What is Comodo SSL Learn Types and Functions

What is Comodo SSL? Learn Types and Functions?

To make your website free from various security threats, you need an SSL certificate. With an SSL certificate, you can prevent your site from being hacked and cracked, so that website data and communications remain secure. Well, Comodo SSL is present as one of the SSL certificates that can guarantee a secure website. 

So, if you are looking for an SSL certificate to secure your website, Comodo SSL can be an option! In this article, we will discuss what Comodo SSL is, and what are its types and uses. Okay, let’s start the discussion!   

What is Comodo SSL?

Comodo SSL is one of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate providers. SSL itself is a technology needed to secure communication and data transfer between the web server and the user. 

With SSL, sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords and other important data can be protected. This is because SSL encrypts aliases intentionally shuffling the order of data. So, hackers find it difficult to know the correct data.

Well, Comodo SSL is also in charge of securing websites with encryption. How does SSL encryption work in securing websites? We summarize the short explanation below:

  1. The browser asks for the SSL certificate information of the web page to the server. Usually in the form of https: //.
  2. The server replies by sending the same SSL certificate and public key information. 
  3. The browser checks whether the certificate is valid. Does a trusted party issue the certificate? Is the certificate still valid? And is the certificate related to the site in question?
  4. The browser uses a public key to generate a special encryption code and send it to the server. 
  5. The web server broke the encryption key or the term “decrypt”.
  6. After that, the server and browser can send data to each other safely. The server sends back data in a random or estimated form.
  7. The browser decrypts the data again so that information can be displayed to the user.
What is Comodo SSL? Learn Types and Functions? 1

Comodo has become one of the biggest brands in the cybersecurity industry. Comodo has 700 thousand customers and 8,000 global partners. This SSL brand has also issued more than 100 million certificates and dominates 42% of the SSL market.

What makes Comodo special and one of the largest SSL provider brands? Here goes the answer:

  • Authentication Comodo verifies the identity of individuals, businesses and organizations that own websites. That way, website visitors can ensure website integrity more easily. 
  • Information security. Comodo uses a universally trusted Public Key Infrastructure to encrypt data at all stages of data transfer. 
  • Website security. With Comodo SSL output cWatch, you can protect your website from various security threats while increasing website performance. 
  • Security of credit card data transactions. With PCI (Payment Card Industry) signing, you can maintain security on credit card transactions and data. 
  • Code signing.  Comodo practices cryptographic software signing. So the operating system and its users can verify its security.
  • Malware signing. Comodo uses code signing certificates that are used to prevent malware attacks.
  • Vulnerability assessment. Comodo uses this process to identify vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructure.

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Types of Comodo SSL

Because each website has its own needs, you need to know what types of Comodo SSL certificates. 

Comodo SSL divides its certificate types into two categories. The first, according to the level of validationThe second, based on the function of the certificate. So, before you decide which certificate to buy, look at the explanation below:

Comodo SSL Certificates According to Level of Validation

For an SSL certificate to do its job, a certificate authority can only issue certificates to organizations whose identity has been validated. Therefore, the certificate authority divides some SSL according to their validation.

The following types of certificates according to their level of validation:

1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates

Suitable for: developing business websites and small organizations.

DV SSL is a type of Comodo SSL which is at the basic level. This certificate is suitable for websites that only require encryption. No more. 

Besides the cheap price, the activation can be done in just minutes. That’s because the validation process runs automatically. 

All you need to do is prove that a domain is yours, and voila! You get an SSL DV certificate.

2. Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates

Suitable for: Business websites and medium scale organizations.

This type of certificate is a type of certificate at the medium-security level. To get an SSL OV certificate, your company or organization must undergo a light business check. 

The inspection process can take a while, which is around three days. Why? Because all the business information that you have must be verified first. 

Besides, this SSL OV certificate also allows your customers to be able to check your business verification information in the detail certification section.

3. EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates

Suitable for: business websites and large scale organizations with large traffic. 

This type of Comodo SSL provides the highest level of security. The SSL EV certificate makes your website safe from phishing attacks, email fraud and other cyber attacks. So that automatic customer confidence also increases. 

In addition, the EV SSL certificate has a unique visual indicator when activated! The name of your organization will then appear in the browser in green. Like this example:

What is Comodo SSL? Learn Types and Functions? 2

To make it easier for you to understand the three types of Comodo SSL above. As well as what products are included in it. We have summarized it in the table below:  

InformationDomain ValidationOrganization ValidationExtended Validation
ExcellenceEncryptedOrganization details in certificate info.Highest level of security.
AmenitiesValidation in domain control.Domain Certificate.The organization’s authentication standard for industry.
ActivationSSL will be active (with a padlock in the browser) in just a few minutes. What is Comodo SSL? Learn Types and Functions? 3The blue address bar for Firefox.SSL users will be active, and a padlock will appear, approximately 1-2 days. The business name and padlock in the Address bar are green. It takes 7-10 days to activate SSL and bring up a padlock in the browser.
Suitable for:Suitable for growing businesses.Suitable for medium scale business.Suitable for PT, CV, State Departments.


PositiveSSL (DV) EssentialSSL (DV) EssentialSSL Wildcard (DV) PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV) Comodo SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV) Comodo SSL Certificate (DV)

InstantSS (OV) InstantSSL Premium (OV) Comodo UCC (OV) InstantSSL Pro (OV) Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (OV) InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)

Comodo EV Multi-Domain Comodo EV SSLPositiveSSL EVPositiveSSL EV Multi-DomainEnterpriseSSL Pro with EVEnterpriseSSL Pro with EV 

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Comodo SSL Certificates According to Certificate Functions 

1. SSL Single Domain Certificate

Suitable for: Website with one domain.

As the name suggests, a single domain type Comodo SSL certificate can only be used by one domain or one IP address. The advantage of the single domain type is that there are SSL certificates for all levels of validation.

2. SSL Multi-Domain Certificate 

Suitable for: Websites that have multiple domains. 

With this SSL certificate, you can secure several domains with only one certificate. Another advantage of having a SAN certificate is that you can save money as well as time.  

3. SSL Wildcard Certificate

Suitable for: websites with 5 or more sub-domains.

This type of SSL certificate is specifically designed to encrypt a single domain. Plus, all sub-domains it has. But unfortunately, this type of certificate is only available at DV and OV validation levels.

4. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Suitable for: websites that include multiple domains with sub-domains.

This type of Comodo SSL certificate has a dual function. Because combining two types, namely Multi-Domain and Wildcard. With Multi-Domain functionality, the SAN feature will protect up to 250 different domain names. And unlimited sub-domains. Whereas with the Wildcard function, subdomains with the same name will get full protection.

Well, below are what products are included in the four types of Comodo SSL according to the function of the certificate.

SSL Single Domain CertificateSSL Multi-Domain CertificateSSL Wildcard Certificate SSL Wildcard Multi-Domain Certificate
PositiveSSL (DV) EssentialSSL (DV) Instant SSL (OV) InstantSSL Premium (OV)
PositiveSSL EVEnterpriseSSLEnterpriseSSL ProEnterpriseSSL Pro with EV 
Comodo DV UCC Multi-Domain (OV)
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain (DV)
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL (OV)
EssentialSSL Wildcard (DV)
PositiveSSL Wildcard (DV)
InstantsSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)
Comodo SSL Wildcard Certificate (DV)
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL (OV)
Comodo UCC Wildcard (OV)
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard (DV).

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Few Benefits of Comodo SSL

Now, after knowing what the types of Comodo SSL certificates are, is the time for you to know the benefits of Comodo SSL certificates. What are they? In the following, we have summarized some of the benefits for you:

1. Secure website data transfer with encryption

All Comodo SSL is equipped with 256-bit symmetric encryption. 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the encryption key used to encrypt data. 

That means hackers or crackers need 2 256 different combinations to break through the 256-bit encryption. In a way, it is almost impossible for Comodo SSL encryption to be cracked. Super safe!

2. Improve website reputation

What is Comodo SSL? Learn Types and Functions? 4

The secure seal on Comodo SSL is one of the most recognizable logos on the internet. If this logo appears on a site, it means the site is a trusted site. That way, your website’s reputation increases.

3. Perform authentication, so that website owners become more trusted

The authentication service owned by Comodo SSL makes your website more trusted by customers. That’s because your business has been verified as a legitimate business. Not a bulging businessCustomers can also see information about your business or organization that has been verified.

4. Protect your website’s Ad Revenue

Encryption makes your website security difficult to penetrate. Besides, to prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from being injected with ads. That way your Ad revenue remains safe.

5. Improve the quality of SEO

Starting in 2014, Google gave a higher preference to the HTTPS website as part of its mission to encrypt the entire web. That means you have a greater chance to be ranked at the top if you use Comodo SSL.

6. More efficient

By using Comodo SSL, you can save more because this SSL certificate is known to be cheap. You could say, the most affordable price among other security solutions. By only paying 115,000 / year, website security is guaranteed. So, why pay more if the security guarantees offered are the same?

Want to Choose Which Type of Comodo SSL Certificate?

Now you know, right? It turns out there are many types and Comodo SSL certificate products that you can choose from. Don’t confuse yet. Our advice, choose an SSL certificate that best suits the needs of your company or organization’s website. Do not forget, also adjust the budget you have.   

Hopefully, this article about Comodo SSL helps you. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Droidcops blog and Follow us on Social Media! See you later!

Thank you for Reading.

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