Free Cool Fonts for Websites You Can Try

40 Free Cool Fonts for Websites You Can Try!

In the internet universe, there are thousands of cool fonts that can make your website look attractive. However, when you are on the website to be able to download cool fonts for websites, you are confused about which one to choose. Ever happened like that?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Choosing the right font for a website can be tricky for some people. That’s why in this article we summarize some of the best fonts for your website, both popular fonts and the latest fonts.

Curious, right? Come on, let’s go straight to the discussion starting with tips on choosing the right font!

Criteria for Choosing Fonts for Websites

Before downloading cool fonts to use on your website, there are several criteria that must be considered, namely:

  • License – Every font has usage restrictions, such as personal, commercial, digital, and others. Use the font according to the license rules. If you use a free one, make sure it is free to use for various purposes.
  • Compatibility with Themes – Fonts also contribute to building the overall appearance of the website. So, choose a font that matches the theme of your website, formal or casual.
  • Completeness of Fonts – Incomplete fonts will make it difficult for you to provide information clearly. Choose a font that has regular, thin, bold versions, numbers, special characters, symbols, fractional numbers or scientific formulas, and more.
  • Font Combination – Using one font on the website will look monotonous, that’s why combining two to three fonts needs to be done. However, make sure the font combination is right between titles, headings, quotes, buttons, and body text.

Well, by looking at the criteria above, let’s get into the list of cool fonts that we recommend for your website.

40 Cool Font Recommendations for Your Website!

All the cool fonts below include the four types of fonts available, namely: 

  • Serif – Has a characteristic that is “legged”, usually creates a professional and formal impression. 
  • Sans Serif – A serif font without “legs”, a simpler appearance and creates a dynamic and modern impression on the website.
  • Script – Often called handwriting, because it resembles real handwriting, giving it an elegant and natural impression.
  • Decorative – Usually, has a unique and prominent style. Suitable as an accent enhancer or beautify the website in titles, headings, or quotes. 

Here’s a list of popular fonts and the latest fonts that you can choose from:

1. Roboto Slab

Type: Serif

License: Free, Apache License, Version 2.0

Free Cool Fonts for Websites popular roboto slab font

If you do a search on Google Fonts with the most popular serif font filters, then Roboto Slab is on the first list. Yes, this font is quite well known.

This font designed by Christian Robertson is under the Apache License, Version 2.0. So, you can use it on your website freely.

Not only small “foot” in each letter, Roboto Slab also has a font style that is simple and doesn’t seem stiff. 

With these characteristics, this font is very comfortable to read. So, it’s suitable for you to use on websites, both for titles, headings, to body text like what does.

an example of using a robotic slab

Roboto Slab is perfect when combined with fonts like Open Sans, Lato, Montserrat, and Poppins.Download Font Keren Roboto Slab!

2. Merriweather 

Type: Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

Merriweather popular font download

At first glance, Merriweather looks like a wider version of the Roboto Slab font, yes. The difference is, Merriweather has a firmer “leg” and a rounded arch. The goal is to make this free font easier to read.

This font made by Sorkin Type has an Open Font License, so you can use it for personal or commercial purposes.

On the website, you can see how Merriweather is used beautifully as body text.

examples of the use of the merriweather font

Download Font Keren Merriweather!

3. Playfair Display

Type: Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

Download the latest playfair display font

Want a classic and vintage style font? Maybe the Playfair Display font could be your choice.

The Playfair Display was designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen and was inspired by 18th-century European iron pen writing. That’s why this font has a characteristic soft line that blends with thick circles.

With a striking design, this font is suitable for use as titles, headers, or quotes on websites.

Take a look at which uses Playfair Display so it looks interesting. 

contoh font playfair display

Download Font Keren Playfair Display!

4. Butler

Type: Serif

License: Free, Freeware

butler popular font download

Butler is a font by Fabian De Smet, which you can use for both personal and commercial purposes for free. 

This serif font is inspired by a blend of the Dala Floda font and the Bodoni font. By carrying out a classic concept and a touch of stencil style, it creates a modern look at the same time. 

With its unique feel, the Butler font is perfect for eye-catching text, such as the use of headings, titles, and more. 

The website can be an example of using this free font as a landing page heading and combined with the Avenir Next font.


examples of butler font usage

Download Font Keren Butler!

5. Ashbury

Type: Serif

License: Free, Webfont EULA

ashbury popular font download

The Ashbury font was designed by Dieter Hofrichter and was first published in 2012 in the Hoftype font family.

Ashbury has a classic design accented with softly rounded arches inspired by the style of 18th-century writing. His trademark is the lines and angles that seem dynamic, but also firm.

That way, this font is suitable for use in almost all parts of the website. Starting from the logo, header, body text, and others.

The Yale Environment 360 website is one that uses the Ashbury font and combines it with the simple Moderate font.

an example of using the ashbury font on the website

Download Font Keren Ashbury!

6. Bellefair 

Type: Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

Bellefair latest font

Bellefair was designed by Nick Shinn and Liron Lavi Turkenich . This font has an Open Font License, so this font is free for you to use for personal and commercial purposes for free. 

This font design emphasizes a sleek appearance and a neat impression so that it is easy to combine with any font style, thickness, and color.

Because it is simple, this font is suitable for use as body text on your blog and website.

Website photography uses Bellefair for website body text, looks neat and aesthetic!

examples of the use of bellefair fonts

Download Font Keren Bellefair!

7. Lora

Type: Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

popular lora fonts

Lora is a free font suitable for any type of text on your website, from titles to body text. That’s because Lora has a simple and easy-to-read interface.

With legs that seem sturdy, we recommend combining Lora with fonts without legs, such as Lato, Poppins, Open Sans, Source Sans Pro, and others.

One example of using Lora on a website is by for landing page headlines.

examples of Lora fonts on the website

Download Font Keren Lora!

8. Open Sans

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Apache License, Version 2.0

font populer open sans

Open sans is the most popular sans serif font. This font, designed by Steve Matteson, focuses on straight lines, neutrals, and not too many stylistic combinations.

With a simple design, Open Sans has a high level of readability. You could say, all eyes can comfortably read text with the Open Sans font. 

So, this font can be used on any type of text on the website, from logos, titles, headings, quotes, to body text. Not surprisingly, websites like also use Open Sans.

examples of open sans fonts on websites

Download Font Times Open Sans!

9. PT Sans

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Apache License, Version 2.0

new font PT sans

PT Sans is a free font from ParaType in the Public Types of Russian Federation project.

In plain view, PT Sans is almost similar to Open Sans. The difference is, PT Sans is made with a smaller density and width than Open Sans.

PT Sans looks sleek and simple, so it fits perfectly with any font group. 

The appearance of the website looks neat by using PT Sans for the title, heading, and text content.

examples of the use of PT Sans fonts

Download Font Keren PT Sans!

10. Source Sans Pro

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

download font free source without pro

Source Sans Pro is the first font released by Adobe. This font designed by Paul D. Hunt, inspired by the 20th-century American Gothic style, is simple and easy to read.

As a result, this font seems simple with accents that are not too flashy. Thus, it can make the display User Interface better. 

Take a look at the menu, heading, and body text sections on the website below, they’re very comfortable to read, aren’t they?

an example of using the source sans pro font

Download Font Keren Source Sans Pro!

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11. Robot

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Apache License, Version 2.0

font gratis sans serif roboto

Roboto is a relative of Roboto Slab. The difference is, Roboto is a Sans Serif type. 

Besides being cool, Roboto is also a unique font because it has geometric lines but also has friendly curves or curves. Well, download the free Roboto font, and your website will seem dynamic and very comfortable to read. 

One example of using the Roboto font can be seen on the body text of the 7eleven website. Wow, the rebranding is so cool huh!

example of roboto font on website

Download Roboto Cool Fonts!

12. Side

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

Download the latest lato font

Then there is Lato which is a cool font designed by ukasz Dziedzic in 2010. Lato in Polish means “summer”. 

Just as the name suggests, the details of this font are designed to convey a “warm” feel. This font displays a “transparent” feel when used as body text. However, it will be thicker if used with large size.

With these unique characters, this font is suitable for use as titles, headings, quotes, or body text. An example of this is the use of landing pages and body text on the following website:

contoh font modern lato

Download Font Keren Lato!

13. Montserrat

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

montserrat free font download

Montserrat is a font designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, which was inspired by the typographical beauty of Montserrat in Argentina in the early 20th century.

At first glance, Montserrat’s latest font seems modern, but also classic at the same time. The Montserrat font is also designed to be light, so it is comfortable to read long texts.

The current drink website Teguk uses Montserrat for body text on the landing page.

example of montserrat font on website

Download Montserrat Cool Fonts!

14. Titillium Web

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

titillium font gratis web

Titillium Web is the result of a project at Accademia, Urbino, which was designed and developed by its students. 

Even so, by downloading this free font, you can give a professional and formal impression. So, it is very suitable for you to use it on a business website or online store. 

For example, uses Titillium Web in the title and text on their landing page.

examples of the use of web titillium fonts

Download Font Keren Titillium Web!

15. Tex Gyre Adventor

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Gust e-foundry License v1.00

font gratis tex gyre adventor

The next font, Tex Gyre Adventor, was created as an alternative font to ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

Tex Gyre Adventor does not have many accents, so it displays a simple and firm impression. Not surprisingly, this font is suitable for websites with modern, gothic, and luxurious themes. 

Well, the following fonts for headings and body text from use Tex Gyre Adventor.

examples of the use of the font tex gyre adventor

Download Font Keren Tex Gyre Adventor!

16. Next New

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Adobe Fonts

font modern proxima nova

The next cool font is Mark Simonson’s, Proxima Nova. This font is designed in a simple and modern way. That way, it is suitable for websites that have a broad target audience because anyone is comfortable reading them. 

Although simple, this latest font doesn’t seem boring. You can even use this font for all sections of your website. 

Like, which starts from the landing page to the content text, using the Proxima Nova font.

contoh font next new website

Download Font Keren Proxima Nova!

17. Helvetica

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Webfont EULA

helvetica modern latest font

Helvetica is one of the most used fonts on websites. Because the design is simple. The helvetica font design is very neutral so it is suitable for any type of website.

That way, Helvetica is also very comfortable to read by target website visitors from all walks of life.

Even well-known brands such as use the Helvetica font for landing page text. Want to also download Helvetica free fonts?

helvetica font example

Download Font Keren Helvetica!

18. Raleway

Type: Sans Serif

License: Free, Open Font License

raleway popular fonts

The final sans serif font is Raleway. This popular font is perfect for your website that has a simple, minimalistic, and clean theme. 

That’s because of the Raleway cut or style that gives the impression of being elegant, but still simple. That way, you can download these free fonts and use them as body text.

examples of the use of raleway fonts

Download Font Keren Raleway!

19. Lobster

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License 

lobster latest font

The first script-type font that you can use on your website is Lobster. The Lobster font is very popular with its trademark combination of bold, thin, and curved accents.

Lobster is indeed very easy to read, but because it has a unique character, this font is suitable for titles or headings on websites.

For example, the website uses the Lobster font for the website title.

examples of the use of lobster script fonts

Download Font Keren Lobster!

20. Pacifico

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

download font for free script pacifico

Similar to its name, Pacifico was created by Vernon Adams because it was inspired by the surfing culture in America. 

Therefore, if you look closely, this script font has a distinctive accent of continuous arcs like waves. 

With cool cursive writing, Pacifico is suitable for you to use as titles, headlines, quotes, or text that needs to be highlighted on the website.

For example, the website uses this cool font as a heading.

examples of the use of the pacifico font

Download Font Keren Pacifico!

21. So.

Type: Script

Lisensi: Open Font Licence

font script then

If you want a neat, clean and aesthetic handwriting feel, then Allura seems to be the font for you.

This font has a classic feel, like classic era-style pen ink writing. Even so, the Allura font is very comfortable to read because the accent is not too excessive.

Handwriting like Allura is perfect when combined with simple fonts like Open Sans, Roboto, Lato, and others.

For example, uses Allura as one of the fonts in the landing page title. Nice combination huh?

an example of using the allura font

Download Font Keren Allura!

22. Tangerine

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

download font script tangerine

Tangerine is a font inspired by the italic calligraphy of the 16th to 17th centuries. 

Tangerine designer, Toshi Omagari, brings a classy and elegant feel to this font. It can be seen from the density of each line and the beautiful waving foot accents like calligraphy.

Because this font has enough character, it should be used for special text such as quotes. Also, this font goes well with simple and sleek fonts like Playfair Display, Raleway, and others. Download Font Keren Tangerine!

23. Berkshire Swash

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

download font gratis berkshire swash

You need a script font that is unique and attractive? Try Berkshire Swash first. 

As the name suggests, the hallmark of this font is in the swash accent or like the waves. Moreover, the combination of thick, thin, and distinctive curves adds to the unique and luxurious impression of this font.

However, the Berkshire Swash font is still safe if you use it as body text because it is still easy to read. 

However, if you want a unique and modern feel, this latest font is suitable to be combined with simple fonts such as Roboto, Open Sans, Raleway, and others. Download Font Keren Berkshire Swash!

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

cookie -connected letter fonts

The Cookie font was designed by Ania Kruk with distinctive features such as calligraphy brush strokes. 

Cookies are very suitable for websites that want to accentuate a natural impression with cursive letters. However, to keep it comfortable to read, we recommend that this free font be used on body text that is not too long. Download Font Keren Cookie!

25. Italianno

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

font script handwriting italianno

The next script font is Italianno, a font designed in italic alias italics. This calligraphy writing is made to continue with a classic impression, as written with a quill in ancient times.

You can download this free font and use it in sentences or sections on the website that need to be highlighted, such as quotes, headings, and others. Download Cool Italianno Fonts!

26. Sue Ellen Francisco

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

download font sue ellen francisco

Do you want a real handwritten font? Well, Sue Ellen Francisco’s free font is Kimberly Geswein’s handwriting, which she made with the help of the Adobe Illustrator application. 

This font with thin and tall characteristics is very appropriate for you to use if you want to present a natural website impression. Because website visitors feel like they’re reading handwriting! Download Font Keren Sue Ellen Francisco!

27. Dekko

Type: Script

License: Free, Open Font License

dekko's newest script font

The last cool font of script type is Dekko, designed by Sorkin Type.

If you use Dekko, a soft and warm impression will appear, as can be seen from the very neat handwriting style. 

Dekko has a combination of natural curves and not too tight spacing. So, anyone can comfortably read, even in long texts.Download Font Keren Dekko!

28. Cinzel

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

download font free cinzel

Cinzel is the first decorative font you can try. This font by Nathanael Gama is inspired by Roman letters. However, the latest fonts are also designed in a contemporary style.

Therefore, by downloading this free font, you can get a classic impression but still suitable for use on websites with a modern feel.

Even though it is designed as a decorative font, Cinzel is also suitable for you to use on body text. That’s because Cinzel doesn’t have too many accents, so it’s still safe to read long texts. Download Font Keren Cinzel!

29. Dagerotypes

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

font dekoratif dagerotypos

Want a little style on your website? Dagerotypos presents a unique style that is rarely found.

This cool font carries a classic concept combined with double-line accents and sharp curves as a sweetener.

Dagerotypos is perfect for you to use as a website title or landing page because it looks very attractive. Download Font Keren Dagerotypos!

30. Pricedown

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Typodermic EULA

latest font pricedown

Next up is Pricedown, a cool font that at first glance reminds you of one of the famous video games.

This font by Raymond Larabie was first released in 2000. Its main characteristic is a bold font with a combination of upper and lower case letters.

Because of its thickness, Pricedown is more suitable for use on short text. Such as titles, headings, quotes, website menus, and others.Download Font Keren Pricedown!

31. The beginning of Ramadan

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Freeware

Download the latest free Islamic fonts

As the name implies, this free font is very appropriate when used on Islamic-themed websites. However, it can also be used for various other purposes that are close to the religious theme.

Of course, the beginning of Ramadan took the calligraphy style in general. However, with bold print and blunt accents at each end, it makes this latest font seem more modern. Download Cool Early Ramadan Fonts!

32. Little Lord Fontleroy

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Freeware

little lord fontleroy decorative latest font

Little Lord Fontleroy is the newest font accidentally created by Nick Curtis. At first, Nick was just tinkering with the Stuyvesant font and it turned out to be the Little Lord Fontleroy font.

The style he carries tends to be classic with a curved style at the end of the font. However, there is a modern touch with double lines on each side.

This cool font with very character is perfect if you use it as a website title. Download Font Keren Little Lord Fontleroy!

33. Squirrel

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Basic POD

download the latest font ardilla

The Ardilla font displays a beautiful and elegant impression, characterized by long and curved accent waves.

This cool font will be very interesting if you display it as a title on your landing page or website title. 

On the other hand, this font is not suitable for body text because Ardilla’s accent will seem excessive on long text. Download Font Keren Ardilla!

34. Boecklins Universe

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

download font for free boecklins universe

Boeclins Universe is one of the most popular free fonts in the Art Nouveau style. Its distinctive feature is the accent of flowers at each end of the curve.

With such prominent characteristics, this font is suitable for use as a website title, blog title, or writing in large sizes. That’s because this font has a thickness and width that is not suitable for long sentences. Download Font Keren Boecklins Universal!

35. Oregano

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

oregano decorative font with a retro feel

Oregano was a popular font in the late 1940s and 1960s. That’s why a retro feel is so inherent in this cartoon-style font.

Apart from being decorative, this font is also safe to use for long text because it is still very easy to read. Using a handwritten style font and with simple accents of Oregano, can make your website look more natural. Download Font Keren Oregano!

36. Almond Display

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

font dekoratif almendra display

Almendra Display is a calligraphy-inspired font. Seen in the curved accents at each end of the font.

This font is good enough if you use it as a long body text. Because the decorative element appears more in capital letters.Download Font Keren Almendra Display!

37. Monotone

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

monotone free font download

Unlike the name, the Monoton font actually gives a unique impression when used. The design focus is on the three to four lines that make up a font.

Well, because of its uniqueness, it is recommended to use this font set at a minimum size of 30. If it is too small, it will reduce comfort.

You can use this font on websites that have a classic or retro theme. Download Cool Monoton Fonts!

38. Rye

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

free decorative rye font

This free font, created by Nicole Fally, is characterized by boldness, vertical blank space, and a horizontal pinch effect. How unique!

Rye is often used as advertisements, posters, or signage. In fact, this font is specifically made for websites, you know. The use of Rye on the website is perfect for prominent positions such as headings, blog titles, and more. Download Font Keren Rye!

39. London Sketch

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

latest font decorative londrina skecth

Another decorative font is Londrina Sketch, which once you see it, you will immediately know where it is unique, which is a combination of block and sketch styles.

Londrina Sketch is the right choice if you want to give a dynamic and light impression. Well, you can use this cool font as a title on your landing page or heading. Download Londrina Sketch Cool Fonts!

40. Tillana

Type: Decorative

License: Free, Open Font License

tillana decorative free font download

Lastly, the Tillana font can build an “Indian” look on your website. 

The Tilliana font, at first glance, looks like a script font, but it’s not. This font focuses more on the blunt decoration at each end of the font, as well as the difference in thickness between the middle and the ends, which is its trademark.

Tillana is perfect for you to use as body text, because of its uniqueness and simplicity. In addition, this font is also suitable for use as a heading, title, or other text on your website, really.Download Font Keren Tillana!

Which is your Font of Choice?

Fonts are one of the most important aspects of a website. Choosing a cool font that matches the website’s theme will make visitors feel at home on your website. Whether it’s a portfolio website, a business website, or an online store.

Well, we have provided a list of various fonts that can help you choose the font that best suits your needs. You can even download free fonts from the links we provide.

The thing to remember is that website design does not depend on choosing fonts alone. There are many other aspects you need to consider, such as layout, wireframes, colors, and more.

No need to be confused about where to start. You can learn all things about website design in full through the ebook that you can download for free below!

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