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Kinemaster is an application that is used to edit or edit videos. By using this application you can make videos with good quality only through your cellphone. Moreover, using the free version of Kinemaster Diamond .

Video editing applications such as Kinemaster Diamond have indeed managed to attract the attention of smartphone users. Of course the reason is because this application offers a myriad of very advanced features so that users can produce super cool videos.

For beginners who are not good at operating video editing applications on a laptop or PC, there is no need to be confused. Kinemaster is the best alternative for editing videos via smartphones. If you use the free version, you have to be willing if the edited video leaves a watermark trail.

What is Kinemaster Diamond

Besides being able to enjoy the Kinemaster Diamond application for free, you can also take advantage of Kinemaster Pro which offers more advanced features and without a watermark. For the video edits at the end, you can feel the difference between using regular Kinemaster and Kinemaster Diamond.

There are indeed a lot of applications circulating and you can find them through the Google Playstore for video editing. However, not all applications offer features and advantages that are expected by their users.

This is different from Diamond Kinemaster Pro, which has guaranteed features that are able to meet all the needs of video editors. Please note that the Diamond version of Kinemaster is made by Kinemaster Corporation from South Korea.

Some of the features available in it, such as editing videos with text, images, merging videos, or cutting videos. It doesn’t stop there, using Kinemaster’s free watermark, you can remove it and of course you don’t have to subscribe.

Every feature in Kinemaster can be used by its users for free. The features in it are also unlocked, so users can use them freely.

Kinemaster Diamond Features

In an application, features become a very important part. It is through this feature that can make the application usable or not. As for the features that exist in the application, of course, it depends on the usefulness of the application itself.

For example, if the video editing application is certainly the features in it already support several features that can make it easier for users when editing videos. The following is a series of features that are owned by Kinemaster Diamond, namely:

1. High Speed ​​Rendering

Kinemaster Diamond Apk

The first feature that you can find if you use the Kinemaster application is about the high-speed rendering process. Especially when the video will be saved. However this depends on several factors.

In general, the Kinemaster application can render and reach 30 frames per second. While this process is the fastest when compared to other video editing applications.

Please note that the rendering process is also influenced by several factors such as the specifications of the smartphone being used. If the smartphone specifications are higher, then the process that runs will be faster and smoother.

2. Video Editing 4k Full Hd

Kinemaster Diamond Mod App

For now, there are indeed many smartphone users who want 4K full HD video. This is because with this capacity, the video can look very clear. Apart from that, there are no defects at all.

But unfortunately for a high solution size, it certainly takes up a lot of storage too. Large resolutions are rarely supported by video editing applications on smartphones. However, this application can perform editing on files on the smartphone.

Lucky if you use the Kinemaster application because it provides support in various formats used. Unfortunately, Kinemaster has a weakness in the fluency of editing activities depending on the specifications of the smartphone you are using.

3. Share to Social Media

Share to Social Media Kinemaster Diamond

Kinemaster has a unique feature in the form of sharing to several social media. This feature even existed before 2019 or 2020. With this feature, users can directly share the content they have created on their social networks.

There are several social media that have been supported through the Kinemaster application, such as Instagram, Facebook, and various other social media platforms.

4. Recording

Recording in Kinemaster Diamond

Through the Kinemaster application, you can take advantage of features in the form of real-time recording. With this feature, users do not have to use other recording applications when making videos.

If you take advantage of this feature, sometimes the quality of the content that has been created is worse. Especially if you don’t use a video recording application from the default cellphone, because it affects the quality worse.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do a test first before making a video. Especially if the video you make has a longer duration. The purpose of this method is so that users can produce higher quality videos.

5. No Ads

Kinemaster Diamond Apk No Ad

The advantage of using the Kinemaster application is that there are no ads. The appearance of ads does make users a little annoyed, because they have to wait for the ad to finish.

Although you can skip the ad, the appearance of the ad is actually very annoying. Especially when the project you are working on is approaching the deadline. But take it easy because the Kinemaster application is free of ads.

6. Have a More Elegant Appearance

Kinemaster mod apk

The appearance of a standard or ordinary application is guaranteed not to have a large number of users. This also applies to Kinemaster which has tens of millions of users. The reason is because in terms of appearance or theme that looks very elegant.

This is the reason why users don’t feel bored easily. Kinemaster provides a wide selection of very interesting themes to use. Therefore you can determine your own choice of theme for each video.

7. Fast Export Process

Fast Export Process Kinemaster

The video export feature in Kinemaster can run very fast, even the export feature exceeds the process of exporting other video editing applications. However, this depends on the capacity and specifications of the smartphone you are using.

If the smartphone does not have a lot of capacity, the export process will be slower. You will only need a range of 1 to 5 minutes if the capacity on the smartphone is large.

8. All Effects Unlock

Download KineMaster Diamond Apk Latest 2021 1

There are many ways to make videos that look beautiful and look perfect. One of them is the use of effects. The effects available on Kinemaster Diamond can be enjoyed for free.

In addition, users can also customize the effects on each video they make. For example, such as creating 2D and 3D effects. The manufacturing process is also very easy. For that you can beautify the appearance of the video with the addition of effects.

Kinemaster Diamond App Overview

Kinemaster Diamond version is a kind of application of the most popular in the world. Of course because thanks to his ability to make video editing perfectly and impressively. It turns out that Kinemaster is not only a professional video editor application.

But it is also an application that can make its users more proficient in the video editing process. Not only professionals can use it. But even beginners can use Kinemaster for the stages of learning and practicing.

This application is very appropriate to be used as a solution for video creators to make it more simple and practical when editing videos. It is not surprising that YouTubers are not unfamiliar with the appearance of the Diamond version of the Kinemaster application.

It is undeniable that this application is indeed very helpful because of its ease of use. Simply by using a smartphone, anyone can create the perfect video and as desired.

Difference between Kinemaster Diamond and Kinemaster Original

Before downloading you should definitely know the difference between Kinemaster Diamond and the original Kinemaster. Both of them have the same use, namely for the video editing process.

What are the differences? Please refer to the following:

Kinemaster Original

  • Does not yet support 0.1 per second video cropping.
  • There are still limited fonts in the original kinemaster
  • The results of video editing still have a watermark or watermark located in the upper right corner.
  • The use of layer filters, effects and others is still limited.
  • Features in the form of a chroma key are still locked or paid. So that users can not use it freely.
  • Ads often appear during the editing process.

Kinemaster Diamond

  • It supports 0.1 second video cutting.
  • All available fonts are unlockable and free to use.
  • Users can remove the watermark or watermark after the video editing is complete.
  • The use of filters, layers, effects and other features can be enjoyed freely, aka there are no limits.
  • The chroma key feature can be opened for free and can be used directly.
  • There are no ads at all because Kinemaster has blocked all ads.

Download Kinemaster Diamond Version

Download Kinemaster Diamond Latest Version

App Name: Kinemaster Diamond Apk

Version: 4.1.2

Price: Free

Size: 23.07 MB

download links:

How to Install Kinemaster Diamond

Please download the Kinemaster Diamond application first via the link above.

  • Then wait until the download process is complete.
  • After that open the settings or settings on the cellphone.
  • Please click on the additional settings menu , select the privacy menu and select enable unknown sources.
  • If you have activated it, please click File Manager.
  • After that, click the download or download menu section and select the Kinemaster application that you have downloaded.
  • A new screen will automatically appear, you can click the install button which is located in the lower right corner.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If you have, you can start editing videos through the kinemaster application.

Kinemaster Diamond is able to provide benefits for its users through the features available in it. The good news is that this application can change the video resolution from 1080p to 720p and this automatically runs as long as the smartphone supports that resolution.

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