin. 

There are many choices of popup plugins that you can use. Well, in this tutorial, we will use the CM Popup Plugin as an example because it’s one of the easiest to setup. 

What are the steps?

1. Login to your WordPress account

As a first step, you can log in first to enter the WordPress dashboard.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 1

2. Installing the CM Popup Plugin

The next step is to install the CM Popup plugin. From the dashboard, select the Plugin menu, then click  Add New.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 2

Next, in the search field, type CM Popup . Then, click Install Now.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 3

After the installation process is successful, click Activate and the CM Popup menu will appear on your WordPress dashboard.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 4

3. Create Popups

The next step is to enter the CM Popup Banners for WordPress menu and click Add New Campaign.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 5

4. Fill in the Title and Content

You will go to the New Campaign editor page. It’s time to fill in the campaign title for the popup. For example, Promo 12.12

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 6

In the content section, use an image or video according to the purpose of your popup. For example, if you want to display the latest promo, choose an image that can immediately attract the attention of visitors. 

Don’t forget, add a supporting description if needed at the bottom of the image.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 7

5. Configure Popup

After the popup content is ready, you still need to configure it in the Campaign-Option section You can adjust the appearance of the popup to determine when the popup will appear.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 8

In the menu, there are several configuration fields that you need to fill in, including: 

  • Type . Choose the type of popup you want. As a first step, select Pop-Up only .
  • Disable Campaign . Check this menu if you still don’t want to display popups on the website.
  • Width and Height . Determine the height and width of the popup to use. For example, 400px and 600px.
  • Background Color. Fill in the background color for the Popup that will be displayed using a hexadecimal color code . 
  • Shape . Specify the desired popup shape such as round or pointed.
  • Underlay Type . Choose 3 types of underlay for your popup, namely dark, light, and no underlay. The goal is to add an artistic impression.
  • Hide Devices with Width Less Than . Use this setting to determine the minimum screen size for devices that won’t popup popups.
  • Show on Every Page, Home Page or Selected Page . You can choose whether to show popups on individual pages or on specific pages. 

Now, after completing the configuration, it’s time to click Publish

6. Popup Created Success!

How to create popups in WordPress is complete. How about the result? Try to open a page of your site, then notice how the popup appears.

How to make a popups in WordPress, in just 5 minutes! 9

If the result is still not what you want, you can edit it again. 

3+ Tips for Creating Effective Popups in WordPress

How to add popups in WordPress is quite easy. However, in order for the results to be as intended, pay attention to the following points:

1. Use Exit Popup

Don’t annoy visitors with the many popups that appear. Well, one way is to use Exit Popup. This type of popup appears only when a visitor is about to leave your website page. 

Using Exit Popups can keep the user experience good while visitors are browsing the website. This popup will not appear when the visitor is engrossed in reading the content. 

2. Set the Popup to be Mobile Friendly

Showing popups that are too large is best avoided. Although it can immediately attract attention, it is less aesthetic and makes it difficult for mobile device users to see it. 

Set the size of the popup or use a mobile friendly design if you are going to display it on a mobile device. 

3. Make Popups Easy to Close

What if you come across a popup that closes the screen and won’t close? Upset, right?

Well, that’s the importance of adjusting the size of the popup and completing it with the close button. So, if they don’t want it, visitors can easily close the popup.

4. Don’t Spam

Popups that appear repeatedly will also make website visitors uncomfortable. To fix this, you can set the duration of the pause after the visitor closes the previous Popup. Also determine how many popups will be displayed on a website page.  

5 Reasons Why Showing Popups in WordPress Is Important

Well, you already know how to create popups in WordPress. By using it, you will get benefits like this: 

1. Increase the Conversion Rate

Popups can increase the conversion rate . Even the latest research shows the increase can be up to 600% , you know. Wow! 

So, you may ask: “How come?” 

So you see, when a visitor is lingering on a product page, it could be that he is weighing the product to be purchased. So, if suddenly you display a special limited discount information popup today, visitors will certainly be intrigued to buy right away, right?

2. Increase Leads

Not only increasing the conversion rate, it seems that Popup is also effective at increasing Leads , namely potential customers. 

How to? One of them, by distributing freebies or freebies . The form of the product, according to your type of business.  

So, in order to get a free product, you can ask visitors to fill in their email or personal data to send the free item. 

In the end, you can use the data you have to greet these leads again. For example, via email you can inform us about the latest products. Or, you can give them a coupon to entice them to buy a particular product.

3. Identifying Buyer Persona

Popups can also be used to identify buyer personas . This is a real picture of your type of customer. Buyer personas are important in order to understand consumers better. 

By using a popup, you can get customer data to find out customers, from gender, age, education level, to employment status.

Unfortunately, not all visitors just want to give away their data, right? So, you can use a discount coupon strategy to attract them like the example above. 

4. Promotional Events

You can use popups as a promotional event, you know. Starting from product promotions, events, to discounts. 

Say you don’t want visitors to miss the event you are going to hold. The strategy is to use a popup on the front page of the website. That way, every time a visitor enters your website, the event information will be immediately known.

This can be the easiest way to display promos instead of having to add a design to your main website. One example of using this popup is the promotion of events from several marketplaces. 

Not only for events, you can also use it for discount promotions. With popups, your various promo campaigns can be immediately noticed by visitors.

You only need to display the main information in the popup. Then, direct visitors to a more complete discount offer page. 

5. Avoiding the Bounce Rate

Popups can also reduce the bounce rate , you know. Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who rush away after opening only one page. Usually this is because visitors do not find an offer that suits them.

Now, with popups, you can direct visitors to various attractive products or offers, such as discounts or New Arrivals products.

The key to the success of this popup is displaying information that is relevant to the visitor’s needs. You can display the most viewed or best-selling products.

It’s time to add popups to your WordPress website!

That’s how to create a Popup in WordPress. How, easy enough, right?

You just need to install a popup plugin on your WordPress website and set it up according to your needs. In this article, we’ve also shared tips on how to display popups in WordPress properly.  

So, by using popups on the WordPress website, you will get various benefits. Starting from the ease of capturing leads, using them as a means of promotion, to increasing sales. What’s more, you can do all of this with a free plugin.

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