10 best buy canon printer in 2020 Buying Guide

10 Best Buy Canon Printers in 2020 Buying Guide

Canon, with the tagline ” Delighting You Always ” has a variety of electronic capture and image printing products, one of which is a printer. A range of Best Buy Canon Printer products can meet your various needs. About the quality, of course, you don’t need to question again.

If you are interested in having the best printer from Canon, see our tips for finding the right product. To make it easier for you, we will also provide recommendations on the best printers from Canon, ranging from the PIXMA, MAXIFY, and imageCLASS series. Don’t miss anything, and enjoy reading!

How to choose a Canon printer

You can find various features, prices, and types of Canon printers. Are you confused about which one to choose? We summarize the tips in the following points.

Some Canon printer series

There are several series of Canon printers that are very well known. We will introduce the Canon series so you can understand more.

10 Best Buy Canon Printers in 2020 Buying Guide 1

PIXMA: stylish and provides maximum color results

The PIXMA series is an inkjet printer with a stylish design. This series can produce the best colors for use in the office or at home. PIXMA printouts are also a mainstay for students to professional photographers.

PIXMA with G or GM subseries is a printer that is efficient in the use of ink so that it can print in more quantities. The type of ink filling is also different because it does not use a cartridge, but it is an ink bottle.

MAXIFY: load and print more

If you want to print more with an inkjet printer, you can choose the MAXIFY series. In addition to printing more, MAXIFY also prints faster. The ink is special, so the prints are waterproof and do not fade.

imageCLASS: meet office and business needs

imageCLASS is a type of laser printer. Some products in this printer series can be used to send and receive faxes. Usually, the imageCLASS series is widely used for photocopying purposes and office needs, most of which only use black ink.

Select by printer type

Canon has 3 types of printers that you can choose according to your needs, inkjet, laser, and photo. Each type of printer has its own advantages.

Inkjet printer for producing quality images

Inkjet printers use a type of liquid ink that is sprayed onto the surface of the paper. This causes inkjet printers to require more ink to produce images. Therefore, first, check the cartridge price before you decide to buy this printer.

The size of the inkjet printer is relatively small, so that it can be placed on a table. This printer is also capable of producing excellent image quality in terms of color and sharpness.

Laser printer for printing in large quantities

Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers use a type of toner ink or powder ink. This ink makes the paint dry faster. Unfortunately, the color quality of this printer is not as good as an inkjet printer.

Generally, laser printers are used to print in higher numbers and faster. This capability makes laser printers widely used in photocopying and offices.

Mini-sized photo printer for instant photo printing

Canon continues to innovate, one of which by issuing photo printer products. This type of printer is small and easy to carry anywhere. You can print photos directly while on vacation. Capture your precious moments with loved ones in the best printouts from Canon.

Besides, photo printers do not need electricity to print. When viewed from the price of other equipment, such as ink and special photo paper, this printer is somewhat more expensive. However, it doesn’t hurt if you want to try this type.

Choose based on features offered

When choosing a printer, also pay attention to the features offered. There are several features provided by Canon for you. We will explain some of the features in the points below.

Multifunction printers for various needs

In addition to printing documents, Canon printers also have numerous other functions, such as scanners and copiers. In fact, some printers can also be used as fax machines. Multifunction printers certainly have a higher price compared to a single function printer.

Wireless connectivity makes it easy for you to print from anywhere

The most common feature offered by Canon is wireless connectivity. You can print without the need to connect to the cable. The connection is made using WiFi or ethernet so that the printer can be used by more than 1 device.

In addition to printing from a computer or laptop, a wireless connection allows you to print images from a smartphone or tablet. This feature is convenient and makes it easy for you to print.

The LCD screen makes it easy to operate the printer.

Some Canon printers are equipped with LCD screens, even touch-screen LCDs. The LCD screen helps you monitor ink availability and status from your printer. If you choose a printer with a touch LCD screen, this feature makes it easy for you to operate the printer.

Pay attention to the paper size used

Canon printer paper size

Canon printers are here to meet all your needs. Typically, printers are used to print on A4-sized paper. In addition to A4 size paper, Canon also provides printers that can print on A3 to A2 sized paper.

Printers that can print on A3 to A2 sized paper are generally needed by graphic designers to print the design results to the maximum. The price tends to be more expensive than printers that can only be used to print on A4 paper.

In addition to the paper size, also pay attention to the color of ink from the printer. There are several series that can only print black and white on a type of laser printer. Find out if the printer of your choice can produce only black or other colors too.

Choose a printer according to the budget

Canon provides a wide range of printers with a variety of different prices. Make sure your target printer fits your budget. Especially if you are a student, choosing a pocket-friendly printer needs to be considered.

If your budget is insufficient, you can choose a lower series. You might lose some features, for example, a wireless connection, but the price is more friendly, and the quality is still reliable.

10 Best Buy Canon Printer recommendations

It’s not too difficult to choose a quality printer from Canon, yes. Next, we will provide the best printer recommendations from Canon. Find the product that suits you best.

10. Canon image CLASS LBP6030w

best buy canon printer 
Canon image CLASS LBP6030w

Your online business is starting to increase? Complete with an imageCLASS LBP6030w laser printer to print your shipping needs. Low electricity consumption, only 0.48 kWh per week, will undoubtedly save costs.

You can also print label images from a smartphone without the need to connect to a laptop. Maintenance is also very minimal because the cleaning unit and toner container are in one cartridge.

9. Canon SELPHY CP1300

Canon SELPHY CP1300

Instantly print photo collages on vacation

The holidays will be more fun with exciting photos. You can print it directly with SELPHY CP1300. The compact size makes this product you can put in a bag without burdening you. There are 3 color choices, white, black, and pink.

Not only print from 1 device, but this printer can also print from 8 devices at once. You can also create collages from collections of photos. You can print up to 54 photos on a single charge.

8. Canon MAXIFY iB4170

Canon MAXIFY iB4170

Keep important documents from smudging.

Important documents on the job, such as contracts, of course, must be very guarded. You can choose this MAXIFY series as your printer. The ink from this printer is waterproof and does not fade when exposed to markers or highlighter strokes.

You can also use a password to limit printer usage. Surely you don’t want just anyone to use it, yes. This feature works when you use your printer in the office.

7. Canon image CLASS LBP611Cn

Canon image CLASS LBP611Cn

The large print load is no longer an obstacle

This laser printer from Canon can help you and your office colleagues in printing documents. The existence of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity will facilitate printing documents by many devices at one time. Working hours printing documents is no longer a problem.

Thanks to the secure print feature, you can also print confidential documents without worry. Besides, high cartridge capacity helps you print more without having to replace the cartridge frequently. You can print up to 2500 documents per month, making it more efficient.

6. Canon Pixma iX6870

Canon Pixma iX6870

Print on A3 paper from home

Studying in the design department makes you have to go to printing often to print your assignment. With PIXMA iX6870, you no longer need to go back and forth to the printing press. This inkjet printer with 5 ink colors can print on A3 sized paper.

A high-resolution CAD image format can also be produced with this printer. In addition, the XXL cartridge can produce up to 2.6 times more prints.

5. Canon image PRO GRAF PRO-500

Canon image PRO GRAF PRO-500

Print photos with real results

Nothing can beat the color quality of this inkjet printer. There are 11 ink colors, plus Chroma Optimiser LUCIA PRO ink makes color accuracy higher. The images are also more durable if you use pro platinum photo paper from Canon.

The use of the vacuum system and the built-in calibration function add color consistency to the printout. You can print your work in A2 size. Professionals in the world of design and photography should not miss this product.

4. Canon PIXMA TS8370

Canon PIXMA TS8370

More printing features for each family member

Make printer is multifunctional as printer family. PIXMA TS8370 has a wide selection of printing features for all family members. You can also print photos directly from the SD card.

This printer makes it easy for you to save paper with the automatic two-sided printing feature. Printing with 2 different paper sizes will be more comfortable with 2 storage bins. 6 cartridges can make color prints sharper.

3. Canon PIXMA iP110

10 Best Buy Canon Printers in 2020 Buying Guide 2

Concise and practical anywhere

For those of you who work mobile, there is no need to bother looking for printing places anymore. Canon has a PIXMA iP110 with a size of 32.2 cm x 18.5 cm x 6.2 cm, which is practically carried anywhere. You also don’t need electricity because this printer uses batteries.

Don’t worry about running out of black ink while on a trip. The save black ink feature can reduce the amount of use of black ink on the printed output. Even with the black composite feature, you can still print documents when black ink has run out. 

2. Canon PIXMA MG2570S

10 Best Buy Canon Printers in 2020 Buying Guide 3

Multifunction printer that is friendly in the bag

Good news for students because the PIXMA MG2570S is a multifunction printer at an economical price. Besides being able to print documents, this printer can also be used as a scanner and copier. The size is also right to be placed on your desk.

The Auto Power On feature functions to activate the printer automatically when you want to print, of course, after connecting with USB. In addition to the price of a friendly printer, the cartridge price is also very affordable.

1. Canon PIXMA GM4070

10 Best Buy Canon Printers in 2020 Buying Guide 4

Print more, save more

The G series from Canon is an ink efficient series. For those of you who need to print in large numbers, such as offices or other agencies, it is very fitting with this inkjet printer. PIXMA GM4070 is more suitable if it is used more for printing in black and white than color printing.

With only 1 bottle of ink, you can print as many as 8,300 sheets of black and white documents and 7,700 sheets of color documents. The ink is also not sold in cartridge form, but the bottle is designed to facilitate refilling without fear of spilling.


There is quite an extensive collection of printers from Canon, yes. Consider printers based on their type and features to suit your needs. Also, note the paper size that can be used on the printer. In addition, choose a printer that fits your budget, so it doesn’t burden your wallet.

I hope this article helps you. Produce prints of quality images with a Canon printer! Check out our article on 23 Best Printers (2020): Buying Guide With Tips

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