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How to Create PST File Archive in Outlook 2016

The PST file acts as a backup copy of events, calendar, task list, meetings, and emails from your online server. For my part, I use the PST file as a local archive to increase...

Ping Test Google Through CMD on PC and Smartphones

Is your internet connection slow? Want to know how stable your internet connection is? The solution is simple. You have to check it by pinging Google via CMD or ping test google with smarthphones. So,...

How To Fix Windows 10 Search Bar Blank Result

The Windows search bar is one of the most useful features when using Windows 10. From there, we can access files, enter certain settings, and open any application easily and quickly. But after an update...

14 Best Website To Download Cool Fonts For Free

Fonts have an important role in creating a harmonious and attractive website design. By using cool fonts, your website will be more pleasing to the eye. The content will be easier to read and...
Set up a VPN on your Smart TV to bypass regional blocks

Set up a VPN on your Smart TV to bypass regional blocks

Smart TVs allow us to get the most out of our TV using streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, and HBO; however, certain content in your country may be blocked. Today in Droidcops,...
Compress JPG Image File Size without Loosing the Quality

8 Ways to Compress JPG File Size without Loosing the Quality

JPG or JPEG is a type of image file that is usually used for website needs because of its size, which tends to be smaller than other types. However, it is not uncommon for...
How to Install ionCube Loader on Ubuntu

4 Easy Steps to Install ionCube Loader on Ubuntu

ionCube is a tool used to protect software written using the PHP programming language. The goal is that the PHP program code is not seen, modified, and run on an unlicensed computer. This tool...